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How To Unlock Characters In Naraka Bladepoint? 

Naraka Bladepoint allows players to use different characters to play the game.

Even though the game is a Battle Royale, the selection of characters makes it a unique choice among battle royale players. 

To unlock all the characters in the Naraka Bladepoint, you must either complete the tutorial or purchase them with the in-game currency (Tae) or the real money currency (Gold).

In this article, we will explore how to unlock the characters in Naraka Bladepoint.

What Is Naraka Bladepoint?

Naraka Bladepoint is a free-to-play action battle royale game that debuted on August 11, 2021

The game allows a lobby of 60 players to play at the same time.

Furthermore, the game allows players to choose between a range gameplay or a melee gameplay. 

Similar to other battle royale games, players can choose from various weapons to use in the battle against other players.

Additionally, players can queue up as solo players or in a group of three to play the game. 

Prior to becoming a free-to-play game, players needed to purchase Naraka Bladepoint.

Furthermore, the game sold a staggering 20 million copies to date. 

20 million copies sold Naraka bladepoint
Naraka Bladepoint sells 20 million copies worldwide.

Currently, the game provides players with an exclusive avatar, a Viper Ning skin, and other rewards for registering and playing the game before October 14

Additionally, the previous paying players are able to obtain Gold depending on the edition of the game they bought. 

How To Unlock Characters In Naraka Bladepoint? 

Before going Free-to-play, players needed to obtain Tae, a currency obtainable through the game to unlock characters.

However, after going free-to-play, players must obtain a different currency to unlock characters. 

Currently, players need to obtain Hero Coins to unlock characters.

Here, the currency is obtainable through playing the game. 

Furthermore, before going free-to-play, players needed to purchase the game.

Thus, after that, the game bestows the previous players with the Veteran player title. 

This title allows the players to earn more Hero Coins than their free-to-play counterparts. 

Here are the steps to unlock characters in Naraka Bladepoint.

  1. Launch the game and go to the main menu.
  2. Click on the Character tab at the top of the screen.
  3. You will see a list of all the characters in the game, along with their prices and availability. The ones that are unlocked will have a green check mark on them, and the ones that are locked will have a red lock icon on them.
  4. To unlock a character, click on the character you want and then click on the Unlock button at the bottom of the screen.

A pop-up window will show you how much Tae or Gold you need to unlock the character.

You can confirm the purchase and enjoy your new character if you have enough.

If you don’t have enough, you can either earn more Tae by playing the game and completing quests or buy more Gold with real money.

Hero coin to unlock characters
Hero coin can unlock characters in Naraka Bladepoint.

Additionally, players can access seven units when they begin their journey into the world of Naraka Bladepoint. 

Players can obtain 35 Hero Coins each week, however, players with the Veteran player title are able to obtain more Hero coins.

Furthermore, players can obtain an extra 300 Hero Coins by joining the game. 

The Bottom Line 

Players who bought the game before going free-to-play automatically hold an advantage over the free-to-play player base.

However, this is normal since paying players take precedence over free-to-play players in various games. 

Unlocking characters can enhance the gameplay experience and allow players to explore different strategies and styles

Hopefully, this article helps you earn the Hero Coins and unlock your favorite characters to play the game with. 

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