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Omeluum Potion In BG3: What Happens If You Drink It?

One of the mysterious potions in BG3 is an Omeluum Potion, a mixture made from two rare mushrooms.

However, depending on your choices and actions, this potion has unpredictable significance and dangerous side effects.

If you drink the Omeluum Potion in BG3, you will experience visions revealing secrets about the Mind-Flayer tadpole and your companions. However, the potion also causes permanent damage to your stats or appearance. 

This article will explore the Omeluum Potion in BG3 and its effects on your character and the game world.

What Is Omeluum Potion In BG3?

Omeluum potion is a possible solution to the Mind Flayer parasite that infects the player character and their companions.

Omeluum is a Mind Flayer, a creature that can implant a parasite in your brain.

He can help you eliminate the parasite, but needs your help first.

Likewise, he asks you to find two mushrooms that grow in the Underdark, a dark and dangerous place.

omeluum mind flayer bg3
Omeluum is a Mind Flayer that can implant a parasite in a player’s brain.

The mushrooms are called the Tongue of Madness and the Timmask Spores.

Similarly, these mushrooms have alchemical properties.

It can influence the mind and break the stasis that prevents parasite extraction.

Location Of Mushrooms

You can follow the steps below to find these mushrooms.

  • First, you must locate a mysterious tower that moves around the Underdark, where a cleric named Lenore lives.
  • Inside the tower is a garden with both types of mushrooms.
  • Moreover, you can sneak past the turrets, use invisibility or pass without trace spells.
  • Alternatively, you can jump across some giant mushrooms on the tower’s exterior.
  • Once inside, you must activate an elevator with a Sussur bulb from the garden.
  • Then, you will finally reach the top floor, where Lenore awaits.

Why do Players Need Omeluum Potion?

The Mind Flayer parasite in brains could make players lose their minds and become thralls.

That’s why they need Omeluum’s Potion to stop the parasite from transforming.

The potion breaks the stasis of the parasite and allows its removal.

However, the potion also has some side effects, such as triggering a vision of an ancient entity.

Furthermore, it reveals some secrets about the player’s companions.

omeluum potion triggering vision
Omeluum potion can trigger a vision of an ancient entity.
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Drink The Omeluum Potion In BG3

If the player obtains both mushrooms and returns them to Omeluum, he will brew a potion and offer it to the player.

The potion is supposed to lower the defenses of the Mind Flayer parasite that infects you and your companions.

Additionally, it allows Omeluum, a friendly Mind Flayer, to extract it from your brain.

However, drinking the potion has unpredictable significance and also dangerous consequences.

Consequences Of Drinking Omeluum Potion

The consequences of drinking the Omeluum Potion depend on how you want to play your character and interact with your companions.

Some possible consequences are:

  • It will trigger a vision of an ancient being called Astarion, who claims to be the creator of all mind flayers.
  • The vision will reveal some secrets about the player’s companions and their true motives.
  • It may attract unwanted attention from other Mind Flayers or their enemies.
  • The potion may affect the player’s alignment, personality, and relationships with other characters.

The Bottom Line

This Omeluum Potion is one of the many choices the player can make, affecting their character and story differently.

Drinking the Omeluum potion is a risky but intriguing choice.

The mind-flayer parasite has both benefits and costs for you.

Therefore, you must choose whether you want to embrace or resist it.

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