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Monopoly Go Cheats For Spooky Car Partners

Spooky Car Partners is the new partner event in Monopoly Go starting from 27th October to the 1st November.

Players have five days to complete this special holiday event and earn the rewards it offers.

In Monopoly Go, spooky car partners have 4 cars that you should complete to earn various rewards. Further, the spooky car cheats are a great way to earn more wheel tokens and complete the event easily.

Continue to learn more about the cheats you can use for Spooky Car partners in Monopoly Go.

Spooky Car In Monopoly Go

Spooky Car is a special partner event that runs alongside the spooky soiree event.

Similar to previous partner events, it also offers different milestones and rewards.

It is a partner event, which means players need to team up with other random partners to complete it.

Spooky car partner event in Monopoly Go.
Spooky car partner event in Monopoly Go.

Since there are four cars to complete, it is best to play alongside four partners.

If you are able to complete all four cars in this event, then you win a grand prize.

The grand prize includes 5000 Dice rolls, a Galaxy sticker pack and a Crypt car token.

You get Crypt car as a grand prize after completing all four cars.
You get a Crypt car as a grand prize after completing all four cars.

However, there are also milestone rewards after completing each individual car.

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Monopoly Go Spooky Car Cheats

In Monopoly Go, to play the spooky car event, players should collect the wheel tokens from the boards and events.

Then you can spin the wheel using those tokens as multipliers to build a car and earn points.

The more progress you make on the cars, the more rewards you’ll get.

Furthermore, there are a few cheats that players can use to improve their chances of success in the Spooky Car event.

1. Save Your Wheel Tokens

As there are four cars to complete during the event, you should wisely use the wheel tokens.

The cars, in the beginning, require less tokens in comparison.

Also, the later cars require more wheel tokens to build, so it’s best to save your tokens for those.

2. Spin Wheel Multiple Times For The Same Multiplier 

Spinning the wheel multiple times will give you a big boost towards completing a car.

This also increases the chance to get more rewards and tokens.

3. Use Your Partner Wheel Tokens To Your Advantage

Playing with multiple partners offers various advantages during the partner event.

If your partner has many wheel tokens, ask them to spin the wheel for you.

This way, you can use their token to your advantage and complete the cars quickly.

Additional Cheats And Tips for Spooky Car Partner Event

Apart from the spooky car cheats mentioned above, players can follow additional tips to complete the event and earn the grand prize.

Some of the tips are mentioned below:

1. Choose Good Partners

Since this is a partner event, your progress highly depends on your partner’s performance.

Make sure you choose good partners in the game, as you cannot change your partner after you’ve chosen one.

Further, more players can collect more wheel tokens at once and build the cars faster.

So you can invite your friend to play with you or team up with other players.

2. Use Wheel Tokens Wisely

The wheel tokens are essential to spin the wheel and move forward on the board.

Players should try to spin the wheel for high multipliers to build the cars quickly.

Additionally, there are multiple websites that provide free wheel links that you can spin.

3. Get To The First Milestone

You should start by completing individual milestones rather than completing all four at once.

It is a great way to earn additional rewards during the event.

When four different players play together, each player can focus on completing one milestone.

4. Use Other Events

The partner event can be played alongside other main events.

You can complete spooky soiree event milestones that can also help you with this event.

It is a great way to earn wheel tokens and other rewards that can help you complete the event.

The Bottom Line

The spooky car partner event in Monopoly Go has several milestones and rewards for the players.

So make sure not to miss out on this special event that offers free dice rolls and cash prizes.

Further, players can follow all the cheat seats mentioned above to complete the event easily.

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