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Pal Distillation Pod Palworld: How To Upgrade Your Pals?

If you are a fan of Palworld, then you might have heard of Pal Distillation Pod, which can help you upgrade your pals.

Palworld is a game that combines survival, crafting, and monster-catching elements.

One of the features that makes Palworld unique is the ability to upgrade the pals using the Pal Distillation Pod. Furthermore, this device allows you to fuse multiple copies of the same pal into a stronger version, increasing its stats and skills.

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What Is The Pal Distillation Pod In Palworld?

The Pal Distillation Pod is a machine that players can craft and place in their base.

It requires two ancient technology points to unlock, which you can earn by defeating world bosses and dungeons.

Further, players will also need some materials to craft it, such as paldium fragments, ingots, and ancient civilization fragments.

Distillation Pod
Pal Distillation Pod in Palworld.

The pal distillation pod allows players to combine the same species of pals to create a better version of the pal.

Further, this process consumes the extra pals you use, so ensure you have enough of them.

Moreover, the number of pals you need depends on the level of the pal you want to upgrade.

For example, to upgrade a pal from level one to level two, you need 16 identical pals.

Similarly, to upgrade from level two to level three, you need 32 identical pals, and so on.

The benefits of upgrading your pals using the pal distillation pod are:

1. Increased Star Ranking

The star rating of your Pal indicates their rarity and potential.

Upgrading your pal increases its star ranking, making it more valuable and powerful.

2. Leveled-up Partner Skill

The partner skill of your pal is a special ability that activates when you use it in battle.

Further, upgrading your pal levels up its partner skill, making it more effective and useful.

3. Enhanced Base Stats

The base stats of your pal determine its performance in combat, such as health, attack, defense, speed, etc.

When you upgrade your pal, it can improve its base statistics, making it more resilient and powerful.

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How To Use The Pal Distillation Pod In Palworld?

To use the Pal Distillation Pod in Palworld, you need to follow these steps:

1. Sort Your Pals By Number

This will make it easier to find the pals you want to use for upgrading.

You can simply do this by going to the Paldeck menu and selecting the sort option.

2. Select The Pal You Want To Upgrade

Interact with the pal distillation pod and choose the pal you want to upgrade from the list.

Further, make sure it is the first one you click on, as it will be the one that receives the upgrade.

3. Select The Pals You Want To Consume

Then, choose the pals you want to use for upgrading from the list.

However, they must be the same species as the pal you want to upgrade.

Likewise, the number of pals you need depends on the level of the pal you want to upgrade.

You can see the required number and the expected results on the screen.

4. Confirm The Upgrade

Once you have selected the pals you want to use, confirm the upgrade by pressing the button.

Upgrade your pals using Distillation Pod.
Use the Pal Distillation Pod to upgrade your pals In Palworld.

Afterward, the pal distillation pod will start working and fuse the pals.

Moreover, you will see the upgraded pal in your Paldeck menu.

What Is The Pal Essence Condenser In Palworld?

The Pal essence condenser is another device that you can unlock and craft in Palworld.

Furthermore, it is similar to the pal distillation pod but has some differences.

The pal essence condenser requires three ancient technology points to unlock.

You will also need different materials to craft it, such as wood, fiber, leather, and carbon fiber.

Essence Condenser
Pal Essence Condenser in Palworld.

The pal essence condenser allows you to infuse your pals with the essence of other pals, giving them new abilities and traits.

However, this process does not consume the pals you use so that you can keep them after the infusion.

The number of pals you can infuse depends on the level of the pal you want to infuse.

For example, to infuse a level one pal, you can use one pal of any species.

Similarly, to infuse a level two pal, you can use two pals of any species, and so on.

The Bottom Line

The Pal Distillation Pod and the Pal Essence Condenser are two devices that you can unlock and craft in Palworld.

Furthermore, they offer different benefits and require different materials and methods to use.

Both devices enhance your pals and make them more suitable for your playstyle and preferences.

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