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MW3 Undead Saint Skin: How To Get?

MW3 has released its highly anticipated Christmas event with unique features, elevating the gaming experience.

Similarly, by participating in this event, players can explore new bundles, game modes, operators, event challenges, easter eggs, etc.

In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW3), players can purchase the Claus Operator Skin, referred to as Undead Saint for 2800 Credits. Similarly, they can enhance the graphic of the Undead Saint by using it to kill multiple enemies in the game.

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The Undead Saint In MW3

In this new event, the game has introduced the skin for the Operator known as the Undead Saint.

The Undead Saint Klaus Operator Skin has caught the attention of players and has made noise across the gaming communities.

Similarly, this skin showcases the dark version of the Operator in the store bundle, raising confusion among players.

mw3 undead saint Skin
Players can obtain the Undead Saint Operator Skin in MW3.

Most of the players are questioning, if this is a result of a lazy development or a hidden teaser for upcoming challenges.

However, the Undead Saint operator’s skin evolves its beauty with the progressive gameplay.

The more you use the Undead Saint to secure kills, the more the Undead Saint upgrades its beauty.

Likewise, to obtain this classic Undead Saint Skin in this new event, players must visit the store and buy it for 2800 credits.

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New Events And Challenges In MW3

Alongside Undead Saint Operator Skin, Modern Warfare (MW3) has introduced many features in this festive event.

Here are some of the challenges and new bundles that you can purchase in MW3.

1. Tracer Pack Santa NS Ultra Skin

mw3 undead saint in Operator
Players can purchase the Undead Saint Operator from the Store.
  • Claus Operator Skin: It is an Undead Saint Skin of the operator that evolves with the gameplay showcasing the spirit.
  • MCW Weapon Blueprint: Similarly, this event features horrifying Holiday Tracers such as an icy and snowy touch on the battlefield.
  • AMR9 Blueprint: Alongside the new skins, players can also get the AMR9 blueprint from this festive event.

2. GG Easy Weapon Volt

Players can get the first-ever weapon variant in MW3 by accessing the GG Easy Weapon Volt.

From this bundle, players can purchase the Hoger 556 and Hogar 26 to maintain a consistent aesthetic among the weapons.

Moreover, they can also get several calling, cards, weapon stickers, charms, emblems, and valuable XP bonuses.

3. Santa’s Slay Ground Challenge

In the recently launched festive event of MW3, players can participate in the Santa’s Slay Ground Event Challenges.

Alongside Undead Saint classic Skin, this event also introduces the Santa’s Slay ground challenge to earn exciting rewards.

I. MW3 Multiplayer Challenges

Players have to kill enemies using the Undead Saint Operator with Stalker Boots to get the weapon sticker.

They can get double XP by operator kills with a weapon picked up from an enemy.

Likewise, players can get the battle pass tier skip after killing the enemies by operator kills with DG58 LSW.

II. Zombie Challenge

Players have to kill zombies with melee weapons to obtain the sticker.

Similarly, they have to kill enemies with the wall buy weapons, and pack a punch Dg58 for obtaining a charm.

They must kill the zombies with snipers, marksman rifles, or battle rifles to acquire an emblem.

III. Warzone Challenge

Players must have operative kills with a marksman rifle in Resurgence to get the sticker.

They must have operative kills with assault rifles and SMGs in Resurgence to obtain a charm.

The player must have operative kills with sniper rifles in Resurgence to acquire an emblem.

The Bottom Line

In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW3), players can participate in the recently launched holiday event and obtain several rewards.

Similarly, in this event, players can immerse themselves in the festive content and secure Undead Saint Operator Skin.

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