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Silver Winging It In Palia: How To Complete It?

A series of exciting tasks await you in the delightful realm of Palia, complete with bright scenery and friendly characters.

Silver Winging It takes you on an exhilarating voyage with Zeki, a curious adventurer with a taste for adventure.

In Palia, you can complete Silver Winging It by unlocking the quest, traveling to the deserted island, activating the flower gate, and then solving the egg puzzles. Finally, get back to the Temple of Gates.

This article discusses Silver Winging It, how to complete it, and its rewards.

Introduction To Silver Winging It

The vivid country of Palia beckons with many adventures, one of which is the interesting quest “Silver Winging It.”

This fascinating journey leads you to a joint investigation with Zeki, a curious person seeking knowledge.

Prepare to discover hidden mysteries, overcome difficult riddles, and discover the delights buried beneath a mysterious deserted island.

Join Zeki as he recounts his fascinating past, from his days as a cabin kitty for daring Grimalkin pirates to the events.

zeki silver winging it
 You can interact with Zeki to get instructions.

Together, you’ll negotiate a damaged Flowstone Gate, discover hidden rooms stocked with interesting eggs, and so on.

This exciting trip will not only reward you with priceless treasures such as Silverwing Eggs.

Therefore, it will also enhance your connection with Zeki and open up new possibilities within Palia.

So gather your equipment, embrace the spirit of adventure, and set off on Silver Winging It.

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How To Complete Silver Winging It In Palia?

Silver Winging It, a fascinating adventure filled with exploration, riddles, and rewards, takes you on Zeki’s journey in Palia.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing it successfully:

Step 1: Unlock The Quest

You must first finish the “Look to the Sky” quest chain before you may save Zeki.

This chain leads you into the mysterious Temple of the Gales, revealing its secrets.

When you complete this chain, Zeki will approach you with his proposal, opening the “Silver Winging It” quest.

Step 2: Journey To The Deserted Island

Zeki’s adventure brings you to a mysterious isolated island.

He discusses his fascinating life as a cabin kitty for Grimalkin pirates and his unsuccessful revolt, which explains his allergy to water.

Step 3: Activate The Flowstone Gate

Your first challenge is a shattered Flowstone Gate that prevents further investigation.

Zeki’s engineering talents come into play as he shows that he’s almost finished mending it.

Help him out by triggering the gate, which marks the beginning of your collaborative journey.

Step 4: Solve The Egg Puzzle

The energized Flowstone Gate takes you to a secret room with unusual red eggs.

You can only carry one egg at a time, laying the groundwork for an enthralling conundrum involving these eggs.

egg silver winging it
 Reach the secret room with unusual red eggs to solve the egg puzzle.

Step 5: Back To The Temple Of The Gales

When you finish the egg puzzle, a portal appears, bringing you back to the Temple of the Gales.

You run upon Caleri and Elouisa, who are taken aback by your abrupt arrival.

Therefore, they go into detail about Zeki’s disappearance and their hunt for him.

Then, you have completed the quest, and collect the exciting rewards in Palia.

Rewards After Completing The Quest

Completing this quest provides fantastic rewards that are useful for future journeys. Here are the rewards:

1. Silverwing Eggs

The principal prize of the mission is these uncommon eggs.

They may be turned into one-of-a-kind and gorgeous furniture and decorations, allowing you to add a magical touch to your Palian paradise.

2. Experience Points

Gain precious experience points that help you progress in the game by unlocking new powers and upgrading your capabilities.

Working together to solve puzzles and fulfill objectives improves your link with Zeki.

The Bottom Line

This task in Palia is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the game’s adventurous atmosphere and discover its hidden mysteries.

Thus, by aiding Zeki in his adventure, you will earn significant gifts, deepen your connection with him, and so on.

Therefore, gather your tools and get ready for an exciting trip to the world of Palia.

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