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Ocean Crossing Battle Log: Defeat Drones Progress In AC6

The Ocean Crossing Battle Log is something you earn by defeating flying drones in the Ocean Crossing mission, helping you move forward in the game.

The Ocean Crossing Battle Log marks a significant achievement attained by conquering airborne drones in the mission of the same name within Armored Core 6.

Continue reading if you are curious about the Ocean Crossing Battle Log and how to find it in Armored Core 6.

What Is A Battle Log In Armored Core 6?

In Armored Core 6, Battle Logs are like special trophies you can get by beating certain tough enemies.

These enemies don’t give logs to everyone – only a few do.

Therefore, you must beat those enemies and finish the job well to get a log. Once you have all the logs, they won’t show up anymore.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of logs: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Bronze.

When you gather these logs, you level up your Hunter Class.

This lets you get new stuff for your robot, which helps you earn the Asset Holder trophy.

You can spot these special enemies by a log icon near their health bar.

You will find powerful hidden enemies, beat them, and get their logs.

battle log
Battle Logs are special trophies in Armored Core 6.

What Is A Combat Log In Armored Core 6?

In Armored Core 6, a combat log is like a special record of fights.

Additionally, the choices you make in the game can affect what kind of logs you get.

If you manage to gather all the combat logs, you earn a special award called the Combat Log Collector.

And if you do really well and reach a high level, you even get an Elite Hunter Decal to show off your skills.

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What Is Ocean Crossing Battle Log?

In Armored Core 6, the Ocean Crossing Battle Log refers to a valuable record you can find during a mission called Ocean Crossing.

This record comes from defeating certain flying drones in specific spots throughout the mission.

These drones carry Bronze Logs, which are like achievements or rewards you collect by beating them.

You’ll find these drones on a large bridge and in tunnels before and after the cargo platform.

These logs help you advance in the game and show your progress.

How To Find Ocean Crossing Battle Log?

Here’s how you can find the Ocean Crossing Battle Log in Armored Core 6:

1. Start Of The Mission

As the mission begins, you’ll ride an elevator that drops onto a big bridge.

Turn around and look to your right when you’re on the bridge.

You’ll see two flying drones you must defeat to get the Battle Logs.

2. Lower Platform

Drop down to a lower platform and move back in the opposite direction.

You’ll encounter two more flying drones as you progress along this path. These drones also carry the Battle Logs.

lower platform
You must drop down to the lower platform in Armored Core 6.

3. After Vertical Lasers

After passing through a section with vertical lasers, you’ll reach the end of a platform and drop down onto a bridge located below.

Once on the bridge, turn around and spot two flying drones.

These drones hold the Battle Logs you’re looking for.

vertical laser
Passing through a section with a vertical laser.

4. Tunnel And Airspace

There are more drones to defeat for Battle Logs. Look for a tunnel that leads to a cargo platform.

In and around this area, you’ll find floating drones you need to defeat.

Additionally, explore the airspace around this location to locate hidden drones carrying Battle Logs.

5. End Of The Path

Once you defeat the initial pair of flying drones, continue along the path.

Towards the end of this path, you’ll encounter another set of drones.

These drones hold the final portion of the Battle Logs you’re seeking.

collecting bronze
Players can collect Bronze in Armored Core 6.

Do Ocean Crossing Battle Logs affect Hunter Rank?

Here are a few detailed points addressing whether the Ocean Crossing mission’s Battle Logs affect Hunter Rank and story outcomes.

1. Hunter Rank Progression

Collecting Battle Logs from the Ocean Crossing mission contributes to increasing your Hunter Rank.

Each Battle Log you obtain adds to your progress within the Loghunt program, gradually elevating your Hunter Rank.

2. Enhanced Customization

The Battle Log collection allows you to access more advanced and powerful robot parts as your Hunter Rank improves.

This customization allows you to strengthen your robot’s abilities and tailor it to your preferred playstyle.

3. Gameplay Advancement

The rise in Hunter Rank due to the Battle Log collection opens up new opportunities in Armored Core 6.

You unlock additional challenges, missions, and content as you progress, enhancing your gaming experience.

4. Story And Mission Impact

While Battle Logs don’t affect the story, higher Hunter Rank rewards can ease specific missions.

Stronger robot parts acquired through Battle Logs can give you an edge in various Battles.

5. Progression And Achievement

Acquiring Battle Logs aligns with the game’s progression and achievement system.

Ocean Crossing logs don’t change the story but help you grow as a pilot and handle tougher challenges.

The Bottom Line

The Ocean Crossing Battle Log serves as a significant milestone achieved by defeating flying drones within the Ocean Crossing mission.

Beyond contributing to your gameplay progress and Hunter Rank, it rewards you with 330,000 COAM.

Strengthening your robot’s capabilities and marking advancement in the Loghunt program.

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