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Do Office Chairs Ruin Carpet?

When deciding on the necessary equipment to set up the home office, the office chair is always one of the top priorities. 

Rolling chairs are a fantastic addition to any home office. The seats give additional comfort for extended amounts of time and can help enhance productivity.

The main problem with rolling chairs is destroying carpets and other surfaces.

Generally, office chairs tend to ruin the carpets having low quality. In addition, office chairs with old and worn-out wheels are more likely to destroy the soft carpet surface.

Office Chair on Carpet
Office Chair on Carpet (Source: Walmart)

Long-term use of rolling chairs commonly ruins carpets, and chair damage to business floors is also unusual.

Furthermore, old chair wheels are jagged and have sharp edges. This causes the carpet to wreck within a short period. 

However, there are some ways you can consider to protect your carpet from blisters or any damage. 

Learn more about appropriate methods to protect your carpet from ruin.

Do Rolling Office Chairs Work on Carpet?

There is a lot of confusion among people regarding whether office chairs work on carpets.

However, office chairs do work on carpets. Office chairs with high-quality roller-blade wheels are pretty smooth on carpets.

However, plastic-made office chair wheels tend to damage the carpet when broken or jagged. It is also essential to consider the quality of the carpets we use inside an office room.

Carpets with a softer surface are most likely to ruin or damage even with less pressure.

Carpets manufactured of low-quality materials may become damaged after a period of use in some situations. When a person is of average weight, they can exert pressure equivalent to 100 psi.

Carpets of poor quality may occasionally not withstand such pressure levels indefinitely.

Carpeted Flooring for Rolling Chairs
Carpeted Floor for Rolling Chairs (Source: Unsplash)

On the other hand, heavy-duty carpets may be rapidly amended and utilized for extended periods.

Moreover, we can easily notice marks in those carpets having poor quality.

Good quality roller blade wheels mostly encased with soft materials, do not tend to harm the carpet’s surface. As a result, such chairs can roll smoothly on the carpet.

Signs of Carpet Damage Due to Rolling Chairs  

When you constantly use office chairs, the carpet surface eventually becomes worn. You may also notice some blisters and bumps on the carpet.

Here are some signs of Carpet Damage due to the constant use of office chairs:

Carpet Deformation: Deformations in the carpet can be seen as bumps. The main cause of carpet deformation is glitched in manufacturing and poor placement. Most carpet deformation is due to pressure and moisture.

Carpet Tears: Office chairs have rough edges that eventually cause tears to your carpet. When a low-quality carpet is subjected to severe pressure, such as stretching, tugging, or being repeatedly forced on by weights, it may tear more quickly.

Tear on Carpet
Tear on Carpet

Rolling Marks on Carpet: You will notice rolling marks on the carpet surface. The appearance of such markings is mostly caused by weight and the type of chair used.

Wheel Stains on Carpet: Wheel stains become more visible on the carpet surface. Rolling chair wheels often accumulate debris, such as little particles of hair, pieces of paper, and dirt, and then disseminate it throughout the carpet.

Solutions to Protect Carpet from Rolling Office Chairs

Working in a tidy-looking and beautiful home office becomes fun until you discover the office chair wheels are causing damage to the carpet.

So, is there any way to stop office chairs from ruining the carpet?

There are indeed a few ideas one can consider depending on personal preferences.

The best way to determine an office chair’s quality is to see how well it can roll on the carpet floor.

The one that rolls perfectly and smoothly, providing the seater with utmost confidence and comfort without the fear of tipping over, is the best.

Although newer carpets are often dense enough to allow a rolling chair, it is always better to apply preventive measures.

1. Use Office Chair Mats

A chair floor mat helps you protect the surface of a carpet.

When the wheels of your office chairs become old and broken, using a chair floor mat is the best way to keep your carpet safe from ruins. 

With the use of chair mats, you will feel at ease while moving within your workspace. It adds comfort to your home office.

Mat for Office Chair
Mat for Office Chair (Source: Amazon)

Office chair mats are versatile. You can use them for hard floors as well as carpets. In addition, chair floor mats protect the carpet from scuffs and pills.

Tips to Choose an Office Chair Mat for Carpet

Here are some tips for selecting the best office chair mats and mats for your carpeted floor.

Factors to ConsiderSpecificationRecommendation
Size36 inches deep and 48 inches wide is sufficient
Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat
MaterialPolycarbonate Plastic usually preferred for carpeted floorOFM ESS Collection 36" x 48" Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet
ShapeRectangular with extra lip to protect the carpetResilia Office Desk Chair Mat – for Carpet (with Grippers)
Thickness3 to 5 MillimetersDimex Low Pile Carpet Office Mat Chair Mat
Mat baseChoose mats with tiny stud in the bottom to grip on the surfaceKuyal Office Chair Mat for Carpets

2. Replacement of Office Chair Wheels 

Sometimes, replacing the wheels of an office chair can help you prevent the carpet from any ruins or damage.

When the wheels of an office chair get old, they are much more likely to destroy the soft fiber on the carpet.

Thus, replacing the old office chair wheels with new ones is better for convenience, comfort, and ease.

Once you know the office chair’s wheel type, shape, and size, you can easily replace old ones with new ones.

Cheap and poor-quality wheels on office chairs end up scratching up the surface of carpets within a short period.

Thus, using wheels encased with a high-quality caster is always better.

Office Chair Wheel Replacement for Carpeted Floor
Office Chair Wheel Replacement for Carpeted Floor (Source: Amazon)

Tips to Choose Office Chair Wheels for Carpeted Floor

It is always best to use roller-blade-style wheels encased with soft materials.

Chair wheels that are made of polyurethane materials are always worth buying.

Factors to ConsiderSpecificationRecommendation
MaterialHard Nylon CastersOffice chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters
Wheel DesignTwin Wheels2 Inches Black Nylon Twin Wheel Swivel Plate Caster
Wheel SizeLarger Diameter wheels Office Chair Caster Wheels by ATOMDOC

3. Use a Yoga Mat Underneath your Rolling Chair

If you consider other options, you may use a Yoga mat underneath rolling office chairs. 

This can be a temporary solution if you are on a budget. Many people use yoga mats to prevent their chairs from moving frequently.

When the chair movement is reduced, there are lower chances of carpet getting ruined because of office chairs.

Especially while setting up a home office for yourself, Yoga mats can always come in handy. Then, you can go for it.

4. Use of Under-desk Foot Rest 

You can use an under-desk footrest to prevent your chair from unwanted rolling. The less your chair rolls, the lower

the risks of your carpet getting damaged or ruined.

Placing a footrest also adds to your comfort while working for long hours. It helps to increase your work productivity as well.

When your feet can relax and rest at an ideal position, you can work better with proper ergonomic posture. 

Under-desk footrest does not require more investment and is very budget-friendly. 


An under desk foot rest
An under-desk footrest (source: amazon)

You can purchase this under-desk footrest on amazon.

5. Get yourself a New Office Chair

It’s always better to take care of your body and maintain a good posture, especially when working long hours.

Therefore, one should consider the carpet’s protection and prioritize the user’s comfort.

Office chairs with ergonomic designs help support your back and prevent you from slouching and body pains.

HON Convergence Mesh Black Chair
HON Convergence Mesh Black Chair (Source: Amazon)

A comfortable office chair with durable materials, sound design, the right wheels, and a balanced structure provides comfort.

Moreover, it encourages workers to focus on their tasks and always develop the best performance.

6. Get Office Chair Without Wheels

You may also consider using chairs without wheels for your home office.

If your chair has no wheels, there won’t be any problem. However, you must be careful not to drag the office chair over the floor.

If you handle it with the utmost care, chairs without wheels can make the best option.

They do not leave scuff marks on your floor or ruin the carpet.

Fabricated and upholstered office chairs without wheels are commonly used in home offices. They are not only comfortable but also look equally attractive.

An office chair without wheels
An office chair without wheels (source: amazon)

You can check out the article: Is Home Office Chair Better Without Wheels? to find out more details about the use of chairs without any wheels.

Tips to Protect New Carpets from Office Chairs

Here are a few tips you may consider applying to protect your new carpet from office chairs:

You can use furniture coasters. Using coasters helps to distribute the weight and pressure on the chair evenly. If you need an effective cost method, consider placing carpet scraps underneath the feet of your office chairs.

You may also move your office chair a few inches regularly to reduce compression on the carpet’s fibers. Using ice cubes onto the fibers and letting the water seep in helps restore your carpet to a good shape.

You can use tiny combs or edges of the coin to tease the carpet back up gently.

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Best Office Chairs Suitable for Carpets in 2021 

Choosing the best office chair that matches the ambiance of your office room and is safe and comfortable is a very important job.

There are a lot of luxurious ergonomic office chairs made up of top-notch materials that are readily available at affordable prices.

Here are a few recommendations for selecting the Best Office Chairs suitable for carpets to buy in 2021 :

Office Chairs Features Images
Amazon Basics ClassicComfortable desk chair upholstered with durable polyurethane. Amazon Basics Classic
Hbada Office ChairHeavy duty base with smooth and silenced rolling castersHbada Office Chair
Amazon Basics MeshStable 5-point base with dual-wheel casters
Smooth Mobility
Amazon Basics Mesh
XUER Ergonomic Office ChairFlexible Caster for smooth rolling
XUER Ergonomic Office Chair
NOUHAUS Velour Office ChairFree Premium Caster
Top-notch quality roller blade wheel for all kind of floors
 NOUHAUS Velour Office Chair

The Bottom Line

We spend most of our time glued in the office chair with piles of assignments that we must perform all day long.

Long hours on office chairs may eventually increase the risk of carpet damage.

Therefore, protecting the carpets from unwanted ruins and deformations is always important. 

Office Chair Wheels are as crucial as our seating ergonomics.  Apply the best techniques to take better care of your office carpets.

Do not let the wheels of your office chair damage the carpet surface.

You may already start employing smart techniques to properly handle your office chair and take better care of your home office.

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