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9 Best Office Chairs for Sitting Cross Legged

Sitting for long hours in the same position in my Office Chair makes me feel tired and fidgety. Therefore, I often prefer sitting cross-legged.

However, ensuring that the Office Chair is suitable and comfortable for sitting cross-legged is essential.

Cross-Legged is indeed a very natural way of sitting. Ordinary Office Chairs may not provide full support while taking this position at work. However, some Chairs are specially designed for sitting cross-legged. 

This article will provide some vital information about different types of cross-legged Chairs.

In addition, we will be presenting the benefits of sitting in cross-legged Office Chairs.

Benefits of Sitting in Cross-Legged Office Chairs

Chairs that are significantly designed for sitting cross-legged hold some great benefits.

While doing a clerical job, employees must sit in the same position for a long time.

As a result, they develop pain in the neck and spines.

Switching the position from a regular Office Chair to a cross-legged Chair will give the workers an entirely new and relaxed experience.

My colleagues have had a better experience with cross-legged Chairs at the Office.

office chair for Sitting cross legged
Sitting cross-legged in a Chair has its benefits. (Source: Amazon)

Here are some of the benefits of Cross Legged Chairs:

1. Improvement in Sitting Posture

While sitting in a regular Office Chair, we get support from the back to rest our necks.

However, a cross-legged position in an Office Chair does not allow you to have support from the back.

You are required to sit completely upright and cannot lean forward and backward.

Ergonomic Sitting Position
Sit in the correct position with the feet flat on the ground while working on the desk.

This position will help you enhance spine alignment. At the same time, you may feel challenged to adapt to the situation. However, with time, you will get used to it.

According to research by the Natural Library Of Medicine, the practice of different asanas, including the cross-legged position or padmasana makes the body fit and ensures improved posture.

Furthermore, sitting in a cross-legged position can stretch the piriformis muscle, which increases pelvic stability.

2. Improves Digestion

Cross-legged sitting improves Digestion by keeping the abdomen and the lower back in their natural posture.

Furthermore, the sitting style ensures the flow of digestive enzymes properly.

According to the International Ayurvedic Medicine Journal, Yogasanas, including cross-legged sitting, improves the performance of the internal organs and ensures proper Digestion.

 3. Improves the Circulation of Blood

When sitting in a cross-legged position, your heart requires more effort to pump Blood.

As a result, all the internal organs can benefit themselves because they tend to receive a more excellent Blood supply.

A more excellent Blood supply in all body parts ultimately improves functionality.

In addition, Blood circulation improves, and more Blood is supplied to the brain.

According to the research on the Impact of Yoga on Blood pressure, yoga posture can be a helpful treatment as a supplementary Blood pressure therapy.

Cross-legged sitting sounds similar to the Indian style, which means sitting on the floor with legs bent so that the knees point outward.

On the other hand, sitting in the Indian style is compared chiefly to Sukhasana, which means an easy pose.

history of indian sitting style
Indian sitting style is compared with the Sukhasana pose.

Read on to learn if Sitting Indian Style in the Office Chair is healthy.

What to Look for in a Cross-Legged Chair?

While purchasing a cross-legged Chair, it is essential to consider a few things to ensure comfort and ease.

Cross-Legged Chairs usually have a different design than traditional and customary working ch rs. Here is a list of a few things one should look for in a cross-legged Chair:

  • The adjustable feature allows increasing or decrease of the height of the Chair.
  • A good cross-legged Chair should have soft padding for extra comfort and support.
  • No armrests for good positioning of the spine.
  • A backrest in a cross-legged Chair supports your back and keeps your spine in proper alignment.
  • Look for the seat size in a cross-legged Chair. So, check the depth and width of the seat before purchasing because one that is too small or large won’t be comfortable.
  • Additionally, swiveling feature in a cross-legged Chair ensures easy movements.
Continue reading to learn more about the standard dimensions of Office Chairs.

9 Best Office Chairs for Sitting Cross-Legged in 2024

You can get a Cross-Legged Chair for more comfort while working from Home.

Moreover, a Cross-Legged Chair allows you to explore multiple sitting positions, including squatting and kneeling.

Here are the 10 Best Office Chairs for sitting cross-legged.

Cross Legged Chairs Features Images
Alexia Meditation seatErgonomic design
promotes posture and comfort

Help ease tension and reduces stress on hips
Alexia Meditation Seat
Pipersong Meditation ChairImproved height lever design

The chair promotes active sitting

Designed with 360 degree swivel
Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair
H&A Cross-Legged kneeling Chair for OfficePadded seat for reducing back pain

Posture corrective seat with height adjustable
H&A Cross-Legged kneeing Chair
Topay cross-legged kneeling Chair2 level design of the chair helps you to sit on knees and cross-legged position

The swiveling base feature allows you to move around
Topay Cross-Legged kneeing Chair
MediChair Kneeling Chair and Cross Legged Posture ChairComfortable and ergonomic office chair helps with back pain

The leather cushion on the chair allows you to sit comfortably
MediChair Kneeling Chair
Yiuhhad Cross Legged chairThe chair allows to sit in different positions like kneeling, squatting or cross-legged.

Made up of upgraded leather with clear texture.
Yiuhad chair
Seagrass Meditation Yoga ChairThe chair is curved to provide space for the feet and more support for the knees when sitting cross legged.

100% pure cutton cushion available.
Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair
Serta Leighton Home Office Chair with Memory FoamComfortable to sit in cross-legged position

Adjustable height settings, convenient swivel design, and rolling casters.
Serta Leighton Home Office Chair with Memory Foam, Height-Adjustable Desk
Ergocentric leg restThe chair allows to sit in cross-legged postion.

It comes with memory foam cushion with two elevation curves provides soft, pressure-dispersing resting surface.
Egocentric leg rest

1. Alexia Meditation Chair

Alexia Meditation Chair has an ergonomic design that provides enough comfort while sitting cross-legged.

It supports your body’s lower back, knees, and feet, which can maintain an erect posture for a long time.

Furthermore, the Chair is made of leather, leatherette, and vegan leather exterior materials that are durable and have a soft touch.

It helps to ease the tension by reducing the pressure on the hip areas.

The Alexia Meditation Chair is portable and doesn’t weigh more than fifteen pounds.

Since it does not consist of legs, stands, or wheels, you can carry the seat wherever you go.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Ergonomic Design Takes a large space
Reduces stress on the hips Gets dirty easily
Supports the lower back and kneesKnees are slightly higher
Allows to sit comfortably in sukhasana poseIt cannot be used in office desk
A women sitting in a Alexa Meditation chair
Alexa Meditation allows you to sit comfortably in a cross-legged position. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Alexa Meditation Chair on Amazon.

2. Pipersong Meditation Chair

The piper song meditation Chair is trendy among people who love to sit cross-legged at work.

One of the best things about the Pipersong Meditation Chair is its unique design and look.

The Chair is neither too large nor too small.

People between the heights of 5’1 and 6’1 can comfortably fit into the Chair, whereas it can be a lit le unsuitable for people who are taller or shorter than the recommended height.

The Chair has a 360 swiveling feature and is padded with high-density foam for comfort.

Moreover, the Chair has an improved height lever design and softer seat cushion foam to give you a better experience while sitting for extended periods.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
A good design and a great look 
Lacks ergonomic value 
Unique in comparison to other standard chair Seat can be harder for sitting for a long time
Improved chair height lever designNon-adjustable height of the backrest 
Padded with high density foam for comfortable sittingThe chair is little expensive than others
Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk Chair
Pipersong Meditation Chair has an improved height lever design and a 360-degree swivel footstool. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Pipersong Meditation Chair on Amazon.

3. H&A Cross-Legged Kneeling Chair

H&A Cross-Legged Kneeling Chair is yet another Chair that allows a cross-legged sitting position.

This Chair is ideal for cross-legged sitting and has ergonomic value, making it more comfortable.

In addition, the Chair also has knee pads of good quality and allows you to sit comfortably for a prolonged time.

Moreover, the Chair’s backrest is also good enough to support your spine. So you won’t feel any difficulty sitting straight upright.

This Chair is perfect for home workers and can hold up to 300 lbs.

Moreover, the Chair allows you to explore multiple sitting postures, including kneeling and squatting.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Open hip angle for effortless upright posture
Expensive and heavy weight
Soft Knee Paddings 
The nylon material can break down with time
Durable and comfortable for prolonged sittingOccupies more space
H&A Cross-Legged kneeing Chair for
H&A cross-legged kneeling Chair offers an open hip angle for effortless upright posture.

You can buy H&A cross-legged kneeling Chair on Amazon.

4. Topay Cross-Legged Kneeling Chair

Topay cross-legged kneeling Chair is another option for you. The Chair’s cutting-edge design offers a new level of comfort and freedom of movement.

This Chair is adjustable and has a two-level design that allows you to sit on your knees, cross-legged, or with folded legs, changing your posture to feel more relaxed while working for an extended period.

Moreover, the upper platform allows you to raise 6″ inches; the lower  platform is adjustable from 16″ to 20.”

In addition to that, the Chair also has a swiveling base that allows you to move around.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Allows multiple sitting positions
The upper seat is wobbly 
Height Adjustable Platforms Seat padding is not soft enough
Made up of high quality leather material and hooded casters wheelsUncomfortable for short and heavy people 
Topay Cross-Legged kneeing Chair
Topay Cross-legged kneeling Chair has adjustable platforms and offers comfortable sitting. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Topay cross-legged kneeling Chair on Amazon.

5. MediChair Kneeling Chair and  Cross-Legged Posture Chair

The MediChair Kneeling Chair is perfect for various sitting positions, including cross-legged and kneeling.

The Chair has a durable construction and plush leather seats and can support 250 lbs.

Moreover, assembling it is simple and provides hip support throughout the day as you work from it.

This Chair is budget friendly and affordable. Therefore, you do not have to reconsider buying this even if you have a limited budget.

This ergonomic Office Chair will astound you with its functionality and versatility thanks to its robust and durable construction, guaranteeing perfect alignment and increased mobility.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Helps with backache Provided instructions are not so clear
Includes posture corrector and provides enhanced mobility
The seat moves a little, causing misbalance
Easy Installation sturdy design
The foot rest will only let you line up two holes out of 4.
MediChair Kneeling Chair – Cross Legged Posture Chair
MediChair Kneeling Chair includes a posture corrector and provides enhanced mobility. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Medichair Kneeling Chair on Amazon.

6. Yiuhad Cross-Legged Des Chair

The Yiuhhad Cross-Legged Chair’s ergonomic design replaces the traditional sitting position and allows users to handle various tasks more comfortably.

The Chair is made of leather and has features that allow height adjustment.

At the same time, the Chair will enable you to attain the kneeling position comfortably.

The Chair is ergonomic and can support a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Moreover, this ergonomic cross-legged Chair is ideal for home Offices, yoga practitioners, and meditation enthusiasts, allowing you to work in a comfortable posture.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Upgraded leather material and good waterproof performance
Limited seating space for heavy people 
Height adjustable featuresWobbly coasters
Allows different sitting positions Difficult instructions for set up
Cross Legged Office Chair, Adjustable Height Meditation Seat
Yiuhhad Cross-Legged Chair allows different sitting positions and has adjustable height features. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Yiuhhad Cross-Legged Chair on Ubuy.

7. Seagrass Meditation Chair

The Seagrass Meditation Chair is suitable for sitting cross-legged only if you work using a lap desk.

It is very different from the regular Office Chair and looks unique.

Designed especially for meditation purposes, this Chair is only four feet tall. If you are someone working with a desktop, this Chair is not applicable.

The Chair has enough space to cross your legs and fold your knees. You can also try different variations of sitting postures.

Moreover, the Chair is curved to provide more foot space and support for the knees.

The Chair has a soft and comfortable cotton cushion, generally available in cream or olive color.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Provides more space for feet and kneesNot suitable for desktop users 
It comes with 100% pure cutton cushionGets dirty soon 
Beautiful and ComfortingIt doesn't offer height adjustable feature
Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair
Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair allows a cross-legged sitting position and comes with an extra soft cushion. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Seagrass Meditation yoga Chair on Amazon.

8. Serta Leighton, Home Office Chair

The Serta Leighton Chair is loved by many because of its appearance.

The Chair is not precisely cross-legged, but because of its width and space, one can easily sit cross-legged in the Chair.

The fabric of this Chair is neutral and looks gorgeous. At the same time, the Chair also consists of upholstery for extra comfort and flexibility.

The Chair has adjustable height settings and a convenient swivel design with rolling casters. Moreover, the Chair allows you to sit cross-legged comfortably.

If you want an exact and specific cross-legged Chair with no back support, this Chair is unsuitable for your use.

However, when it comes to armrests, the Chair does not have any. The Chair has very sturdy built and can hold 250 pounds.

Here are some pros and cons of the Chair.

Pros Cons
Height adjustable feature
Difficult to line up
Allows comfortable cross-legged sitting postionWheels require much force to get them on stand
Beautiful appearance and sturdy builtNegligible tilt function
Serta Leighton Office Chair for sitting cross legged
Serta Leighton’s home Office Chair lacks an armrest and allows a comfortable cross-legged sitting position. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Serta Leighton Home Chair on Amazon.

9. Egocentric Leg Rest

The Egocentric leg rest is not a cross-legged Chair but a footrest. However, you may try using it as a Chair for cross-legged sitting.

The leg rest has a width of twenty-one inches, which can cause discomfort while sitting cross-legged.

The footrest is made of nylon casters and is very well-built and durable.

It has memory foam with elevated parts, which adds comfort for sitting.

It has a 360 swiveling base and also consists of height-adjusting features.

Here are some pros and cons of leg rest.

Pros Cons
Features 360 degrees swiveling feature Not comfortable to work on office desk
Provides height adjustable feature Too small for cross-legged sitting
Foam cushion for comfort No locking mechanism of the wheels
office chair for cross legged sitting
Ergo-centric leg rest can also allow a cross-legged sitting position. (Source: Amazon)

You can buy Ergo-centric leg rest on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

Working for too long hours is not considered healthy for our bodies as well as our minds.

Therefore, it is important to explore different sitting positions with Office Chairs.

Office Chairs for Cross-Legged sitting can greatly benefit someone looking for a change.

It not only serves an entirely different idea of getting seated at work but is also suitable for maintaining postures.

With many health benefits, these Chairs change the traditional working style.

In addition, these Chairs are very suitable for the home Office too.

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