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Scientific Method Dreamlight Valley: Help Jack Skellington

Join Belle on a quest to find the mystery solver who wrote the Mysterious Book and learn about the Scientific Method along the way.

Solve puzzles, explore secrets, and discover the wonders of science and magic in Dreamlight Valley.

To complete the Scientific Method quests in Dreamlight Valley, head inside the Vitalys Mines, help Jack Skellington with the Scientific Kit, collect all the potions from Merlin’s Library, and give Jack Skellington a Night Thorn Sprout. 

Continue reading to learn the Scientific Method and how to complete it.

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method in Dreamlight Valley is a quest that is part of the game’s main storyline. 

It is unlocked after you complete the quest The Final Trial with Merlin.

In this quest, you will help Merlin test his new enchantment that can purify the Night Thorns and restore the valley’s light.

The main motive of this quest is to teach you about the scientific method and how to use it to explore the world and find answers.

Give sprouts to the Jack Skellington.

Further, the quest shows you how science and magic can work together in harmony, and how curiosity and creativity can lead to amazing discoveries.

Contrarily, the quest also rewards you with friendship points, coins, gems, and a special companion: the Golden Potato.

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Complete Scientific Method Quest 

Complete the Scientific Method quest to help Merlin test his new enchantment that can purify the Night Thorns.

Follow the steps below:

1. Head Inside The Vitalys Mines

The very first step is to head inside the Vitalys Mines, located in the Sunlit Plateau biome, which The Lion King inspires.

It is a place of mystery and adventure where players can discover secrets and solve puzzles.

Talk to Jack
Talk to Jack inside the Vitalys Mines.

2. Find The Jack Skellington

Once you get inside the Vitalys Mines, you need to find the Jack Skellington.

Further, he wants to craft a Science Kit, that’s why he’ll ask you to collect some materials.

crafting recipes for ScientificKIT
Crafting recipes for Scientific Kit

You need to collect 12 Softwood, 8 Cool Ore, 4 Empty Vials, 3 Fabric, and 3 Iron Ingot.

However, these things are easy to get; therefore, go ahead and find a crafting station; further, craft a Science Kit.

3. Go Back To Jack

After crafting a Science Kit, return to the Mines and return it to Jack.

Generally, while returning to the Mines you will need some Night Shards on the way; therefore, harvest the rocks on the way. 

Night Shards for scientific method dreamlight valley
Harvest the rocks on the way for the Night Shards.

Significantly, you can craft the Night Shards from Dream Shards or dig them up from the ground as they shine.

Now, give these Shards and the Scientific Kit to Jack.

4. Talk To Merlin

After the above steps, you need to find the 4 potions: Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

You can find these potions inside the Merlin’s Library inside his house.

Importantly, Merlin will say that the correct potion is the opposite of a Night Thorn, right of the Giant Night Thorn.

Talk to the Merlin
Talk to the Merlin

5. Use The Correct Potion

Returning to the Mines, remember what Merlin said earlier; choose and place the Yellow potion.

Now, go ahead and talk to Jack; give him the Night Thorn Sprout which completes the quest.

place the yellow potion scientific method
Place the Yellow potion

The Bottom Line

You have completed the Scientific Method Quest in Dreamlight Valley.

However, this quest teaches you how to solve problems and mysteries using the scientific method.

Contrarily, you have discovered some of the valley’s secrets and met the mystery solver. Congratulations!

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