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Monopoly Go Landmark Rush Event: How To Complete It?

Landmark Rush is one of the side events in Monopoly Go and is only available for a limited time.

This event can simultaneously occur with other main events.

In the Monopoly Go landmark rush event, you get additional dice and money rewards during the event for building an attraction on your board and completing each landmark.

Continue reading to learn about the landmark rush event in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Landmark Rush

Landmark Rush is a limited-time event in Monopoly Go where players can earn extra rewards for completing landmarks.

The event typically lasts for a few days, and during that time, players will receive a bonus for each landmark completed.

The bonus can include things like gold, m bucks, dice rolls, and even landmark upgrade tokens.

Landmark rush event in Monopoly Go.
Landmark rush event in Monopoly Go.

During the landmark rush, players will be given 10 Dice and some cash prizes for completing the landmark.

Each board has five unique landmarks for players to build and upgrade.

You can access them using the build button on the bottom menu.

Upgrading the landmark costs money but grants a house on a random property and increases your net worth.

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How To Complete The Landmark Rush Event?

To participate in the landmark rush, players simply need to start building landmarks.

Once a landmark is fully upgraded, it will be considered complete, and players will receive a reward.

Below are listed things that players can consider during the event to complete landmarks quickly:

1. Focus On One Landmark At A Time

It is better to complete one landmark and earn the bonus than to try multiple landmarks simultaneously.

Trying to complete multiple landmarks may cause you to lose the bonus altogether.

Rewards after completing five landmarks
Rewards after completing five landmarks.

When you complete all landmarks, you get 50 dice and cash prizes as rewards.

2. Use Your Resources Wisely

As soon as the landmark rush event drops, make sure to max out as many landmarks as possible.

However, don’t waste gold or money on landmarks that you’re not sure you’ll be able to complete during the event.

You should be able to complete building a landmark during the event.

3. Take Advantage Of Events And Tournaments

Many tournaments in Monopoly Go offer landmark upgrade tokens as prizes.

You can win these tokens, which can help you to complete landmarks more quickly.

Additionally, you can also collect in-game currency to advance further in the landmark event. 

Rewards You Get In Landmark Rush Event

Similar to other events, landmark rush rewards players with amazing bonuses and rewards after completing the landmarks.

Furthermore, the rewards vary according to the board that you complete.

After you are done with one board, you can progress further to the next one and build the landmarks.

Some rewards are gold, dice rolls, tokens, stickers, and cash prizes.

However, the main reward is ten dice per landmark completed, along with prize money.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the landmark rush event in Monopoly Go is a great opportunity for players to earn extra rewards. 

Earning these in-game rewards helps players to progress quickly in the game.

So, make sure not to miss out on the event and complete all the landmarks.

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