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How Does Janitor AI Work?

Janitor AI is the new Artificial Intelligence in town, capable of making tasks easier to complete with the help of your favorite characters.

Janitor AI can provide users with responses using Natural Language Processing. Additionally, the users are able to make their work a lot more efficient with the help of Janitor AI.

However, there is more to Janitor AI than just Natural Language Processing.

Continue reading to learn what Natural Language processing is and how Janitor AI uses it.

How Does Janitor AI Work?

Janitor AI works on a Natural language processing model for Artificial Intelligence.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows the computer to understand human language.

Moreover, NLP allows the computer to take input using normal human language rather than binary digits or some form of code.

The Janitor AI can understand normal human input and respond accordingly. 

Furthermore, it can also do various tasks for the users such as creating various routines for the users to follow. 

Janitor AI Creates A Daily Routine
Janitor AI Creates A Daily Routine

The AI makes the workflow and task completion for the users much easier and more efficient.

Additionally, users can get answers to various questions the users ask the chatbot. 

Users can directly provide Janitor AI using simple human language, such as “How was your day?” or “What does this mean?”. The AI processes the input and generates a response accordingly.

Additionally, Janitor AI provides users with various Chatbots to chat with.

These chatbots use the natural language processing model to provide users with various responses according to the user’s input.

Furthermore, Janitor AI allows users to various characters of their preference and embodies the characteristics of the characters they are based on.

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What Are The Uses Of Janitor AI?

Users can use Janitor AI directly from their website,

Additionally, the users can also download the API for Janitor AI and integrate it into their Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Here are a few steps on how to use Janitor AI;

  1. First, go to and create an account. If you already have an account, Login to your account.
Login Dialog Box For Janitor AI
Login Dialog Box for Janitor AI
  1. Then, Choose one of the characters to talk to.
  2. Once you choose a character, the website will redirect you to the character’s chat screen.
  3. Then, Below the Character’s Image, you can choose the option to chat with the character.
Chat Box For Character
Chat Box For Character
  1. However, you will not be able to talk to them because you need an API key to talk to them.
API Settings For Chatbot
API Settings For Chatbot
  1. To obtain the API key, go to account.api-keys, then log in to the your openai account.
  2. Then, scroll down to create a new secret key. This will provide you with your own unique API key.
Secret API Key For Chatbot
Secret API Key For Chatbot
  1. Once you obtain the API key, go to the API settings in the chatroom, and the dialog will prompt you to enter the unique API key.
API Key Input Dialog Box
API Key Input Dialog Box
  1. After you enter the unique API key, you can chat with the chatbot.
Starting A Chat With Chatbot
Starting a Chat With Chatbot

Furthermore, you can download the API in JSON format and integrate it into your Software development kit.

Once you integrate the API, you can train it to provide you with information according to your requirements. 

Moreover, users can choose between three modes for Janitor AI.

One mode shows all the chatbots, the second shows chatbots Safe For Work only, and the last shows chatbots Not Safe For Work.

Continue reading to discover the Janitor AI immersive mode and reverse proxy for Janitor AI API.

The Bottom Line

Janitor AI is a new addition to the AI chatbot genre that can make completing various user tasks more efficient and easy. 

Hopefully, this article can give you a basic idea of how Janitor AI works and use it to make your work efficient.  

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