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Stock Exchange In Monopoly Go: A Comprehensive Overview

In Monopoly Go, Players are curious to learn about the new Stock Exchange feature and how to become part of it.

Monopoly Go continues to capture the hearts of the players by entertaining them with various adaptations and add-ons.

In Monopoly Go Stock Exchange, you can buy stocks from companies and get a Stock certificate to become a shareholder. Besides, you can earn dividends according to the number of stocks you own in the game, so bid the highest to buy the stocks you prefer.

Continue reading to learn more about the Stock Exchange in Monopoly Go and explore its history, rules and gameplay.

What Is Monopoly Go Stock Exchange?

The Monopoly Stock Exchange is one of the add-ons that introduces concepts like stock trading and manipulation.

In this game, players compete to get rich by buying, renting, and trading properties using play money.

Hence, they take turns rolling dice and moving around the board.

The main goal is to own all the properties and make other players run out of money.

Thus, you can explore and learn about stock trading by buying and selling stocks to make profits.

Capitol Novelty Co. Presents The Stock Exchange

Monopoly is a famous board game made by a company called Parker Brothers, which Hasbro now owns.

Capitol Novelty Co. introduced the Stock Exchange for real state trading games like Monopoly Go, Easy Money and Finance.

Monopoly stock exchange
The Monopoly Stock Exchange is one of the add-ons that introduces concepts like stock trading and manipulation.

Furthermore, the Stock Exchange concept in Monopoly Go is not actually the original part of the game.

You must build a portfolio of stocks in Monopoly Go to get dividends and enhance your financial power in the game.

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Components Of  Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange is an expansion that comes with a variety of features to help players enhance their gameplay.

Hence, the components of the Monopoly Go Stock Exchange are given below:

1. You will get a Stock Exchange board space to replace the traditional Free Parking Square.

2. The Stock Exchange also contains eleven new Community Chest cards.

3. You can obtain ten new Chance cards in Monopoly Go.

4.  The Stock Exchange also contains thirty stock shares with five shares available for each of six different companies.

Gameplay Elements Of Monopoly Go Stock Exchange

MonopolyGo Stock Exchange introduces new dynamics to the classic MonopolyGo game.

Besides, you can now invest in stocks, collect dividends and earn rent from regular properties in Monopoly Go.

So, take a look at some fantastic gameplay elements of the Stock Exchange and the rules connected to it.

1. Transforming Free Parking

You can now transform the default Free Parking square into the Stock Exchange space by placing a tile of the same size over it.

2. Stock Exchange Cards 

In the Monopoly Stock Exchange, you can find Special Cards in the Community Chest and Chance decks.

In addition, each of the Chance Decks contains two Special cards so that you can find four Special cards in the game.

3. Buying Stocks From Companies

In the Monopoly Go, you can stock trade through companies like Motion Pictures, Allied Steamships, National Utilities, General Radio, United Railways, and American/Acme Motors.

When you land on the Stock Exchange Space, you can buy one share from any of the six companies.

If you decide to buy the share, then give the money to the bank and get a Stock Certificate for the company you’ve selected.

Stock exchange in monopoly go
You can now invest in stocks, collect dividends and earn rent from regular properties in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, if you do not want to buy a share, the companies will start an auction for all the players.

By doing so, the highest bidder in the Monopoly will have the chance to purchase a share of their choice.

4. Receive Dividends From The Bank

Dividends or bonuses play a significant role in the Monopoly Go Stock Exchange.

Furthermore, when you buy stocks, you will become one of the shareholders.

So, all the shareholders in the Stock Exchange space will get dividends according to the number of stocks they own in the game.

However, the amounts or the value of the dividends will keep changing based on the provided chart.

Therefore, it will benefit you to own more stocks in a company to increase dividends significantly.

5. Limited No Of Stocks In Monopoly Go

Each of these six companies affiliated with the Monopoly Stock Exchange will have only five shares available throughout the game.

Hence, each player can only buy one stock at a time when their token lands on the Stock Exchange space.

After all the five shares of each company are bought, you cannot buy shares as no additional shares will be issued.

Moreover, these limited stocks and the pressure to bid higher will ultimately create competition among players.

The Bottom Line

Monopoly Go is a famous board game where players can get rich by buying and trading properties with Stock Exchange features.

In addition, it lets you play with stocks and keeps the classic Monopoly Go fun.

Your ability to Buy, trade, and earn from stocks makes the game more exciting and different from the usual MonopolyGo.

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