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New VoA Boss In Wrath Of The Lich King Classic

The Vault of Archavon (VoA) in Wrath of the Lich King Classic(WotlK) is a special place where groups of adventurers come together.

You will encounter four elemental bosses in VoA representing different types of damage, appearing individually.

Defeating them helps you learn important raiding mechanics and rewards you with valuable loot.

In Wotlk, a new VoA boss appears in each phase, and by defeating them, you learn important raiding mechanics and gain valuable loot to prepare for larger challenges in Northrend.

In this article, we will discuss the new VoA boss in different phases of Wotlk.

What Is VoA In Wotlk?

The Vault of Archavon (VoA) is an introductory 10-player raid dungeon located in Wintergrasp.

It gives players an early raiding experience in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

There are four elemental bosses representing different damage types.

VoA offers steady progression as character power increases over the phases.

northrend wotlk
VoA is important in preparing players for the larger raids to come in Northrend.

Each new phase saw the addition of another boss, allowing groups to work their way through the entire instance.

VoA is important in preparing players for the larger raids to come in Northrend.

It gives valuable loot, reputation gains, and mechanics practice.

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New VoA Boss In Wotlk

There are altogether 4 Vault of Archavon bosses in Wotlk Classic, but you cannot encounter all four bosses in a single phase.

According to the phases, bosses in the VoA raid are added individually, and you will encounter a new VoA boss in Wotlk.

In phase one, you will encounter Archavon the Stone Watcher and Emalon the Storm Watcher in phase 2.

Moreover, Koralon the Flame Watcher and Toravon the Ice Watcher are added in phases three and four respectively.

1. Archavon: The Stone Watcher 

The first boss players will encounter in VoA is Archavon, a powerful elemental stone.

Standing at a towering height, Archavon utilizes his control over the earth to attack opponents.

voa boss stone
The first boss players will encounter in VoA is Archavon, a powerful elemental stone.

In phase one, he is the solo boss available. His main abilities include summoning Stonecore Berserkers to aid in battle.

These large rock minions charged at foes and had to be quickly defeated. Archavon’s most dangerous attack is Stone Grip.

This is where he immobilizes a target in stone for a period of time.

Tanks had to maintain a threat on Archavon while also picking up and tanking the berserkers.

Healers focused on topping players off through the nature damage Archavon dealt.

DPS burned down the berserkers and then concentrated fire on Archavon.

Archavon offers valuable tanking gear with stamina for early players just stepping into Northrend.

Players will also get natural resistance to help withstand their attacks.

2. Emalon: The Storm Watcher

Added in phase two was Emalon, an air elemental who commanded the power of lightning.

Emalon attacked from a distance, making positioning especially important for tanks.

His main abilities include Chain Lightning, where he launches a bolt of electricity.

It jumps between nearby targets, potentially overwhelming healers if not interrupted.

Emalon also left behind Static Discharge zones on the ground after casting, continually shocking those standing there.

Tanks had to pull Emalon away from other players to avoid chaining multiple targets with his lightning.

Healers focused on topping players and dispelling any harmful magic effects.

Interrupts and crowd control became more essential against Emalon, requiring coordinated focus fire.

As a caster boss, Emalon’s loot table rewarded spell power items for mages, warlocks and other casters still gearing up at this stage.

His defeat provided another stepping stone towards heroically raiding Northrend.

3. Koralon: The Flame Watcher

Available after phase three, Koralon brings the destructive power of fire to VoA.

As a large elemental made of magma and ash, Koralon poses the threat of flame damage through his abilities.

He attacks with a Jet of Flame breath weapon that scorches those before him.

Koralon also utilizes Flame Buffets, creating patches of intense heat on the ground similar to Emalon’s discharges.

Tanks had to kite Koralon around the room to avoid these flame zones stacking up while also avoiding his frontal cone breath.

Healers focus on mitigating the fire damage through heavy healing and damage reduction cooldowns.

Interrupts and crowd control continued to be important for controlling Koralon’s abilities.

voa boss koralon
Available after phase three, Koralon brings the destructive power of fire to VoA.

As a fire boss, Koralon rewarded players with desirable fire resistance and spell power gear for warlocks and fire mages.

His defeat opened up more options for specializing characters in fire damage builds.

4. Toravon: The Ice Watcher

The final VoA boss, Toravon, waits until phase four to appear.

Toravon deals primarily with frost damage and utilizes cold abilities as an ice element.

He attacks with Icy Blasts, a shotgun blast of ice shards at his target that blasts hit hard but is avoidable with movement.

voa boss ice watcher
The final VoA boss, Toravon, waits until phase four to appear.

This is where he encases all players in a radius in blocks of ice, immobilizing them for a time.

If tanks do not position Toravon away from others, the novas risk chaining across multiple targets simultaneously.

Healers have to time heal perfectly to recover players from the burst damage of Icy Blasts.

Toravon also leaves behind Frost Bomb puddles that periodically erupt in a cold explosion, similar to Koralon’s flames.

As the final VoA boss, Toravon rewards tanks with much-needed stamina pieces.

He also rewards tanks with frost resistance gear to better handle Northrend’s chilling enemies.

His defeat marked the completion of VoA for groups that had steadily progressed through each new phase.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Vault of Archavon was an excellent starting point for groups to experience raiding together and learn mechanics.

With four unique bosses providing a variety of challenges, VoA offers steady progression over WotlK Classic’s phases.

Each new elemental enemy brought new abilities to overcome as player skill and gear increased.

The loot from VoA directly aids groups in progressing further into Northrend by offering items to each boss’s damage type.

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