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How To Find Starfield Enhance Clinic In New Atlantis?

The Enhance Clinic is one of the shops of New Atlantis in Starfield.

It contains valuable facilities that players can use for a few credits.

Starfield Enhance Clinic in  New Atlantis is a genetic salon to change the name and appearance of the character. Players can find the shop in the Valbera building after following the UC Distribution sign in the Commercial District.

Continue reading to discover the exact location of the Enhance clinic and the items players can use from there.

Starfield Enhance Clinic In New Atlantis 

The Ehance Clinic is a salon in the Commercial District of the New Atlantis, the capital city of the United Colony.

 United Colony is one of the factions whose capital is in Jemison Planet of the Alpha Centauri System. 

Moreover, players can explore various planets and solar systems and interact with various characters in the game.

Players can buy the best guns, armor, and other utilities from the vendors to boost their performance.

But, if players want something extra to modify their character, Enhance Clinic is a great option.

The Clinic offers players a variety of options to change their appearance.

Many players in the game are fed up with their characters’ looks but are unable to track the exact location.

Locating The Starfield Enhance Clinic of New Atlantis 

If Players are trying to track the Enhance Clinic, follow the given procedures;

1. Travel To The Jemison

Initially, players should head to the capital city of the United Colonies, the New Atlantis.

As there are various systems in the game, search for  Alpha Centauri System and land on the Jemsion Planet.

Alpha Centauri System
Enter the Jemison Planet of Alpha Centauri System.

Moreover, players should select a landing area and proceed through the security screenings.

The authority members will scan the players, so don’t carry any illegal items.

2. Enter The Commercial District

After landing, head towards the New Atlantis Transit and enter the metro.

Players will receive two options: ensure to go for the Commercial District.

If players have explored the District already, they can directly land their ship there.

Commercial district starfield
Visit the Commercial District through the metro.

3. Search For Enhance Clinic In New Atlantis

After traveling to the commercial District, players will see a signboard.

Head towards the UC Distribution and search for the Valbera building.

Furthermore, visit the Enhance Clinic at the end block of the building.

Alpha Centauri System
Enhance Clinic in the Commercial District.

In addition, players should talk to the vendor of the Clinic, Warner Connell.

4. Start Changing Appearance

After approaching the vendor in the genetic salon, players should pay 500 credits to change their character’s appearance.

Players can change the essential categories, including names and pronouns, but can’t change the character’s background or trait.

Players can change their body type and walking style with just a tiny amount of credit.

starfield enhance clinic new atlantis
Change the appearance by paying 500 credits.

Moreover, players can also change their skin tone, add facial hair, change head shapes and eye color, and also their body features.

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The Bottom Line

Starfield Enhance Clinic New Atlantis is an excellent place for players who are willing to change the appearances and names of the characters.

Players can revisit the store to transform the character but must pay 500 credits as an entrance fee.

Moreover, players can find similar Enhance clinics in different locations, including Neon, Cydonia, Akila City and Paradiso.

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