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Sea Spider Weakness In AC6: Defeating Strategies

The Sea Spider is a specific kind of weapon known as a C-Weapon, designed to cause much trouble under someone’s control.

The Sea Spider in Armored Core 6 has weaknesses you can use to your advantage.

These vulnerabilities are essential to know if you want to defeat the boss successfully.

In Armored Core 6, the Sea Spiders’ weaknesses are the range, can be staggered with continuous attacks, and is susceptible to aerial maneuvers. Additionally, it hits its exposed core while studying its attack patterns, allowing for effective evasion and counters.

Continue reading to discover the weakness of Sea Spider and how you can exploit them for victory in Armored Core 6 (AC6).

Introduction To Sea Spider In Armored Core 6

The Sea Spider is a dangerous weapon created by a group known as the Institute in Armored Core 6.

This group consisted of scientists who did unusual and sometimes harmful experiments before a significant event called the Fires of Ibis.

After the Fires, the Institute is gone, but a coral-powered machine now roams Grid 086.

Furthermore, players must defeat the Sea Spider boss to progress.

sea spider
Sea Spider is a boss in Armored Core 6.

It is challenging to beat Sea Spider, but it is possible with the right strategies.

If you’re having difficulty, you can try different parts or practice in the arena to better control your mech.

What Are AC6 Sea Spider Weakness?

Here are five points explaining the weaknesses of the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6:

1. Range Vulnerability

The Sea Spider is notably weaker at a distance.

Stay back and use long-range weapons to exploit its inaccurate attacks while evading its assaults.

2. Stagger Gauge

The Sea Spider is susceptible to being staggered by continuous and concentrated damage.

Keep attacking to build stagger gauge, disrupting its assaults and creating opportunities for powerful strikes.

3. Flight Phase

The Sea Spider becomes more vulnerable during the second phase when it’s airborne.

It launches powerful attacks, but they are primarily targeted toward the ground.

Staying airborne allows you to avoid many attacks and capitalize on its increased susceptibility.

4. Exposed Core

The core of the Sea Spider is a weak point. If you target and hit its core, you can inflict significant damage and hasten its defeat.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to target this weak spot.

5. Predictable Attacks

The Sea Spider follows specific patterns in its attacks.

Study its movements, learn attack cues, and position yourself to evade or counter its moves effectively.

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How To Beat Sea Spider In Armored Core 6?

Here are some straightforward strategies to beat the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6:

1. Airborne Advantage

In the first phase, when Sea Spider is on the ground, focus on staying airborne.

This helps you avoid its ground-based attacks, like the powerful Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers.

Being in the air makes it harder for the boss to hit you.

2. Use Plasma Weapons

Equip your AC with Plasma Rifles and Plasma Missiles. These weapons are effective against the Sea Spider.

Keep your distance and fire these weapons to deal damage while staying out of its reach.

This is particularly effective during the first phase.

3. Exploit Weaknesses

Sea Spider has its strengths, but it also has weaknesses. Pay attention to its attack patterns and identify moments when it’s vulnerable.

For example, dodge its lunging attacks and counterattack when it’s recovering.

4. Stay Above In Phase 2

In the second phase, when Sea Spider is airborne, position yourself above it.

This strategic positioning makes it difficult for the boss to hit you with its most powerful attacks.

Dodge its attacks and keep a steady stream of damage going from above.

5. Practice And Patience

Be patient and practice your dodging and aiming skills.

Mastering the Sea Spider’s attack patterns over time enables better anticipation and response.

Persistence pays off, so keep refining your strategy and tactics.

strategies to beat the Sea Spider
Follow some strategies to beat the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6.

Best Built To Beat Sea Spider In Armored Core 6

The best build to beat the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6 is mentioned below:

1. Ranged Power

Build a mech that focuses on long-range firepower.

Equip Plasma Rifles (Vvc-760PR) or Gatling Guns (DF-GA-08 HU-BEN) to exploit the Sea Spider’s weakness from a distance.

These weapons can deal consistent damage and help you control the battle from a safer range.

plasma rifel in ac6
Plasma Rifles (Vvc-760PR) in Armored Core 6

2. Quad Legs

Players can opt for a quad-leg setup.

They provide better stability and maneuverability, making it easier to dodge the Sea Spider’s attacks and stay agile during the fight.

This helps you maintain your distance and avoid getting caught by its melee strikes.

3. Flight Capability

Players can incorporate flight capabilities into their mech.

Utilizing flight helps evade Sea Spider’s ground attacks, which is crucial in its AOE-heavy second phase.

The flight also grants you better positioning to attack vulnerable spots.

4. Missile Launchers

Players can include missile launchers in their loadout.

Rocket or guided missile launchers add extra firepower to exploit Sea Spider’s vulnerabilities alongside your ranged weapons.

These missiles can further disrupt the boss’s attacks and contribute to staggering them.

5. Repair Kits And Defensive Modules

Make sure to equip repair kits and defensive modules.

These items can save you in critical moments and prolong your survival.

Strategically employ repair kits when your health is low or during the second phase when the Sea Spider intensifies aggression.

The Bottom Line

The Sea Spider boss in Armored Core 6 can be overcome by staying at a distance to exploit its accuracy weaknesses.

Build its stagger gauge, fly to dodge ground attacks, target the vulnerable core, and master attack patterns for evasion and counters.

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