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Complete Car Show Event In Monopoly Go: Next Event Spooky Car

Many Monopoly Go players are excited about the partner event’s new sloth, the Spooky Car Event.

The Spooky Car is Halloween-themed, and you must collect clusters of wheels to build it with your four partners.

To complete the Car show event in Monopoly Go, you must contribute the collected wheels to build a car and then adjust the wheel’s multiplier to spin the wheel. Besides, The Spooky Car Event is an upcoming event with a Halloween theme to give you a spooky twist while building cars.

Continue reading to find out how to complete all the milestones in the Car Show Event to collect rewards and uncover Spooky Car Events in Monopoly Go.

Is The Spooky Car The Next Partner Event In Monopoly Go?

The Spooky Car Partners is an upcoming milestone event that is an exciting and seasonally appropriate variation of the

Players can anticipate enjoying a spooky twist while building cars and working with their chosen partners during the Halloween season.

Check for event-specific details and rewards as the event approaches, and select your partners wisely for this seasonal adventure.

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How To Complete All The Milestones In Car Show Event?

Car Show Partners is a team-up event in the Monopoly GO game where players work with four partners to build cars and earn rewards.

The event is identical to the Bakery Partners event, except you need to bake a cake there, and here, you need to build a card instead.

You will unlock great rewards and exciting prizes when you complete all the milestones for each and keep progressing.

Car show event in monopoly Go
Car Show Partners is a team-up event in the Monopoly GO game where players work with four partners.

1. Choosing Four Partners For Car Show Event

You must select four partners as your team to participate in the Car show event.

However, you must note that you cannot change or replace all four partners with different players once you select all four partners.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to select allies that are both active and committed partners.

Hence, you can check the activity level of all potential partners on the player leaderboard before inviting or accepting invites from them.

2. Contributing Wheels To Build Car In Car Show Event

After you select your four partners in the event, you can start the car-building by putting effort into contributing the wheels.

To do this, first, go to the main game board and collect the wheels.

Thus, you can collect wheels by landing on tiles with wheels.

Increase Your Multiplier

Instead of collecting the wheels one by one, you can collect the clusters of wheels, but to do that, remember to increase your multiplier.

Thus, increasing your multiplier when landing on a wheel gives you a better chance of gaining more wheel rewards.

Clusters of wheels
You can collect clusters of wheels but remember to increase your multiplier.

3. Get Additional Wheels

You can also earn wheels from other events alongside the Car Show Partners event.

These extra wheels are milestone rewards from other events, so watch for those opportunities and grab them to your advantage.

4. Contribute To Build A Car

After collecting the steering wheels, you can select a car you want to contribute to the wheels.

Then you must adjust the wheel’s multiplier to spin the wheel.

Now, wait for the result to specify how many points you will contribute to building your car.

Rewards For Completing The Milestone In Car Show Event

There are other milestones, but these are some milestones achieved to date.

1. Rewards For Reaching Milestones Points

  • 1,800 Points Milestone: If you reach this milestone, you can earn 150 dice throws for you and your partner.
  • 5,800 Points Milestone: If you reach this milestone, you’ll get a reward of 123M for both you and your partner.

2. Grand Prize For Building Cars In Car Show Event

If you complete building a single car, you will receive 600 dice, 820 M and a blue sticker pack as your top prize.

Power Peg e token
You will win the Power Peg-E Token if you complete building all four cars.

You will win the grand prize of 5,000 dice and a dark purple sticker pack if you finish building all four cars within the event time limit.

In addition, you will win the Power Peg-E Token at the end of the event.

Remember, you must complete the Car Show Partners event in just over five days to win all these exciting rewards and prizes.

The Bottom Line

Monopoly GO Events are never accessible and can be confusing at times.

However, the rewards that you get from completing these events within the set time limit will receive exciting rewards.

Make sure to pick your partners smartly and get your hands on those rewards and grand prizes before the event ends.

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