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The Upcoming Arcadion Raid Mode In FFXIV

The Keynote event of Final Fantasy(FFXIV) Fan Fest event ended on January 6, revealing a new game mode called Arcadion.

Since then, players have been theorizing about the possibilities of this new event on Social Media.

In FFXIV, Arcadion is a new 8-player raid mode where multiple players can collaborate to take down a strong enemy together. Moreover, this game mode will probably include Normal and Savage modes for a more thrilling experience.

Continue reading this article to learn about the upcoming Arcadion mode in FFXIV.

What Is Arcadion In FFXIV?

Final Fantasy is a decorated franchise that creates many characters and game modes for its fans.

Similarly, they recently launched the FFXIV Fan Fest event to reveal more updates about the game.

Fans are excited about the new game mode called Arcadion which is a combat-based raid event.

the arcadion fan art
The exclusive concept art of the Arcadion game mode.

Specifically, up to 8 players can collaborate in this raid to take down a common enemy for rewards.

This game mode was revealed at the Keynote event of the game during the game director’s speech.

Additionally, they also revealed the concept art of the event, meaning that this is a confirmed event.

The director also informed they will introduce new characters during the raid alongside some difficulty levels.

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When Will The Arcadion Mode Launch In FFXIV?

Currently, the exact release date of the upcoming Arcadion mode is unknown due lack of information.

Nevertheless, it will likely launch one or two months after the upcoming update of the game.

The event mainly focused on the upcoming Dawntrail, meaning that there is very scarce information about Arcadion.

Hence, the upcoming version 7.0 of the game will bring Dawntrail which will set the stage for the Arcadion mode.

Players discussing arcadion on forum
Players discussing the upcoming Arcadion mode on a Reddit thread.

Players are already speculating about the launch dates and activities of this mode on a Reddit Thread.

However, they have also reached a mixed conclusion as even the first update is yet to arrive.

Therefore, they can do nothing but wait until the developers release more updates about this mode.

Other Game Updates Besides Arcadion

The Arcadion was not the only reveal during the event as there are many more to uncover.

  1. The event displayed a new extended teaser of the upcoming update to give a deeper insight.
  2. They revealed a new Magic DPS: Pictomancer, and a Female of the Hrothgar race.
  3. They revealed the entire continent of Tural, which is located to the west of Eorzea.
  4. Screenshots and showcases of new tribes, characters, and enemies were also revealed.
  5. Alliance Raids for Dawntrail called Echoes of Vana’Diel and Arcadion mode was unraveled.

The Bottom Line

Final Fantasy XIV is feasting on the new exclusive content that was revealed during the event.

However, many seemed confused about the upcoming Arcadion mode as they only teased this event.

So we hope that this article has helped you to clear all your confusion about this upcoming game mode.

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