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Optional Investigate The Previously Flooded Area In Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror game that follows the story of two protagonists: Alan Wake and Saga Anderson.

One is a writer trapped in a nightmare world for 13 years, and the other is an FBI agent investigating a series of murders.

In the third chapter of the game, Return 3 – The Heart, you have an objective to investigate the previously flooded area in Cauldron Lake. Also, it’s up to you whether or not to investigate the area.

This article examines the motive to investigate the previously flooded area (optional) and its consequences.

How To Investigate The Previously Flooded Area?

To investigate the area that was previously flooded, follow these steps:

1. Setting Out From Cauldron Lake Shore

Start by conversing with Alan Wake and Alex Casey at the edge of Cauldron Lake.

investigate the previously flooded area
Once you reach there, you must decide whether to investigate the area.

Then, go north along the road until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and enter Crow’s Foot Hills.

2. Exploring Crow’s Foot Hills

In Crow’s Foot Hills, you’ll come across several exciting spots.

There’s a radio tower where you can meet Ilmo and his client.

Also, you’ll find a cabin with a nursery rhyme that tells a tale about a wolf and a hero.

Explore a cave where another nursery rhyme features three bears, and don’t miss the campsite, which holds a cult stash.

3. Uncovering Mysteries At Witchfinder’s Station

Continue your journey north from Crow’s Foot Hills until you reach Witchfinder’s Station.

This place used to be an old FBC outpost where they conducted experiments involving nursery rhymes.

Here, you’ll discover yet another nursery rhyme, this time involving a witch and a hunter.

Look for a manuscript page highlighting Alan Wake’s escape plan.

Also, you’ll uncover a secret exit that takes you to Wonder Waterfall, a bonus stage filled with more collectibles and challenges.

4. Reconnecting At The Car Park

After you’ve thoroughly explored Witchfinder’s Station, head back south to Cauldron Lake Shore.

You’ll receive a message from Alex Casey informing you that he has arrived at the car park and is waiting for you.

You can go to the car park to finish your objective.

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However, you have another option where you can follow Alex Casey to the car park.

Choosing this option enables you to skip the flooded area, advancing the main plot.

You will meet Alex Casey, a fictional detective created by Alan Wake, who will help you escape from the cultists and the Taken.

Also, you will learn more about Alex Casey’s role in the game and his connection with Alan Wake.

So, you can opt for this option to expedite the chapter and emphasize the core storyline.

Why You Should Investigate The Previously Flooded Area (Optional)?

Investigating the previously flooded area offers multiple compelling reasons:

1. Solve Side Cases

You get the opportunity to solve side cases as Saga Anderson, delving deeper into the lore and history of Cauldron Lake.

Further, you also get to know about the enigmatic Dark Place and the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC).

investigate the previously flooded area
Saga Anderson is joined by another FBI agent named Alex Casey to investigate the murder case.

Moreover, you can gain insights into Alan Wake’s past and uncover his connection to Saga.

2. Find Collectibles

The area is a treasure trove of collectibles waiting to be discovered and unlocked:

  1. Manuscript pages, fragments of Alan Wake’s writing, revealing intricate story and character details.
  2. Lunchboxes, items linked to Alex Casey, a fictional detective created by Alan Wake.
  3. Cult stashes, concealed caches of resources and weapons left behind by a mysterious Dark Place-worshipping cult.
  4. Nursery rhymes and puzzles that involve placing dolls on rhyme boards to trigger supernatural occurrences.

3. To Test Your Survival Skills

The flooded area poses a challenging test for your survival skills.

Confrontation with formidable foes and various hazards such as facing Taken, individuals possessed by the Dark Place.

You must tackle environmental obstacles like falling rocks, collapsing bridges, and explosive barrels.

Moreover, utilize your flashlight, weaponry, and unique abilities to overcome these obstacles.

The Bottom Line

Investigating the previously flooded area in Alan Wake 2 is an optional objective you can choose to do or skip.

However, it is recommended to do this optional as you can get the most out of the game.

You will discover more secrets, collect more items, solve more puzzles, and face more enemies.

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