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The New Fanmade Lethal Company Drinking Game

Fans of Lethal Company always come up with some creative ideas to enjoy the game to promote fun.

Similarly, players have invented the drinking game where they intake alcohol to enjoy the game.

In Lethal Company, the drinking game is a bingo-like game where players must take a shot every time something on the list occurs. Therefore, it is not an official game but a fan-made game designed for people who drink.

Continue reading this article to learn how to play the drinking game in Lethal Company.

What Is Drinking Game In Lethal Company?

Lethal Company is a Co-op horror game that features lots of mods for players to enjoy.

However, a new unofficial game mode has surfaced on the internet that was designed by fans of the game.

The name of this game is The Drinking Game, which combines Lethal Company and Alcohol.

The drinking game lethal company
The Drinking game in lethal company that surfaced in Reddit.

In this game, players must drink or take a shot every time they commit something on the list.

The main objective of the game is to get drunk while playing Lethal Company.

So, players who do not consume alcohol should stay away from this game.

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How To Play The Drinking Game In Lethal Company?

The Drinking Game is very easy to play if you are down to consume some alcohol.

Nevertheless, here are some rules of the game that players must remember before playing Lethal Company Drinking game:

  1. Firstly, the drinking game is always played in groups to add more fun to the party.
the drinking game in group
Users of Reddit confirming that The Drinking game is suited for large groups.
  1. Secondly, each player must have some form of alcohol with them alongside a shot glass.
  2. Then, they must design an objective list with many outcomes that would make someone drink.
  3. For example, a player can write “Drink whenever someone dies” in the list to make the whole group drink.
  4. They can also add forfeits for someone who takes the most shots during the game.

However, players must always drink responsibly and remember that they are doing this for fun.

How To Make A List For The Drinking Game?

Making a list is the core step of the drinking game as everyone follows the same list.

Therefore, here is an example of the list that players can reference to make their own list:

S.NObjectiveNo. Of Shots
1.Modded Session+1
2.Someone Dies+1
3.Killed By The Jester or The Little Girl+2
4.Laziest Crewmate+2
5.Killed A Monster+1

Players can even add more objectives or increase/decrease the number of shots according to their needs.

The Bottom Line

The Drinking Game is a fun game where players get to enjoy the game while they are drunk.

Moreover, it is best played in a large lobby where there are 10-20 players in a single game.

However, players must be aware of their alcohol intake as they can easily to pass out.

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