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How To Get My Hobbies Are Reading And Sports In Xenoverse 2?

Super Souls in Xenoverse 2 are unique abilities that amp up your battle skills.

One of those is “My hobbies Are Reading And Sports,” which offers well-rounded combat boosts.

To obtain “My Hobbies Are Reading And Sports” in Xenoverse 2, complete the “A New Threat” Parallel Quest in Conton City, facing Frieza and Cell, to receive it as a potential reward, granting balanced combat boosts.

In this article, we will dive into what “My hobbies are reading, and sports” in xenoverse 2 is and how to obtain it.

What Are Super Souls?

In Xenoverse 2, Super Souls are special abilities that players can equip to their character to gain benefits in battle.

Each character is born with a unique Super Soul that fits their personality and fighting style.

During a fight, when you meet conditions such as at the start of a battle, the equipped Super Soul will activate.

Once it activates, it will provide the player with boosts.

These boosts can enhance a character’s primary attack power, speed, and defense.

These will also allow them to recover health and ki energy more quickly.

Some Super Souls can even revive a fallen player with total health if they lose their first life in a fight.

Collecting different Super Souls allows players to customize their build and strategy for battle situations.

More powerful Super Souls can turn the tide of close fights.

Equipping the correct Super Soul can encourage aggressive playstyles by rewarding attacks or perfect blocks.

It adds an extra layer of strategy for players to consider the risks and benefits of each Super Soul against different opponents.

Finding and experimenting with new Super Souls is part of the fun of progression in Xenoverse 2.

What Is “My Hobbies Are Reading And Sports” In Xenoverse 2?

“My hobbies are reading and sports” is a Super Soul in Xenoverse 2.

It reduces the Zeni earned to 0 when the battle ends.

This Super Soul provides a well-rounded set of combat boosts once activated at the start of each battle.

It increases Ki Blast and Strike Supers by 15%, giving both ranged and melee attacks a nice damage boost.

Basic attacks also receive a 10% power increase, allowing you to dish out additional damage with lighter attacks.

Finally, it boosts movement speed by 5%.

my hobbies are reading and sports
“My hobbies are reading and sports” is a Super Soul in Xenoverse 2.

This added agility can help you evade enemy attacks or close the distance to land hits more quickly.

The balanced buffs across multiple stats make this Super Soul a solid choice for many build types.

It empowers both ranged and melee playstyles without being too specialized.

The permanent effects that activate automatically also provide benefits without any activation conditions to worry about meeting.

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How To Obtain My Hobbies Are Reading And Sports In Xenoverse 2?

To get the “My hobbies are reading and sports” Super Soul, you’ll need to complete the Parallel Quest “A New Threat.”

This quest is found in the Conton City Parallel Quest section.

This mission tasks you with facing off against Frieza and Cell at the same time.

The Parallel Quest, “A New Threat,” unlocks after progressing through the main story and reaching the Frieza Force saga.

Once you can access the quest, head to the Parallel Quest counter in Conton City and launch “A New Threat” from the list.

You’ll need to fight through Frieza’s soldiers before engaging Frieza and Cell in a tough 2-on-1 battle.

Successfully defeating both villains will complete the Parallel Quest.

There is then a high chance you may receive the “My hobbies are reading and sports” Super Soul as one of the potential rewards.

Some additional details:
  • The boosts from this Super Soul last the entire battle once activated.
  • The balanced boosts make it an excellent all-purpose Super Soul for melee and ranged builds.
super soul xenoverse 2
It reduces the Zeni earned to 0 when the battle ends.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Super Souls in Xenoverse 2 provide valuable bonuses during battles.

One example is the “My Hobbies Are Reading And Sports” Super Soul.

This offers a balanced boost to attack power, speed, and more without complicated requirements.

It adds depth to the gameplay and encourages players to experiment with different strategies.

Happy Gaming!

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