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Kerenzikov Not Working: Solutions For Cyberpunk

Players around the globe are complaining about Kerenzikov not working in Cyberpunk 2077.

Due to this issue, they are unable to progress through and collect the rewards quickly.

The Kerenzikov not working issue is caused by the latest update and minor bugs. Players should try to relaunch the game, insert the system in the correct slot, and lastly, Quicksave and load the mission.

Continue reading to learn about the Krenezikov issue and the possible solutions to fix it in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is Kerenzikov In Cyberpunk 2077?

Kerenzikov is one of the Cyberwares which acts as a Nervous System for the characters.

In Cyberpunk, the Cyberwares works as a core module consisting of various slots for enhancing the character.

The Frontal Cortex, Operating System, Arms, Face, Skeleton, Hands, Nervous Systems, and Circulatory System are a few of them.

Whereas the Nervous System consists of parts including an Adrenaline Convertor, Atomic Sensors, NeoFiber, Revulsor and Stabber.

Kerenzikob, the nervous system, allows players to deploy ranged attacks in the battle.

It works best when players are dodging, sliding or dashing in such situations and has a cooldown between six to eight seconds.

Kerenikov cyberpunk
Use Kerenzivok to dodge.

The tier 2 rare part also slows time by 60% for a few seconds when performing a long hit while dodging, sliding, or dashing.

However, the performance may vary from legendary to uncommon Nervous system part.

Players must consult a vendor if they are trying to get the Legendary Kerenzikov.

Lastly, players must visit the Riperdoc, a hub for Cyberware where players can install, upgrade or remove the hardware.

Kerenzikov Issues in Cyberpunk

Players were facing quite a few problems while inserting Kerenzikov as one of three Nervous systems in the Cyberpunk 2077.

Unfortunately, the problem has transferred to the 2.0 as well, which is,

1. Unbale to Use Melee

After the latest update, players are unable to combine the Melee weapon with the Kerenzikov system.

However, this is more of a change than a bug of the Phantom Liberty.

If players carefully read the description, it will only work on ranged weapons, including machine guns, ARs and snipers.

2. Mission Issue

While playing specific missions, including Evelyn and Judy’s quest in Cyberpunk, players cannot delay the time for a few seconds.

This is an issue when players trigger the sliding feature while using the ranged attack.

3. Gun Restriction

Few players also complain about the Kerenzikov not working while using their long-range weapons.

Players are unable to delay time by a considerable margin while dodging and using a dash of any level.

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Kerenzikov Not Working In Cyberpunk: Fixes

Players may be facing a few more issues than mentioned above. 

With the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Libert, there have been many changes in the features and compatibility of Kerenzikov.

To tackle any problems in the Kerenzikov, follow the procedures,

1. Insert In Correct Slot

Cyberpunk is a pretty vast game with a high number of features, skills and abilities attached to it.

There are hundreds of Cyberwares players can get, each with a unique performance set.

Few players may have bought the Kerenzikov and not inserted the part in the Nervous System Slot, so they sure to do so.

2. Quicksave And Load

If players initially face the issue in any part of the mission, they should quicksave the game.

It ensures players are not losing any progress and assists in using Kerenzikov.

After the quicksave, load the same mission in the menu.

kerenzikov not working
Press the Load Game button.

3. Restart The Game And System

Sometimes, the most straightforward ways can solve an issue occurring in the games.

Players should first restart the system,m including the PC or any consoles.

Further, they should exit and relaunch the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty after the quick save.

4. Consult Technical Support

If none of the above procedures helps fix the ongoing issue on the Kerenzikov nervous system, try to contact Cyberpunk PC technical support.

Players will get a brief view of FAQs and ongoing issues and can even report any issues players are facing.

The Bottom Line

The Kerenzikov not working issue has been around for a while, even after the introduction of Phantom Liberty.

Players should try to Quicksave and load the game for the best solution.

If players are still facing the problem, switch to other similar parts and fill the three slots of the Nervous system.

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