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Is the Home Office Chair Better Without Wheels?

Comfortable, multipurpose, and durable –the three things we all want in our home office chairs!

Unlike the office chair, your home office chair serves multiple purposes: working to reading books, casual reclining, and sitting for guests.

Thus, choose a chair that perfectly fits your daily routine and other homely functions.

In general, office chairs without wheels for your home office are a great choice because they are less likely to scratch your floor, easy to clean and maintain, durable, and useful for multiple purposes.

Carpeted Flooring for Rolling Chairs
Carpeted Floor for Rolling Chairs (Credit: Unsplash)

Moreover, wheeled chairs do not suit home offices, especially if you have a hardwood floor.

Hence, your choice of a home office chair should entirely depend on your daily routine, sitting habits, type of flooring, and other functional needs.

Let us find out how office chairs with or without wheels are for home office use.

Importance of an Appropriate Office Chair

Appropriate office chairs are a vital part of any modern-day workplace because employees have started spending long hours sitting.

Spending longer hours staring at the computer with the wrong body posture, often arching forward, would invite adverse effects on your health.

Hence, you should choose an appropriate home office chair even if it means spending a lot more.

1. It Encourages the Right Body Posture

People spend a significant portion of their life glued to their office chairs.

According to the National Post, an average worker uses their office chair for almost 2,620 hours in a year.

Now, do the math for five or ten years! It means you spend significant time sitting in the wrong chair or position.

Body posture
Body posture when sitting (Source:

To quote, Suppose you are sitting with the right pelvis and lumbar spine posture.

In that case, your thoracic spine/rib cage will be over your center of gravity, so your upper body will need less muscular support.

A prolonged sitting in the wrong chair causes muscle pain, joint stiffness, backaches, and lumbar strains. One of them is Coccydynia, a condition that adversely affects your tailbone area.

Thus, the office chair designed for comfort and support will encourage you to sit correctly and prevent harm to your delicate muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

With a proper chair, you can avoid arching forward or slouching your back to concentrate on the screen. Moreover, it will save you a lot on regular clinic visits!

2. It Affects Your Productivity

Sitting in a comfortable chair means that you can concentrate on your work without worrying about adjusting your body frequently.

A 2003 study by the University of Southern California concluded that employees are 17.7% more productive when they get to sit on a comfortable chair.

Your office chair is directly linked to your overall productivity. 86% of employees complain that their office chairs make them uncomfortable.

Home Office Productivity
Home Office Productivity (Source: Pixabay)

Thus, choosing the right chair for home office use will positively affect productivity.

However, it must withstand constant use without compromising on comfort and functionality.

3. It Proves to Be a Smart Investment

Investing in a great home office chair will improve your posture and blood circulation, thus keeping you energized and comfortable.

Choosing the right office chair is also a wise investment because you can avoid buying new, expensive chairs every few years.

Moreover, you can save on costly physician visits birthed by frequent health complications.

For a high-quality ergonomic chair with at least a 10-year warranty and customizable options, be ready to pay anywhere from $300 to $800.

It may sound like a lot, but it is a one-time investment that will save you a lot in the future.

What to Look For in a Home Office Chair?

When looking for an excellent chair for your home office, consider looking into these factors.

1. Seat height

The right seat height will depend on your body size and height. Anywhere from 16 to 21 inches off the floor should work well.

However, there is no distinction between the seat height for chairs with or without wheels. Adjust both the chair for an approximate seat height of 18 inches.

The backrest should ultimately support the spine with a 90-degree bend at the waist at all times. While your feet must completely touch the floor; hence, a height-adjustable chair becomes a must.

Properly adjusted seat height provides optimal upper and lower-body support that prevents your body from slouching or arching forward to concentrate on the computer screen.

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2. Seat Width and Depth

Seat width and depth are other essential factors that enhance your overall comfort.

An appropriate seat width and depth office chair will help support your body weight from leaning sideways or front.

Choose an office chair, with or without wheels, with a width of 17 to 20 inches with a relatively equal amount of depth.

Sitting in a smaller or large seat may feel like hanging from the chair, making your body uncomfortable.

3. Lumbar Support

Lumbar or lower back support when sitting on a chair is crucial for long work hours.

Lumbar back support helps keep your posture right by compensating the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat.

The curved lumber edge on your chair supports the natural inward curve of your lower back, preventing slouching.

With or without wheels, many modern office chairs come with a backrest design that provides lumbar support.

If you have an old non-wheeled chair, consider replacing it with a modern chair with lumbar support.

Ergonomic Features Office Chair
Ergonomic Features Office Chair (Source: Amazon)


4. Appropriate Backrest

A working professional spends eight hours on a chair, which may take a toll on your back and neck.

Imagine what a chair without an appropriate backrest will do to your body in the long run.

Hence, choose a chair with a proper backrest to support your back entirely. The appropriate backrest should support the natural curve of your spine.

Opt for non-wheeled chairs with an inwardly curved backrest because it naturally supports the structure of your inward-curved spine.

In addition, get an office chair with an adjustable backrest that can be aligned with your upper body, either resting backward, straight, or forward.

5. Chair Material

The chair material is one of the most underlooked factors when buying a chair.

Do not forget that your office chair should accommodate hours of seating but just a comfortable experience.

Choosing a chair with suitable material will ensure a relaxing experience and long hours of seating.

A structure supported by woven material, wool, and mesh fabric will provide comfort, and the Vinyl or leather covering will provide durability.

A metal structure is the best because it is durable, but you can choose woods like Oak and Mahogany for a sturdy and durable chair.

Choose chair seating with enough padding that makes it breathable. A thick layer of wool covered with Vinyl or leather will do the needful.

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6. Wheels or No-Wheels

Chairs with or without wheels are both primary and secondary concerns.

When choosing an office chair, you should opt for wheeled chairs because of their movable functionality. It would be best if you went for durability and comfort for home offices over portable functions.

A wheeled chair allows you to move around or reach for things without arching your body, but a non-wheeled chair gives robust support and is perfect for hardwood floors.

Although the wheeled chair provides additional functionality, it can be a nuisance on some surfaces, such as hardwood or tiles that are easily scratched. Plus, they are slightly expensive.

Opt for a chair with no wheels for your home office because they do not break down and are suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

7. Weight Capacity

The standard office chair could weigh about 250 pounds (113kg). Hence, the weight capacity will vary from one chair to another.

Another thing to consider is the number of hours you spend on the chair daily.

Choose a home office chair, wheeled or non-wheeled that can easily hold your weight and the number of hours you spend sitting.

Some bigger and taller office chairs can even hold from 300 to 800 pounds (200-362kg) of weight, perfect for sitting for longer hours.

8. Scratch-proof Base

Both wheeled or non-wheeled chairs can scratch the floor if it has no protectors.

For non-wheeled chairs, consider the ones with protectors made from rubber, felt, or pads that resist friction when moving around the floor.

Check out this video to make a scratch-proof chair at home.

Benefits of Office Chairs Without Wheels

Choosing a non-wheeled chair will be perfect for your home office setting.

Wheels may look cool, but the casters can leave nasty scratches on the floor and make peculiar sounds when you move around.

Here are a few benefits of having office chairs without wheels.

1. They are Less Expensive

The non-wheeled office chair is cheaper than a wheeled chair because it does not contain complex parts such as casters, hubs, bearings, and additional columns required for a wheeled chair.

You can get a non-wheeled chair for almost half the price of a wheeled chair.

If you are not exactly excited about rolling chairs, buying a cheaper yet durable fixed chair can be a great addition to your home office.

2. They are Great for Hardwood Floors

The casters on a wheeled chair can leave nasty scratches on parquet flooring, which can be expensive to fix, but not with the non-wheeled chairs.

They are great for delicate floors like hardwood because they are fitted with protectors on their base that resist scratching and leaving marks.

Fixed office chairs are great for ceramic and tile flooring because the lack of casters makes them resistant-free.

However, it would be best if you were wary about constantly moving your fixed chair back and forth, which can easily scratch the floor.

3. They are Quiet

With no casters on the base, non-wheeled chairs do not make any noise, except for the squeaky sound coming from the seat and rusted bolts when your chair gets old.

However, it is easily fixable with a home-based method.

Casters are the main culprit for a noisy chair because the wheels rolling around the floor produce a dragging-like noise.

You need not worry about noise with your office chair with no wheels.

Chairs without wheels
Chairs without wheels

4. They Are Minimalist

Non-wheeled chairs are relatively minimalist and suitable for a home office desk.

They use few parts and are often designed to replicate a plain chair, effortlessly combining your room décor and limited space.

The fact that they do not have casters makes them appealing for many home uses, such as working, reading, watching movies, etc.

5. They are Easier to Assemble

Non-wheeled chairs are easy to assemble because they use a few uncomplicated parts.

Most of the time, non-wheeled chairs come in a one-piece that does not require any assembly.

However, if you order DIY custom office chairs, you would likely need to assemble them yourself.

Assembling a non-wheeled chair takes half a time because you would only need to build the structure and tighten the screws and bolts in their respective places. Voila!

6. They are Safer

Consider buying a non-wheeled chair for perfect balance and support.

Wheeled chairs are prone to imbalance compared to non-wheeled chairs, causing you to tip over when moving around or arching over.

Most non-wheeled chairs come with two individual bases that cover more surface; hence, more balance.

Opt for the wheelchair with five casters that are more stable than three or four.

Chair without wheels
Chair without wheels (Source: Unsplash)

7. They are Easier to Clean

Cleaning the wheeled chair requires you to separate each part from the wheels, bearings, and columns, which takes time and effort.

Chairs without wheels are easier to clean because they have fewer uncomplicated parts.

You can clean the non-wheeled chair in a few easy steps compared to wheeled chairs.

8. They are More Durable

The durability of any chair relies on its build, strength, size, and material.

However, chairs without wheels tend to be more long-lasting than wheeled chairs because they are built for durability.

The simplistic design often makes them last longer than wheeled chairs, which include many parts that need regular maintenance.

Office Chair Without Wheel Vs With Wheels
Office Chair Without Wheel Vs. With Wheels (Source: Amazon)

Disadvantages of Office Chairs Without Wheels

Although they are perfect for home office uses, chairs without wheels are limited.

Here are a few disadvantages of having a non-wheeled chair for the home office.

1. They are not Easy to Move Around

Indeed. You cannot move them around like the wheeled chairs.

The chair with casters makes it easy to move around the desk or even a room with a slight push of your feet, but it may not be possible with a non-wheeled chair.

A fixed chair lacks this mobility. You need to get up and walk a few distances to fetch things. It is why most offices avoid using non-wheeled chairs.

2. They do not Allow 360o Swivel

The 360 swivel enables your chair to move 360o degrees, which can help with multitasking.

Unlike wheeled chair that allows a rotating base, most non-wheeled chairs lack 360o swivels.

The non-wheeled chairs are pretty limited in this regard.

However, you can get a fixed chair with a 360-swivel feature, but it can be slightly expensive.

3. They Lack a Wide Range of Designs

Non-wheeled chairs are also limited in design, and you can only choose from a few models.

It is mainly because the chairmakers focus on adding cool features to wheeled office chairs.

Chairs without wheels are primarily designed for minimalism; hence, they lack a wide range of variety.

4. They Lack Adjustable Armrests Or Seat Heights

Unlike modern features, non-wheeled chairs often lack adjustable armrests and seats.

It is mainly because these features are standard with office chairs with wheels. It is harder to find such in-handy features on non-wheeled chairs.

Tempered Glass Office Chair Mat
Tempered Glass Office Chair Mat (Source: Amazon)

Can You Add Wheels on Regular Chairs?

You can add casters or wheels to your regular chair if its legs are sturdy enough to support them.

It is best if the chair has horizontal supports no more than 8 inches above the floor, as adding casters will pressure the legs to spread them.

Start with these tips to add wheels to your regular chair.

Items Needed

  • Swivel casters with a post and sleeve (Choose rubber wheels that are soft on the floor)
  • Drill with a 3/8″ bit
  • Masking tape
  • Hammer and adhesive (glue)


  • Start by drilling holes in each leg approximately 1-1/2″ (use masking tape to mark the depth on the drill bit before drilling)
  • Separate the post and sleeve. Insert the sleeve into the holes using a hammer.
  • Attach the casters to the sleeve to prevent them from falling out. Next, apply some glue to the poles and sleeves to strengthen the joint.

Voila! Your regular chair with wheels is ready to use.

Best Wheeled and Non-Wheeled Office Chairs in 2022

If you are looking for some great chairs for your home office, wheeled or non-wheeled, here are some fantastic recommendations that may help you choose wisely.

1. Non-wheeled Chairs

Here is the list of a few chairs without wheels for your home office.

Boss Office Mesh Back Guest ChairTask chair with the metal Pewter finish, Pneumatic gas lift seat. 24" W x 24" D x 39" H
Flash Furniture HERCULES Series29.5" W x 29" D x 39.25" H, padded arm, leather upholstery, and coated framed finish
Flash Furniture Black Mesh Reception Chair24.75" W x 24.5" D x 39.25" H, Cantilever sled base, ventilated mesh design, and gentle rocking feature
OFM ESS-9015 Bonded LeatherLeather upholstery, holds 250 lb, 32.75 height, 5-year warranty
CoVibrant Office Chair Without Wheels Mid BackFaux leather and stylish backrest curve, Seat-18.9" W * 18.5" with 35.8" height, and holds up to 300 lbs

2. Wheeled Chairs

Here is the list of a few chairs with wheels for your home office.

Best Office Store Home Office DeskAdjustable seat (17-20”), ergonomic design, and 18.5” width
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Gray Executive Swivel26.5” Wx27” Dx36-40 H”, and padded with 5” foam
Flash Furniture High Back Executive SwivelBuilt-in lumbar support, foldable black design, and headrest

Final Verdict

Wheels or no wheels, you must invest in an office chair that is cool yet comfortable.

Adding a comfortable chair to your home office will ensure that your body posture is always correct. Moreover, it encourages you to sit comfortably and remain productive throughout the day.

Choose a wheeled chair if you like to move around to reach for things that are pretty far.

Otherwise, non-wheeled chairs are the best choice because they are relatively inexpensive and appropriate for the home office.

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