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Find The Hidden Word Investor Boost Offer Monopoly Go

The Investor boost offer is a new event running in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, it is a raffle-type event, thus, players must participate to win the event rather than simply playing the game.

The Investor boost offer in Monopoly Go is a raffle event that chooses three winners to win 200 rolls each. Furthermore, during the event, players must find the hidden word within the puzzle to be eligible for winning the rolls.
This article discusses the Investor boost offer event in Monopoly Go.

What Is The Investor Boost Offer In Monopoly Go?

The investor boost offer in Monopoly Go is a new event that players can participate in.

Unlike other events, this event runs on a raffle system. Thus, players do not need to interact with the game mechanics.

Instead, players must get lucky to win some of the goodies that the investor boost offer event provides.

During the event, players must find the hidden word within the puzzle that the developers of Monopoly Go have laid out.

monopoly go events
There are multiple events currently running in Monopoly Go.

Furthermore, they are choosing three random players to win the grand prize of 200 rolls each.

This means, in total, the game is giving out a massive 600 rolls to the players for free.

According to their Facebook page, the winners will be announced on November 6, 2023.

Additionally, alongside this event, there are multiple other events currently happening in Monopoly Go.

However, the Investor boost offer seems to be one of the more lucrative events for the game.

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What Is The Hidden Word In Investor Boost Offer In Monopoly Go?

In the investor boost offer event, players must find the hidden word to be eligible to be one of the winners of the rolls.

The hidden word in the Investor boost offer event is “PROFIT.”

Players will find the hidden word in the fourth column of the word puzzle.

Furthermore, if the players decide to look into other columns for some other hidden word, they will find jibberish words in them.

Since rolls are an essential commodity in winning any game in Monopoly Go, obtaining a massive amount of rolls is quite handy.

The investor boost offer hidden word
The investor boost offer event is a raffle-type event with a hidden word in it.

Additionally, this event comes right after the recent “Spooky Car Deal” event.

Thus, players who invested their time to get multiple rolls in that event can get even more rolls now.

However, the Investor booster offer only selects three players as winners.

Thus, we advise the players not to hold too much expectation of winning the event.

Lastly, if players visit the Facebook page of Monopoly Go, they will see multiple events running simultaneously.

This means there is always something for the players to win in Monopoly Go.

The Bottom Line

The various events in Monopoly Go allow players to interact with the developers and win various goodies.

Furthermore, there are times when multiple events overlap during a given time.

Thus, players can gain a lot of goodies while they participate in these events and even get some new gameplay while at it.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in participating in the Investor Boost Offer in Monopoly Go.

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