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Master Stash In OSRS: How To Build It?

Master Clue STASH units are a sort of storage unit in OSRS that can be used to store things needed for Master Clues.

These units can save bank space and trips, making them a significant resource for players who often finish Treasure Trails.

In OSRS, players can build a Master Clue Stash unit by being fitted to the requirements. Afterward, you have to gather the required items and perform specific actions.

This article discusses the requirements for a master stash, how to build it, and the benefits of it in OSRS.

Requirements To Build Master Clue Stash

Here are some requirements for players to build a master clue stash unit.

Players must acquire level 88, level 81, and level 84 in construction, thieving, and crafting respectively.

Similarly, players have to complete the following quests:

  1. Priest in Peril
  2. Fairytale II – Cure a Queen
  3. Mourning’s End Part II
  4. Legend’s Quest
  5. Darkness of Hallowvale
  6. Icthlarin’s Little Helper (start)
  7. Underground Pass
  8. Regicide (started)
  9. Shadow of the Storm
  10. Roving elves
  11. The General’s Shadow

Therefore, players must fit the requirements to build the Master Clue Stash unit in OSRS.

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How To Build Master Clue Stash Unit In OSRS?

As with every build, some items and procedures are required to complete the build.

Therefore, players must gather the following items to start the procedure to build Master Clue Stash.

  • x42 mahogany plank
  • x21 gold leafs
  • x210 nails
  • Hammer
  • Saw

After gathering the above items, you have to start the process by following the procedure below:

  1. Firstly, find an inconspicuous bush/crate/hole/rock.
  2. Select the Build STASH unit option by clicking on the bush/crate/hole/rock.
  3. Using the hammer, nail the mahogany boards to the bush/crate/hole/rock.
  4. Cut the gold leaves into tiny strips using the saw.
  5. Nail the gold leaves to the mahogany boards with the hammer.
  6. Finally, select the Store Items option by clicking on the STASH unit.
Inconspicuous objects in master stash osrs
Gather these inconspicuous objects in OSRS.

Therefore, you can build Master Clue Stash successfully if you follow the procedure carefully.

Benefits Of Using Master Clue Stash Unit

In a Master Clue STASH unit, players can keep the following items:

  • Anything needed for an emotive clue.
  • Any item needed for a Master Clue, excluding things needed to fulfill emotive clues.
  • Any item needed to complete a Treasure Hunter job.

Likewise, there are several benefits for players using Master Clue Stash units in OSRS, and they are:

  1. Firstly, they have the potential to free up bank space.
  2. They can avoid going to the bank.
  3. They can help you finish Master Clues faster.
  4. Finally, they can make Treasure Hunter activities easier to perform.

However, some players are unable to use the full potential of the Master Clue Stash unit in OSRS.

Store items inside STASH in OSRS.

Here are some tips for you to use Master Clue Stash units:

  • Items should be kept in STASH units you commonly utilize for Master Clues.
  • Items should be kept in STASH units you utilize regularly for Treasure Hunter chores.
  • Thus, use a STASH device near a bank or a Treasure Hunter location.

Therefore, these tips will help you to use the full potential of the Master Clue Stash unit.

The Bottom Line

For gamers who routinely finish Treasure Trails, Master Clue STASH units are an invaluable resource.

Therefore, they can save bank space and bank trips and make Master Clues and Treasure Hunter jobs easier to accomplish.

Thus, it depends upon how players use it for their own beneficial aspect in OSRS.

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