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MyAir App Not Updating – Easy Fixes

The health monitoring apps are not immune to update pitfalls, including the myAir app, which sometimes fails to update.

The MyAir app not updating issue has mostly to do with the usage if you stop using the app or have just started. Sometimes, bug fixes, regulatory compliance, and server-side issues may also cause affect regular updates.

This blog investigates why myAir is not updating and its possible solutions.

MyAir App Not Updating – Causes

My Air or myAir™ is a patient self-monitoring app unveiled by ResMed in 2022.

Practically an online support program, myAir aims to help users with sleep apnea for a better sleep therapy journey by tracking their breathing and reporting the scores through tools like AirSense 11.

As per the website, over 7+ million users benefit from the app, but there is a catch.

Many users flood the forums complaining about the app failing to update or performing timely updates, which is a huge letdown.

myair app updates
Upon checking, myAir app does not display any updates or scores

Although there is no official announcement from ResMed about lagging updates, here are a few possible reasons pointed out by the user community for myAir not updating.

1. Novelty App

When you first start using the app, you must submit your serial number and device number to sync the device and app.

Although a quick process, the data center may take a while to record or analyze your breathing activity.

Therefore, it will remain without an update until you have used the device and allowed the app to sync and analyze the data.

RedMed claims that the user would start seeing the data after the first night they use the device upon registering.

Technically, the device would transmit data to myAir’s data center one hour after stopping the therapy or usage of the device.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Health apps dealing with sensitive patient data, such as sleep and breathing pattern, must adhere to strict privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Although it is not confirmed whether ResMed follows any such regulation, it may be possible.

Data privacy compliance may require additional measures and thorough testing before it is provided to the user.

3. User Engagement

The myAir app requires active user participation or consent to collect patient data.

If users do not actively engage with the app, the availability of up-to-date patient data may be limited.

For example, running the device without being connected to a real person will render no updates.

Similarly, failing to register the device with myAir account or a faulty signal on the device will prevent data syncing.

my air updates in form of scores
Log into your myAir app daily to assess improvements in sleep patterns and breathing.

If your device’s power cord has been continually plugged in for days/weeks, it may suffer from sync problems.

4. Server And Maintenance Issue

Although rare, the app not updating concerns myAir server and maintenance issues.

It is not unlikely that ResMed would be dealing with bug fixtures, rolling out new updates, or suffering from a massive volume of data processing.

All of these issues may cause updates to hold temporarily.

In such a case, you can check with ResMed customer support to learn about the ongoing issue.

How To Fix myAir App Not Updating Issue?

There is nothing you can do about failed updates issues from the server or company’s side, but you can fix the problems that might be occurring from your side.

Here are a few tips to get your myAir to start updating data asap.

  1. Start registering your device with myAir account by submitting serial and device numbers.
  2. Otherwise, login into the myAir website to check whether the device’s serial number matches the one registered with myAir.
  3. Verify that your area/home has stable 3G/4G connectivity and an excellent wireless signal on your device. More signal bars, the better.
  4. Check whether your device is set to airplane mode. See your machine’s user guide about turning off airplane mode.
  5. Power Cycle the device by turning it off for 40 seconds and turning it back on to prevent any connection glitches, especially if you are running the device continually.
  6. Check whether your ResMed distributor is registered in your country. Some countries do not support myAir services, and some devices might not be supported locally.

Watch the video to learn more about myAir app;

The Bottom Line

It’s usual for technological devices and apps to stop updating sometimes, but it does not pose any serious problem.

Try out the solutions mentioned above to fix the issue.

Use your device as usual, and check myAir app the next day to confirm whether your data is transmitting as expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does MyAir Calculation Work?

It takes in your nightly therapy data and calculates the scores.

It applies Usage hours (10 points for 1 hr usage), whether your mask is fitting correctly, events per hour (how many times your breathing partially/fully stops each hour), and mask on/off (the fewer, the better).

How Does MyAir Calculate The Score When I Use My Device In Multiple Segments (i.e., naps)?

MyAir displays your score for your initial sleep session in a day.

If you have another session recorded on the same day, it will update your data once it receives the data for the additional session.

Why Is It Not Possible To View Data From Past Sleep Sessions?

myAir utilizes data from your device on the day you create your account. It does not retrieve any data your device recorded before setting up your account.

Therefore, you will begin seeing data the night after registering your device.

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