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How To Build Cooler Box In Palworld?

In Palworld, many players are wondering how they can build a cooler box and use it to store their food.

Similarly, this cooler box can be crafted by the player from the Technology Tree at some cost.

In the vibrant universe of Palworld, players can craft a cooler box to store their food to prevent it from spoiling. Similarly, players can craft a cooler box by accumulating 20 Ingots, 20 Stones, and 5 Ice Organs from the game. 

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What Is Cooler Box In Palworld?

In Palworld, players should collect food items as they are essentials for having energy throughout the day.

However, players just can’t keep collecting the fruits as they get damaged within 1-2 days if not stored properly.

Similarly, a Cooler Box is one of the Technologies in Palworld, that provides a solution to store foods in a good state.

Players can store their foods within the cooler box to keep them fresh and healthy for an extended period.

Cooler box In Palworld
An Overview Of Cooler Boxes in Palworld.

Nevertheless, the cooler box is designed to work with the Pals that are better suited for this sort of work.

Pals with Ice-type features are perfect for this task, as their cooling abilities enhance the Coller box mechanisms.

Players can use the Pals with icy features such as Pengulet and Chillet to work alongside the Cooler Box in Palworld.

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Building A Cooler Box In Palworld

In Palworld, players can build a small vault for the food known as a cooler box to keep them fresh for longer periods.

Similarly, players can unlock the Coller box by visiting the Technology Tree within the game.

To unlock the Cooler Box in Palworld, players should collect some valuable resources like Ingot, Stone, And Ice Organ.

Players will need at least 20 Ingots, 20 Stone, and 5 Ice Organs to successfully craft the Cooler Box in Palworld.

Crafting Cooler Box In Palworld
Players can easily craft the Cooler box by collecting the required resources in the game.

Likewise, players can easily collect the Ingots and Stones by exploring the areas of Palworld, however, collecting Ice Organs is a hard task.

To collect the Ice Organ in the game, players must find the Pengulet as they drop it alongside the Fal Fluids.

Moreover, since it is a Tech item, players should also obtain the Ancient Technology Points by securing their first boss kill.

Upon securing these items, players can finally craft the Cooler Box in Palworld without any trouble.

Cooler Box Not Working: Causes And Fixes

Many players have reported that despite building the Cooler Box in Palworld, they are not being able to use it.

There might be several reasons impacting  the Coller in Palworld, here are some of the possible reasons:

  1. Since the Cooler Box Works alongside the Ice Type Pal Only, assigning any other Pals won’t activate the Cooler Box.
  2. If you are using Pals like penguins that are both water and frost types, it might not be assigned to the cooler as a priority task.
  3. Similarly, you should at least have 1 food inside the cooler box to make it work.

However, you can solve this problem by following these steps:

  1. Always assign the Ice Type Pal, such as Pengullets and Chillet to initiate the Cooler Box work.
  2. If you are using the open gullets, make sure you assign them to the Cooler Box as a priority.
  3. Similarly, always have food in your Cooler Box and make sure it is not left empty.
  4. Try switching to a Chillet, as they are more efficient at keeping the food safe than the Pengullets.
  5. Also, try looking in the Chillet inside the cooler, as this can kickstart the cooler for working again.

The Bottom Line

Craft the Cooler as soon as possible, as it is a key for storing your foods to make you healthy and safe.

Players can also try experimenting with a new cooler if they are not able to use the cooler despite trying other options.

Chillets serve as a better option than Pengullets as they specifically fall under the category of Ice Type Creatures.

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