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The MGB Calling Card In MW3: Obtaining Strategy

The MGB Calling Card is among the most coveted and elusive rewards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).

Many players find obtaining the MGB impossible due to its difficult gameplay mechanics.

You can obtain the MGB calling card in MW3 by smartly crafting your class setup, choosing the right game mode, using a strategic playstyle, managing teammate interactions, etc.

Continue reading to find out more about MGB calling cards in MW3.

Dropping Nukes: The MGB Calling Cards

Calling cards are an integral part of the MW3 gaming experience, so players are always pursuing it.

One such calling card that has caught players’ attention in MW3 is the MGB calling card.

Furthermore, if you’ve been playing Call of Duty for a while, you might remember the MGB calling card from MW2.

It was a cool symbol for players who successfully unleashed the powerful M.O.A.B kill streak.

MCB in MW3
The MCB calling card is awarded to the players who reach a 30-kill streak.

The game introduced MGB mastery where players must complete all MGB challenges to obtain the card.

Back then in MW2, players could simply drop nukes to get the MGB calling card.

However, in MW3, you get nothing after dropping two or more nukes like in MW2.

Hence, this means the challenge and rewards from MW2 do not seamlessly carry over to the MW3 experience.

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MGB Calling Card In MW3: Strategic Planning

One of the most difficult challenges to attempt in a single multiplayer match in MW3 is the Tactical nuke kill streak.

The Tactical nuke was available in MW2, and now it is also available in MW3, which is known as the MGB calling card.

Furthermore, the MGB is the Mass Guided Bombs which is awarded to the players who reach a 30-kill streak using only their primary weapon.

Players find the MGB challenges almost impossible as the attack chopper, kill centuries, air strikes, etc have no effect.

So, if you are trying hard to obtain the MGB calling card in MW3, then you must build strategic planning.

1. Make A Smart Class Setup

The foremost important thing is that before hoping to get the MGB calling card, you must understand and employ a smart class setup.

This means choosing the right weapons, perks, and other gear to boost your chances.

For instance, you can use the ACR (MCW in MW3) as your main weapon but with a suppressor to stay hidden.

Similarly, you can use Covert Sneakers (Dead Silence) to keep your footsteps quiet.

Your class setup must also include Ghost camo to avoid being seen on enemy radars in MW3.

ACR gun in mw3 mgb challenge
Choose ACR, the MCW, as your main weapon, as its recoil is predictable and controllable, making it best for battles.

Besides, it’s good to have a reliable secondary weapon so take one as backup or pick it up from the enemies.

A good supply of ammo is very important to win the challenges for the MGB calling card.

So, include the Munition Box in your class setup to keep your ammo in stock during challenges.

You can choose between the Gunner vest and the CCT comms vest based on your playstyle and preferences.

2. Choose The Right Game Mode

Choosing the right game mode significantly matters for your success in getting the MGB nuke.

Hence, you can select Ground War as it has larger maps and more player count.

choose right map and mode
Find warehouses to make it your battleground to have your enemies’ line of sight from the windows.

Likewise, Domination and Hardpoint are ideal game modes within Ground War since they give you more chances to reposition and catch enemies off guard.

Free-for-All can work too, but you can’t call in the nuke as the game ends after reaching 30 kills.

3. Monitor Teammate’s Location

Keep an eye on your mini-map, not just for enemy positions but also to be aware of your teammates.

Too many teammates near you can draw attention and jeopardize your streak.

So if you have few teammates near you, the enemies will not be aware of your presence.

Hence, this enhances your chances of securing kills without unnecessary attention.

If teammates are crowded in your location, relocate to maintain your element of surprise.

How To Obtain The MGB Calling Card?

Earning the MGB calling card in MW3 is not an easy task so you need to adopt a strategic playstyle for success.

Start by capturing objectives, but when you’re on a killing streak, focus on being unpredictable.

Use the mini-map to understand where enemies are spawning and move around cleverly.

Find spots with good hiding spots and different ways to get in and out, so you can move smoothly between locations.

Hence, recognize when to stay and fight or when to move to a new spot to obtain the MGB calling card in MW3 successfully.

The Bottom Line

MGB calling card in MW3 is indeed a challenging but rewarding accomplishment.

The MGB challenge tests your skills and abilities as it unlocks after getting the 30-kill streak using only your main weapon.

Hence, you can use non-lethal kill streaks like UAV, Counter UAV, and Advanced UAV to get intel on enemy positions.

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