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Pacific Drive Blacksmith: Location To The Deadly Anomaly

Blacksmith is one the deadliest anomaly that players can find in the hostile environment of Pacific Drive.

Players can identify them by some icons like Piercing and Explosive icons in the logbook or on the scanner map.

However, reaching this formidable foe requires a lot, players need to progress through specific missions before encountering them.

Continue reading more about the Blacksmith Anomaly and know how to find it in Pacific Drive.

What Is BlackSmith Anomaly In Pacific Drive?

Pacific Drive is a 2024 survival game by Ironwood Studios, where players have to survive in a tricky place in the Pacific Northwest.

It presents a challenging journey through the Pacific Northwest filled with various anomalies.

Anomalies in Pacific Drive are strange, supernatural occurrences in the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

These anomalies can hurt players or damage their cars badly as each anomaly has different effects and conditions.

Some of these anomalies are harmless and others are destructive in Pacific Drive.

However, when players who are in a car will become a big target for these anomalies, they need to avoid them at all costs.

The anomalies come in different shapes and sizes, and they get their energy from the unstable environment around them.

They will consume anything they see as food or a danger to them.

Hence, it can result in a scrapped trip and the loss of many valuable items unless you have it disabled in ‘Settings’.

Players must Keep the distance, protect their car from spikes with more durable tires and parts
Players must maintain the distance and protect their cars from spikes with more durable tires and parts to avoid as much damage as possible.

Whereas, among the various anomalies in Pacific Drive, the Blacksmith anomaly is one of the deadliest of anomalies to be near.

It is like a volcano-like structure that lifts rocks up in an anti-gravity field and then slams them down, causing big shakes.

Moreover, it also shoots spikes of rocks within a small radius that stick into the ground or the player’s car.

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Where To Find Pacific Drive Blacksmith Anomaly?

Pacific Drive is a captivating game centred around exploration that extends its sense of mystery to its list of trophies and achievements.

It is a place of wonder and mystery, filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep players on the edge of their seats.

Similarly, there are different Fabrication Station trophies that players can achieve by engaging in specific tasks within the game.

However, to complete the fabrication station trophy, players will need to scan the Blacksmith anomaly.

Here are some of the  points can help players to find Blacksmith in Pacific Drive:

1. Complete The Mission

Players must embark on a journey through specific missions and objectives before the Blacksmith anomaly reveals itself.

The Blacksmith anomaly can typically be found after completing the ‘The Deep Zone‘ missions.

Players can explore, collect resources, and investigate for new anomalies in Deep Zone
Players can explore, collect resources, and investigate for new anomalies in the Deep Zone.

It is an incredibly hostile area, and the crossing itself is also extremely dangerous.

In addition, it is very far away, so players must pack extra fuel and Battery Jumpers.

2. Game Map Indicators

The Blacksmith anomaly is represented by a ‘Piercing‘ icon in the logbook, denoting its ability to cause piercing damage or impacts.

Likewise, on the scanner map, the Blacksmith anomaly is symbolized by an ‘Explosive‘ icon, indicating its propensity for explosive behaviour.

It also spawns in the ‘Red Spires’ biome with a ‘Spike/Piercing’ icon on the scanner map.

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