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Palia Proof Of Magic: Mission Guide

Proof of Magic is among the early quests of Temples of the Gale in Palia.

Players need to locate tablets in different areas as a form of evidence in the quest.

In the Palia Proof of Magic quest, players must collect eight pieces of Tablet evidence, four each for Caleri and Elousia.

Continue reading about Proof of Magic and the process of completing the mission in Palia.

Palia Proof Of Magic

In the Proof of Magic, players need to find four tablets each for Caleri and Elouisa.

Moreover, the tablets are the form of evidence for the viewpoints on the existence of magic.

To start the quest players must interact with Zeki, the general store owner during the Temple mission’s progression.

Further, based on the characters, players will also receive Star quality: Cloud Minnow and Flowbug.

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Tablet Locations In Palia Proof Of Magic

Here are the Tablet’s locations for collecting the evidence in the Proof of Magic quest in Palia;

1. Tablet 1

The first Tablet evidence is found in the Isle on the top of the stump just near the teleporter.

palia proof of magic study 411
Search for the Tablet in the Isle.

In addition, the evidence is named Silverwing Eggs: Silverwing Study 411 which is about the egg’s colors.

2. Tablet 2

After players find the first tablet, they should climb to the top spot of the white platform across the stump. 

Just across the main door’s stairs, players will find a Silverwing Flocks’s Study 450.

3. Tablet 3

Players can find the third tablet on top of a similar platform on the Isle; hence players should explore all areas.

The third tablet is Silverwing Study 425 about how strong Silverwings are.

4. Tablet 4

The Tablet four’s location is on the edge of the rotating platform, just across the third one.

Silverwing Study 487 palia
Search for a floating rotating structure.

Moreover, the fourth piece of evidence is Silverwing Feathers: Silverwing Study 487 in Palia.

5. Tablet 5

If players follow Study 425‘s location and make their way to the edge, they will see an orange tree.

Further, players should glide down the spot, search for a broken wall, and collect the evidence.

silverwing study 399 magic of proof
collect silverwing vocalization study 399 tablet.

6. Tablet 6

Players need to head to the water Island by talking teleporter from the way down from evidence 425.

Further, players should use the next teleporter, and search for the temple just in front of the waterfall.

Players will find the Silverwing Habitats: Study 380 proof about three theories inside the tiny door.

7. Tablet 7

From the evidence of 380’s location, players should search for the vines with a fish logo with a branch path.

tablet evidence
Search for the Vine with Fish structure.

Moreover, players will find the Silverwing 125 Sizes about the discovery of the creatures over the months.

8. Tablet 8

To find the last evidence, players must use the teleporter, and make their way to the temple in Temples of the Gale.

Players should use the wind thrust to push themselves to the temple and search for an underground area on the left.

Players will find the evidence of The Goldwing, of Study case 500 just below the spinning ring structure.

The Bottom Line

Collecting the pieces of evidence of the Silverwing Study can be tricky considering players don’t have enough hints.

However, if players play passively, searching for every structure and platform and accessing the hidden locations can assist.

Lastly, players should use teleporters to find the tablets fast; however, players need to unlock them initially.

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