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What Is Oobabooga AI? Explore Its Characters

Oobabooga AI is a text-generation web UI that enables users to generate text and translate languages.

It writes different kinds of creative content and answers questions in an informative way.

Oobabooga is a text-generation web UI having the features of generating texts, creative writing, and translating forms of languages with high content.

This article will explain all information on Oobabooga AI, its features, limitations and utilization.

What Is Oobabooga AI?

Oobabooga is an open-source project which is still under development. Yet, there is a need for many contributions to be made to its accomplishment.

However, it has already come in utilization to create a wide range of content, including poems, Code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, letters, and more. 

It is supported by large language models such as LLaMA and llama.cpp, GPT-J, Pythia, OPT, and GALACTICA.

Therefore, Oobabooga AI allows users to choose which model they want to use for each task.

Features Of Oobabooga AI

Oobabooga is based on the Gradio framework and is a Gradio web UI.

With the implementation of the Gradio framework, one can operate machine learning models from web UIs.

It is based on the text-generation-webui repository by oobabooga2.  Some features of Oobabooga are:

  • Text Generation: It can generate text in various styles encompassing news articles, fiction, poetry, and Code. Therefore, when the user provides an input prompt, it will generate text relying on that input. 
  • Translation: It can translate text from one form of language to another. The user simply needs to input a text in one language, and it generates the text in another form.
  • Question Answering: Asking a question will generate a response to that question.
  • Powerful And Versatility: The various large language models support the Oobabooga, allowing high-quality content generation.
Note: The Oobabooga AI is under development; it is limited to specific extensions where many progressions will be made for better performance. 

How To Install Oobabooga AI?

Following these steps will make the Oobabooga AI installation process much easier for you.

To get started, open on your preferred browser and download Oobabooga.

  1. Once you open GitHub, click on the One-click-installers.
open Github and click on one clock installer
Open GitHub and click on the one clock installer
  1. Next, click the Code bounded on green color.
Click on Code
Click on the Code
  1. Scroll down and click as shown below on the picture.
Alternative for Installation
Click on Windows zip Code to install Oobabooga AI
  1. Download the ZIP files and extract them.
  2. Navigate to the extracted ZIP folder > Open it.
  3. Double-click on the Start option. 

Double Click On Start

  1. Finally, the Command Prompt will open, and it gets installed independently. 
Opening Of Cmd Prompt.
The command prompt will appear and installation will begin.

However, users who attempted to download the Oobabooga AI encountered difficulty uploading previous dialogue and sending UI-related messages.

How To Create AI Characters For Oobabooga?

Follow the steps outlined below to create AI Characters for Oobabooga;

  1. Choose A Model: Before commencement, select a model to generate text, as various models appropriate to your specific needs are available.
  2. Create A Character: The next step is to create a Character, where you provide a name, description, and personality for the Character. 
  3. Train The Character: After creating a Character, training is a must. You need to provide a large amount of text to the Character to generate better text.
  4. Use The Character: After training the Character, it can be implemented to generate text providing a prompt.
Character AI For Oobabooga
Character AI with name and the subject it works on. (Source:

Moreover, creating AI Characters for Oobabooga aids you differently. Here are some of its benefits;

  • AI Characters are more engaging as they can learn and adapt to the user’s behavior.
  • They are more creative, generating text outside the box.
  • They can generate text grasping the user’s preferences and interests so they can be more personalized. 

The Bottom Line

Oobabooga is a text-generation web UI with a Chatbot where you can provide input prompts per your requirement.

It is a different model that cannot be compared to any other Chatbot. 

The text-generation web UI is more economical if you want to generate text using a chatbot model.

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