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Becoming Half Illithid: Powers And Consequences In BG3

In BG3, the Half Illithid, or Mind Flayer, is among the myriad mysteries and powers.

These creatures possess telepathic abilities and the power to consume minds.

But what if you could harness their powers and become a Half Illithid yourself?

You can become a Half Illithid in BG3 by consuming Illithid tadpoles. Your Illithid powers will grow over time and have many consequences.

Delve into the realm of Illithid Powers as we explore the path to unlocking these abilities, the choices they entail, and the captivating consequences that follow.

What Are Half Illithids In BG3?

Half Illithids are like a mix of regular people and mind controlling Illithid creatures.

Illithids are brain-eating monsters who can talk to each other with their minds.

They put tadpoles in people’s heads, which can make them turn into mind-controlled slaves.

When people eat an Illithid tadpole, they get some of the Illithid’s powers but still stay primarily human.

Embracing The Illithid Transformation

The Illithid transformation is the process of turning a humanoid into a Mindflayer.

Illithid Tadpole initiates the transformation, altering the host’s body and mind.

Further, it implants a parasite into the host’s brain and gradually consumes it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to embrace or initiate the Illithid transformation.

Thus, embracing it will give you access to Illithid Powers.

The Illithid Powers is a unique skill tree that grants you various psionic abilities.

However, it may change your appearance and affect how other characters react to you.

If you resist it, you can find a way to remove the Tadpole and avoid becoming a Mindflayer.

How To Become A Half Illithid In BG3?

Becoming a Half-Illithid or not is one of the significant decisions in the game.

It may have consequences for your character and the story. 

Follow the steps below to become a Half Illithid:

1. Advance The Story

Players must advance the story until thet reach the game’s last act.

In the last act, they will meet their mysterious Guardian.

However, he will help you with the Tadpole in your head.

2. Choose The Option

As the Guardian offers you an Astral-touched Tadpole, your Illithid powers will enhance.

However, you can choose to accept or decline this offer.

If you accept the offer, you will consume the Astral-touched Tadpole and transform it into a Half Illithid.

Further, it will unlock the Illithid Powers skill tree, with access to various psionic abilities.

half illithid bg3
Consuming the Astral Tadpole will make you an illithid.

Unlocking The Illithid Powers

The Illithid Powers skill tree opens up a world of possibilities.

Each time you eat an Illithid Tadpole, a new part of the particular skill tree opens up.

illithid powers
There are various Illithid Powers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After unlocking the Illithid powers, you will gain the following abilities.

1. The Psionic Overload: This power adds psychic damage to your attacks.

2. Force Tunnel: It pushes all the creatures and objects in your path 4m away.

3. Concentrated Blast: It allows you to harm an enemy by sacrificing a spell you’re concentrating on, ending their concentration too.

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Consequences Of Becoming A Half Illithid In BG3

Your choices resonate beyond the present moment. It may affect your relationships with your companions.

Further, it may alter the course of the main storyline once you become a Half Illithid.

Some companions may welcome these powers, while others may express their disapproval.

It’s a delicate balance of power and influence that shapes your journey.

Here are some consequences you may face after becoming Half Illithid in Baldur’s Gate 3;

1. Influence On Relationships

Your companions aren’t just background characters but critical to your journey.

As you change, so do your relationships with companions.

Astarion might like Illithid Powers, while Lae’zel might not.

Convincing friends to try tadpoles can make your bond stronger or weaker.

The way you talk to companions changes, showing how characters grow.

2. Altering The Main Storyline

Illithid Powers growing inside you affect the main story.

Picking different abilities in the skill tree makes the story twist unexpectedly.

Choices have results that fit neatly into the story, making Baldur’s Gate 3 an adventure.

3. The Path Of Transformation

Becoming an Illithid happens in stages; the first is the Half Mindflayer Transformation.

As you play, your Guardian gives you a special tadpole and eating it lets you unlock more Illithid Powers.

4. The Climactic Choice

The big moment comes in the final part of the story.

You get a choice: eat the Supreme Tadpole your Guardian gives you.

Supreme Tadpole
The Supreme Tadpole, your Guardian, gives you.

If you do, you entirely become a Mindflayer. You get all the Illithid Powers, and they’re even better.

5. The Mindflayer Story Ending

Going full Mindflayer changes the end of the story.

The Netherbrain can’t control the Illithid swarm anymore, so your friends are free.

But there’s a price; Mindflayer urges you to take over, changing who you are.

You’re hungry and tricky, which shows how you become a Mind Flayer for real.

The Bottom Line

A journey of mystery and power unfolds in the enchanting world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Delve into Illithid Powers and become a Half Illithid by consuming tadpoles.

Choose your path, shape relationships, alter the story, and witness a transformation that defines your adventure.

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