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Gear Loose And Fancy Fear: Ancient Machines Unleashed

Gear Loose and Fancy Fear is a Village Project in Dreamlight Valley.

However, this project involves automating Eternity Isle using Ancient Machines.

Gear Loose and Fancy Fear is a village project focused on automating Eternity Isle using Ancient Machines, involving tasks like building the Basic Ancient Gardener at the Timebending Table. And also completing additional quests provided by Scrooge McDuck for potential profits and advancements.

Continue reading to learn more about the Gear Loose and Fancy Fear and how to complete it in Dreamlight Valley.

Gear Lose And Fancy Fear

Gear Loose and Fancyfear is a village project (A Rift in Time DLC).

In this project, Scrooge McDuck informs Kausar about a gardening Ancient Machine and provides ancient blueprints.

Kausar uses the blueprints, finds the necessary parts, and builds a machine.

Likewise, there are three types of Ancient Machines: cooker, gardener, and vacuum.

Each machine requires specific construction materials.

Consequently, consult Scrooge McDuck for guidance and additional rewards during the project.

Utilize the Timebending Table to craft various helpful items, including furniture and fences.

Moreover, completing projects and helping villagers will unlock new areas and resources.

Consult Scrooge McDuck
Consult Scrooge McDuck for guidance through the quest.
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How To Complete Gear Lose And Fancy Fear?

By following these steps, you can complete the Gear Loose and Fancy Fear village project:

1. Automation With Ancient Machines

Firstly, you have to talk to Scrooge McDuck, receive ancient blueprints, and a task to build an Ancient Machine.

He will reveal the existence of Ancient Machines and provide information and tips as well about them.

Use the blueprints and the information to build the ancient machine.

Then, go to the Timebending Table and combine the gathered materials to craft the Basic Ancient Gardener.

Use your Hourglass to collect Ancient parts, such as Mist, Ancient Gear, Ancient Care (level 1), and Ancient Pipe.

The Timebending Table is the crafting station for various items, including Ancient Machines.

You can also build other types of Ancient Machines, like cookers and vacuums, depending on your needs.

collect Ancient parts
Use your Hourglass to collect Ancient parts for the Basic Ancient Gardener.

Go to The Plants and place the Gardener near your farm.

However, this will automate the gardening process.

After that, return to Scrooge McDuck from The Plants to The Docks.

Finally, Scrooge McDuck rewards you with a share of future profits and extra Ancient parts for further construction.

return to Scrooge McDuck
Return to Scrooge McDuck from The Plants to The Docks.

2. The Ones That Got Away

You have already completed Part 1 of the project by building the Basic Ancient Gardener.

Now, focus on catching the specific fish species mentioned in Part 2: The Ones That Got Away.

Receive a new task from Scrooge McDuck to catch the new fish species: Dunebapper, Robot fish, and Prisma shrimp.

Travel around Eternity Isle to catch them, then report back to Scrooge McDuck to let him know you’ve completed the fishing task.

Therefore, completing this task is crucial for advancing the Gear Loose and Fancyfear project.

receive task after gear loose and fancy fear
After completing part 1, you’ll receive a new task called The Ones That Got Away.

The Bottom Line

Gear Loose and Fancyfear focuses on utilizing Ancient Machines to automate Eternity Isle.

Additionally, the project involves building machines, acquiring materials, and completing tasks.

Successfully automating the aisle can bring significant profits and advancement.

Hence, keep exploring Eternity Isle to discover more Ancient parts and unlock even more machines.

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