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How To Beat Nightmare Echo Of Varshan?

Nightmare Echo of Varshan is an in-game event in Diablo 4 Season 1.

Users must beat different World Tier bosses inside Malignant Tunnel to complete the event.

Nightmare Echo of Version is a World Tier-3 level boss in Diablo 4. Users can combat the enemy by fulfilling the Character’s requirements and Tier list in Echo of the Version

Continue Reading to know the requirements and steps to attack the Boss. 

What Is Nightmare Echo Of Varshan?

Nightmare Echo of Varshan is an upgraded version of Boss of Varshan of the Consumed in Diablo 4 Season 1. 

Additionally, Players will be rewarded with the maximum number of items if they beat Nightmare Echo of Vars.

Moreover, users will need an Invoker of Varshan in Diablo 4. You can obtain the precious item by completing Season 1 Questline

In contrast, Players should fulfill all the objectives and be in World Tier-3 to fight the opponent.

Furthermore, users must ensure they have upgraded their Character’s inventory for maximum survival and be on the Diablo 4  World tier-3.

Inviting your in-game friends to collect maximum Damage Per Second will be best.

After killing the World Tier-3 level boss , players will be rewarded with Wrath’s Vengeance

The Wrath’s Vengeance is worth 4000 Flavor.

How To Beat Nightmare Echo of Varshan?

Defeating Nightmare Echo of Varshan is a lot tough than users think. Players must maximize their inventory level and skill trees to defeat the boss.

Follow the steps to win a battle against the extra-ordinary rival;

  1. Visit Cormond’s Workbench in the middle of Kyovashad.
Cormond's Workbench Diablo 4
Head towards Cormond’s Workbench on the map.
  1. Collect all the Material Costs for the Invoker of Varshan. You can collect it from Malignant Tunnels if you are short of some items. 
Invoker of Varshan
Fulfill the objectives to battle Nightmare of Echo Varshan.
  1. Go to World Tier Statue, and players must ensure they are in World Tier 3
World Tier Statue Diablo 4
Head towards the World Tier Statue.
  1. Visit the Malignant Tunnel called Ravening Pit.
Ravening Pit in Dungeon Affixes
Search for the Ravening Pit on the map.
  1. Clear the Tunnel and head toward Healing Well.
Healing Well in Echo of the Varshan
Fight against enemies in the Malignant Tunnel and visit Healing Well.
  1. Use abilities such as Crowd Control, Decay and Dispatch Summon.
Nightmare Echo of Varshan
Use the Character’s skills and abilities to fight Nightmare of Echo Varshan.
  1. After overtaking the powerful enemy, the event is complete.
Nightmare Echo of Varshan
After completing the combat, you will be rewarded with abilities and skills.

The Bottom Line

Nightmare Echo of Varshan is a powerful boss in World Tier-3.

Players can battle the enormous enemy in the Healing well if they have fulfilled the objectives. 

Furthermore, it will be best if the player upgrades the Inventory level to overcome the rival.

Best of luck fighting the boss to gain Wrath’s Vengeance.

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