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How To Craft And Get Quivern Saddle In Palworld?

In Palworld’s broad world filled with hills, fields, and forests. Crafting Quivern a saddle can help you to speed up while traveling.

Quivern is a Pal with the Sky Dragon’s Affection Partner Skill and belongs to the Dragon Element type in Palworld.

To get a Quivern Saddle in Palworld, players have to capture Quivern first, secondly they need to research, and craft the saddle at the Pal Gear Workbench. Then unlock the riding ability, summon Quivern, and access its combat abilities.

Continue reading to learn how to acquire a Quivern saddle in Palworld.

Crafting A Saddle For Quivern In Palworld

Pal Equipment plays a crucial role in enhancing interaction with Pals, enabling activities like riding or using them as weapons and gliders.

Acquiring these items involves utilizing the Pal Gear Workbench along with specific key items for each Pal. 

Likewise, for Quivern to acquire Saddle follow these steps:

1. Obtain Pal Gear Workbench

To access the Pal Gear Workbench, you need to reach level 6 and navigate to the Technology tab in the Pause Menu.

Similarly, you should spend the Technology points to acquire the workbench.

In Build mode, select Pal Gear Workbench from Production and construct it using 10 Paldium Fragments, 30 Wood, and 2 Cloth.

2. Crafting Quivern Key Items

Once the Pal Gear Workbench is ready, Upon completing the research for the Quivern Saddle, proceed to the crafting stage. 

Likewise, capture the specific Pal associated with the item you desire. For now we need to capture Quivern.

Then check the Technology tab to identify the required item for Quivern.

Crafting Quivern Saddle In Palworld
Crafting Quivern’s Saddle, which allows players to mount Quivern and fly with it.

Afterward, you should go to the Pal Gear Workbench to craft the Quivern Saddle.

This tangible item is essential for riding Quivern, contributing to the overall gameplay experience and expanding your capabilities.

3. Unlock Riding Ability

Crafting the Quivern Saddle is the key to unlocking Quivern’s riding ability.

By successfully crafting and equipping the saddle, players enable Quivern to become a mount.

Quivern offers players the opportunity to traverse the game world more efficiently and even engage in combat while mounted.

4. Summon And Ride

Lastly, to fully engage in riding Quivern, ensure that Quivern is not only part of your active party but is also summoned.

In addition, having Quivern summoned allows you to mount and ride the Pal.

Moreover, having a pal to mount it packs the benefits of riding, including increased mobility and the ability to explore Palworld.

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How To Find Quivern In Palworld? 

Quivern Pal, being a creature with the Sky Dragon’s Affection Partner Skill and Dragon Element type, may be encountered in different locations.

Location of Quivern in Palworld
You can discover Quivern within the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

In the process of capturing Pal, you can utilize techniques to make Quivern your trusted companion in Palworld.

Likewise, for greater precision, you can easily identify Quivern’s location on the map.

The Quivern is situated slightly above the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

Location to find Quivern in Palworld
The exact location on the map to acquire Quivern is just near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

How To Unlock Mount Saddles In Palworld?

To ride a Pal in Palworld, you must first capture the specific Pal you want to ride, like Quivern.

Once captured, research its saddle using Technology Points in the Technology menu.

Craft the saddle at the Pal Gear Workbench, typically requiring Leather and specific items related to the mount.

After crafting the Saddle for your chosen mount and having it in your Key Item inventory.

Furthermore, the Saddle unlocks the special ability, initially greyed out at the screen’s bottom.

And Lastly, to mount it, players need to hold the designated button near the Pal.

The Bottom Line

In the world of Palworld, the addition of a Quivern saddle not only accelerates travel but also brings a unique energy to the gameplay.

The process involves capturing Quivern, researching, and crafting the saddle at the Pal Gear Workbench.

This unlocks Quivern’s riding ability, enabling players to summon and ride the Pal, enhancing combat capabilities and efficiency.

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