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Best Veteran Build In Darktide After Patch 13

Many players are searching for the best build for the Veteran class in the Darktide after the release of patch 13.

Due to continuous patch updates, players are unable to make a concrete decision during the build. 

The Veteran Build in Darkside after patch 13 depends upon the preference of the players. The best build is adding Longshot, Krak Grenade, Infiltrate ability, Dead shot and combining with other passive attacks.

Continue reading more about the Veteran class and know its best build in the War Hammer 40000: Darktide.

What Is Veteran In Darktide?

Veretan is one of the special classes of Darktide who are regarded as sharpshooters.

Their base health is capped at 150 whereas the toughness is almost 200.

The Veteran class can showcase their skills and ability in long-ranged combat.

Moreover, this can also deploy a good amount of headshots and are great against Armor. 

Fire Grenades, Volley Fire and  Scavenger/Scroungers Aura are some of its notable skills.

With the increase in new players, they can receive feats, which enhances the firepower by quite a margin.

At the base phase, players can increase up to 15% weak damage spot and have more than 40% ammo reserve in the long-range weapons.

Best Darkside Veteran Build For Patch 13

After the recent update i.e., patch  13 of October 5, 2023, there have been huge changes in the War Hammer 40000: Darktide.

There are a few improvements, new features, nerfs and buffs in weapons for balance, and bug fixes.

Due to the patch, Veteran Class’s key ability has improved in both Volley Fire and Scavenger Aura.

The Volley Fire selects both Elites and Specials as a baseline, and the ability can be upgraded to include the feature in the Tree instead.

darktide veteran build patch 13
manage the Veteran skill build tree.

Moreover, while using the Scavenger, the leftover ability will be automatically added to the later procs instead of every proc.

Considering every change and analyzing the unchanged abilities the following should be the best build for Veteran;

1. Longshot

If players are focusing on high damage output from a distance, they choose to go with the Longshot build.

It can help to increase the 20% ranged bonus damage; however, the bonus will decrease when players go near the target.

2. Krak Grenade

Krak Grenade is throwable players should pick over Shredder Frag Grenade and Smoke Grenade.

Shredder Grenade is still a great option when surrounded by enemies and provides six stacks of bleed.

However, it does not have the firepower to beat the devastating damage.

Use the Krak grenade for higher damage.

The grenades work best against the Flak Armoured, Carapace Armoured and Unyielding Enemies.

3. Determined

When playing a passive sniper veteran players should go for the Determined skill.

It helps to bring down the priority targets thanks to its impression immunity feature.

4. Survivalist 

Survivalist is Aura’s augmented version, which helps replenish 1% of the ammunition of the player and the party in Coherence.

To use this feature, they should defeat an Elite or a Special Enemy.

5. Always Prepared

Always prepared build will guarantee additional ammo for players in the battle.

Players will get almost 25% of the total ammo in the inventory.

6. Infiltrate

The ability has a cooldown period of 60 seconds, but when it is equipped, it suppresses all other abilities.

Infiltrate replenish all toughness and enter stealth mode for six seconds.

Further, players will receive a 25% speed movement boost, and leaving the stealth will suppress other targets when attacking.

7. Killzone

Killzone will assist players when penetrating enemies with high ammo efficiency

Players will also get an additional 15% base ranged damage when there are no targets within the eight-meter radius.

Killone is also a passive build like Longshot that assists players in repositioning while taking time.

8. Marksman 

Marksman is an ability modifier that works best when players use the Infiltrate ability.

The ability is used after players leave the stealth mode.

Marksman darktide
Leave the Stealth mode.

When players target any weak points, they will generate 50% more power for 10 seconds.

9. Close Order Drill

The Close Order Drill will grant players a 33% Toughness damage reduction.

However, players must be in coherence with the team to become resilient.

10. Demolition Team

With the Demolition Team, players along with the crew will have a 5% chance of refilling the grenade.

The passive ability grants players enough grenades to defeat the Elite and Special forces.

11. Tactical Awareness

Tactical Awareness will grant a significant advantage when players are out of the ability.

It will decrease the cooldown period by six seconds after beating the Specialist enemy.

12. Leave No One Behind

With this passive skill, players can pick up targets one by one when deploying an attack from a long-range attack.

It will increase the assist and revive speed by whooping 20%.

When any ally or team member is injured, players will receive a 20% movement speed to revive them faster.

The revived ally will also receive a 33% damage reduction for five seconds. 

13. Precision Strikes

When using a long-ranged weapon with higher damage, there will be a sudden increase in damage output.

It grants an additional 15% damage when penetrating the enemy’s weak spot.

14. Deadshot

Slotting the Deadshot will increase the Critical hit chances by 25% and 60% Sway reduction while using the alternate fire of Ranged Weapon.

Unfortunately, this comes with a cost. Players will lose almost 8% of stamina in one second and an additional 4% while shooting.

15. Overwatch

The ability modifier will give an additional advantage to infiltrate making the resurrection easy.

Moreover, the attached combat ability will get one additional charge but the cooldown period will increase by 33%.

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Best Weapons For Veterans in Darkside

When players have selected the skill tree players can now use the best weapons that match the playstyle;

1. Lucius MK | Helbore Lasgun

The Helbore Lasgun is a great long-ranged weapon that works best for the Veteran class who are willing to play passively.

This gun has a high weak point damage multiplier and goes perfectly with the above build.

Use the Helbore for higher penetration.

Helbore’s Surgical blessing will increase the critical chances by 10% for 0.3 seconds while aiming at the target.

Additionally, the gun stacks 10 times and discharges all the stacks after launching a bullet.

The gun will reduce the charge time by 5%  when using the chaining charged attack and stacks five times.

The weapon comes with two perks to increase the damage on Carapace and Flak armored enemies by 20% and 25%.

2. Standard Issue Muntorium Sapper Shovel

The melee weapon grants players 20% block efficiency and increases 20% damage on Flak armored enemies when the perks are unlocked.

While in close range the Standard Issue Muntorium Sapper Shovel will deploy a critical hit, finishing enemies in one go.

If players chain two attacks in a row, it will provide 4% power and stacks 10 times.

It also increases the damage by 20% while hitting the weak points for 3.5 sec and stacking five seconds.

The Bottom Line

Choosing any set of Classes in the battle and optimizing the build totally depends upon the players. 

However, the best build should be a Stealth sniper which focuses on ranged damage, higher penetration, and playing passive.

Players can use weapons including Muntorium Sapper Shovel, Helbore Lasgun and Kantrael MG.

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