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Armored Core 6 Ephemera: Where To Find It?

Ephemera is one of the most sought-after parts that you can find in Armored Core 6.

The various parts of Ephemera in Armored Core 6 include IA-C01L: Ephemera, IA-C01A: Ephemera, IA-C01H: Ephemera (Head) and the IA-C01T: Ephemera (Torso). You can collect these items by engaging in missions like Underground Exploration Mission 28, 29 or 33.

This article will provide details on the locations and missions where you can discover each Ephemera part container in Armored Core 6.

What Is Ephemera In Armored Core 6?

Ephemera is one of the most sought-after parts that you can find in Armored Core 6.

Obtaining all variants of the Ephemera part is a challenge that dedicated players strive to complete.

With meticulous searching and note-taking, collectors can hope to acquire this rare set of parts.

In the Armored Core 6, players must collect different parts of the Ephemera, including legs, arms, head and torso, by getting involved in different missions or fulfilling some type of objectives. 

Here is a list of parts of the Ephemera you need to collect and a detailed explanation of how to do so.

1. IA-C01L: Ephemera (Legs)

The first Ephemera part players can obtain IA-C01L: Ephemera (Legs), found in Mission 28: Underground Exploration – Depth 1.

depth 1 ephemera
You need to access the elevator and take it to Depth 1.

The player aims to head down into an underground shaft in this mission.

Upon reaching a point where the shaft partition closes, they will be led into a side room.

Here, almost impossible to miss due to its objective marker, is the coveted leg component container.

Securing this starting piece will motivate hunters to pursue the rest of the matching set.

2. IA-C01A: Ephemera (Arms)

Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 2 holds the next prize – IA-C01A: Ephemera (Arms).

Players should continue along the path after defeating the enemy mech G5 Iguazu further down the shaft.

They will come across another hostile unit firing blue lasers.

Shadowing this machine will lead to a doorway; through it is a chamber containing the arm container on the right side.

Persistence and tracking skills are needed to retrieve this middle section.

3. IA-C01H: Ephemera (Head)

The third piece, IA-C01H: Ephemera (Head), calls for exploring Unknown Territory in Mission 33.

ephemera armored core 6
Explore the unknown territory to get the IA-C01H.

Navigating twisting tunnels as objectives direct, collectors will eventually spot the container on their left as they pass by.

Though not hidden too creatively, staying alert is key to noticing this vital head component sitting in plain sight.

With only the torso remaining, the set grows ever closer to completion.

4. IA-C01T: Ephemera (Torso)

Unfortunately, unlike the other parts, you cannot find IA-C01T: Ephemera (Torso) through a mission objective.

Instead, players must search freely after completing the main story to locate the chest holding the torso.

Rumored spots include underneath a huge broken bridge and inside an abandoned city area.

Thoroughly sweeping every nook and cranny with scan functions is the only way to uncover its secret location.

Endless hours may be spent seeking the final piece to finish this rare Ephemera collection.

The Hidden Depths Of The Level Design

Finding each Ephemera container requires navigating beyond the straightforward critical path objectives.

Players must think vertically and horizontally, searching for hidden nooks, crannies, and alternative routes that drop down or loop back around.

Some containers are cleverly concealed right under the player’s nose in familiar areas, only revealed by a change in perspective.

Others demand venturing far off the beaten track through obscure, unmarked passages.

The level of environmental storytelling is also impressive – subtle clues and contextual details in each discovery area foreshadow the container’s presence.

Even after obtaining all the pieces, revisiting levels reveals a new appreciation for the craftsmanship on display.

It’s clear immense playtesting is done to achieve just the right balance of challenge and satisfaction.

The Community Dimension About Ephemera

Obtaining all the Ephemera containers in Armored Core 6 is also a social experience, as players collaborate online to map out container locations and strategies.

Forums, wikis and streamers play a vital role in piecing together clues and filling in blind spots.

Furthermore, some dedicated players even race to be the first to discover new stashes.

This fosters a sense of discovery and achievement whether playing solo or as part of a group.

The containers act as long-term collectibles that maintain interest in the game’s world long after the main campaign is complete.

They facilitate an ongoing discussion and sense of progression among fans.

A new tip or video may surface years later, revealing one last elusive stash.

This community dimension greatly enhances the gameplay experience and ensures Armored Core 6’s levels continue yielding secrets many years on.

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The Bottom Line

Obtaining a complete set of the elusive Ephemera parts is a true test of perseverance and exploration skills in Armored Core 6.

Though challenging, dedicated players who take the time to acquire each container will feel immense satisfaction at their achievement.

Careful attention to mission details and open-world searching is key to completing this rare collection.

The journey may be long, but uncovering each Ephemera component brings its own sense of reward.

Happy Gaming!

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