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How To Build An Electric Furnace In Palworld?

In Palworld, players are curious about how to build an electric furnace for crafting Pal Metal Ingots.

There are several materials that you must collect to begin the process of building the electric furnace.

You must collaborate with your pals to craft the required materials and build the electric furnace.

Continue reading to learn more about building an electric furnace in Palworld.

Unlock The Electric Furnace Production At Level 44

An electric furnace is a valuable tool in Palworld that helps speed up the burning process of the metals.

Players can unlock the electric furnace production when they reach level 44 in the game.

Furthermore, building an electric furnace allows players to refine Pal Metal Ingot.

However, it requires electricity to operate in the electric furnace, but it is quicker to process.

Unlock electric furnace
You will unlock the electric furnace product as you reach level 44 in Palworld.

Players will need a Fire Pal to help them light a flame in the electric furnace for it to work.

In addition, players can burn metal and turn it into metal ingot easily and quickly with the help of an electric furnace.

Place The Electric Furnace In Center

You can’t build an electric furnace if you try to place it too close to a special boss or facility.

Once you place the electric furnace in the appropriate position you can work along with your pals to build it.

During the placement of the electric furnace make sure you place it in the middle.

Sometimes, your pals may ignore it and cut wood instead of building the furnace.

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How To Build An Electric Furnace?

To build an electric furnace in Palworld, you must collect four different necessary materials.

The materials that are required to build an electric furnace are refined ingot, circuit board, polymer, and carbon fiber.

Furthermore, you must collect 50 refined ingots, 10 circuit boards, 20 polymers, and 20 carbon fiber to craft the furnace.

You can craft the electric furnace with the Product Assembly Line II materials.

In addition, Product Assembly Line II is for producing weapons and ammunition in Palworld.

Build electric furnace in Palworld
You must craft refined ingots, polymers, circuit boards, and carbon fibers to build an electric furnace in Palworld.

You can get the carbon fiber, circuit board, and polymer from the production assembly line II.

Hence, you can divide the work to produce decent armaments with this production assembly.

To utilize this product assembly, you must get Pals that can work with their hands.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to build an Electric Furnace in Palworld.

1. Craft Polymer To Build An Electric Furnace

The first step to building an electric furnace in Palworld is by crafting polymer.

Furthermore, Polymer is a common material that is made from high-quality refined oil.

It is required for producing various advanced items like rifles in Palworld.

To craft polymer, you must get 2 bottles of High-quality palm oil.

Hence, you must craft 20 polymers to build an electric furnace in Palworld.

2. Craft 10 Circuit Boards 

The second material required for crafting an electric furnace is a circuit board.

Furthermore, the circuit board is necessary for creating precision equipment in Palworld.

You must craft 10 circuit boards to use in making the electric furnace.

To craft a circuit board, you must collect Quartz by mining it from the ground.

You can mine Quartz from the area around the base, Grassy Behemoth Hills, and snowy region base.

Hence, you must collect 4 pure quartz and 2 polymers with a high-quality workbench to craft a circuit board.

3. Craft 20 Carbon Fiber 

Carbon fiber is a lightweight but sturdy material that is used for creating armor among other equipment.

You need to collect 5 charcoal to obtain carbon fiber in the game.

Similarly, you must make 20 carbon fiber to use in crafting the electric furnace in the game.

4. Collect 50 Refined Ingot

To craft an electric furnace in Palworld, you also must craft 50 of the refined Ingot.

Furthermore, Refined Ingot is a material that helps create high-quality metal weapons and armor.

You can refine the ingot from ore and coal using a furnace; hence, you must collect 2 ore and 2 coal.

Craft Pal Metal Ingot In The Electric Furnace

As crafting the electric furnace requires handiwork, you must keep building it with your pals till the timer goes off.

It will take around 1 minute and 40 seconds to craft the electric furnace with the help of your pals.

Hence, as you build the electric furnace, it will start getting opaque, and the blue transparent tint will start to disappear.

Once you complete the electric furnace, you can build a Pal Metal Ingot in it.

Pal Metal Ingot
The electric furnace can craft Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld which is useful in making armor and weapons.

Pal Metal Ingot is a material that helps you create weapons and armor using Pal Metal.

To craft a Pal Metal Ingot in the electric furnace, you must collect 4 ore and 2 Palladium fragments.

Additionally, Pal Metal Ingot can be made stronger by creating an alloy from metal and palladium.

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