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OSRS Defy Juice Allegations And Drama Involving Hannanie

DefyJ or Defy Juice, a Twitch streamer and Veteran player of OSRS, has been facing multiple allegations.

He has deleted his social media handles and has stopped streaming ever since the allegations came out.

However, one of the funniest and most entertaining streamers his fans used to love and support facing allegations has shocked many.

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Osrs DefyJ Allegations: Revealing The Truth

DefyJ allegedly drugged OSRS streamers and content creators, leading to accusations of sexual assault.

Numerous women have reportedly stepped forward with texts and unsettling voicemails allegedly from DefyJ.

The game Old School RuneScape has also permanently banned DefyJ.

However, the investigation continues, and this information hasn’t been disclosed publicly.

osrs defy juice
Defy Juice is an Old School RuneScape and Palworld Twitch Streamer gnome nominee for the year 2022.

Suspicions arose as DefyJ hasn’t made any public statement as of yet and is continuously on a run.

He has been charged with allegations of stalking, drugging, harassing, and assaulting.

Additionally, only the court can determine guilt, if any, once the investigation concludes.

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DefyJ Drama: Is This Hurting The OSRS Community?

DefyJ has reportedly avoided the Australian state police several times and now lives in an undisclosed location.

Furthermore, DefyJ’s current whereabouts remain unknown, and with the deletion of his social media accounts, speculation arose about where he could be.

Although his Twitch account is still up yet he hasn’t posted anything for 5 consecutive days.

However, Silence doesn’t always imply guilt; some of his friends suggest he’s seeking legal counsel for the situation.

Many Twitter threads and Reddit posts discuss the drama, aligning with a 60% decline in OSRS viewership on Twitch in the last 7 days.

osrs defy juice
Hannanie, a YouTuber, claims that the information about DefyJ is second-hand testimonials.

The suicide of DefyJ’s first partner, with whom he lived for a couple of years, has also raised eyebrows among those who were blindfolded.

Additionally, OSRS players and fans are expressing disbelief, asserting that nothing has been proven yet, and there’s a lack of evidence.

The allegations rely solely on the credibility of a few YouTubers and content creators who have made claims.

Hannanie OSRS Allegation On DefyJ

Hannanie or Hanna is an OSRS streamer and winner of Best New Old School RuneScape Video Creator Golden Gnome for the year 2022.

She is the content creator who brought the issue to light in the public on 22nd February 2024.

She mentioned that she had talked to her lawyers before she uploaded her video and had testimonies of nine victims of DefyJ.

Allegedly, Defy Juice invited OSRS women creators to his house, covering all expenses, and then drugged and sexually assaulted them.

Furthermore, he reportedly threatened to ruin their careers if they spoke out against him.

Victorian Police have contacted DefyJ as of 22nd February 2024 as he was last spotted in the area.

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