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Palworld Desert Biome Location: Find Charcoal And Sulfur

Palworld is an immersive world of various biomes; the desert biome is one of the harder.

From the initial spawn location, the desert biome is located to the north and northeast part of the map.

Moreover, the heat is a natural enemy to players in this biome as it can deplete their health bar.

Continue reading this article to learn about the desert biome and locations of charcoal and sulfur.

How To Find Desert Biome In Palworld?

In Palworld, players can explore various biomes to farm new resources or capture new pals.

Similarly, the Desert biome is one of the many biomes that lies towards the northeast side of the map.

location of desert biome
The exact location of Desert Biome in Palworld.

Players can look for the orange markings on their map to check for nearby desert biomes around them.

However, before exploring this biome, players must prepare well as the heat can deplete their health.

Hence, players must only go to this biome after crafting a heat-resistant armor.

Despite some challenges, this biome is abundant with rare Pals alongside resources like Sulfur and Coal.

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How To Find Sulfur And Charcoal In Desert Biome?

The desert biome is one of the best places to farm for Sulfur and Coal as they are everywhere.

Normally, players can farm for coal and sulfur after finding a yellow rock inside a cave or dungeon.

However, the desert biome naturally spawns these rocks even on plain land, making the farming process easier.

Farming sulfur in desert biome
Farming Sulphur in Desert biome in Palworld.

To farm Sulfur, players must look for a yellowish rock in the desert and mine it with an iron pickaxe.

Alternatively, players can also use their Pals like Digtoise Pal to make it farm sulfur and coal from the rock.

On the other hand, players can only obtain Charcoal after crafting a Primitive Furnace from the Technology section. 

Upon placing the furnace, players will unlock the Charcoal recipe which requires Wood to make.

Players can combine Charcoal and Sulfur to make Gunpowder which they can use for Guns.

Is The Desert Biome Glitched For Xbox?

Since the launch of the game, players have constantly complained about the glitchy desert biome.

Specifically, console players(Playstation and Xbox) are having issues with the desert biome as the textures do not load.

Likewise, players have used various discussion forums to address that their characters get stuck into the ground.

glitchy desert biome in Xbox
Players complaining about the glitchy Desert biome in Xbox via a Reddit thread.

This issue restricts players from efficient movement and combat as they are trapped inside the ground.

However, players must note that there is no possible fix to this issue other than restarting the game.

But doing so can result in a loss of progress, compelling players to even drop the game.

The Bottom Line

The desert biome is connected to various glitches and bugs in Palworld as it contains many texture assets.

These glitches have hindered players from farming essential resources like Sulfur and Coal in this biome.

However, they must remain patient as the developers will fix this issue in future updates.

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