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Palworld Legendary Egg: How To Find?

The term “Legendary Egg” is not officially used in Palworld, but some players use it to refer to the rarest and most powerful eggs.

Moreover, the players refer to the legendary egg as the Huge Egg, especially a Huge Dragon Egg which is the rarest egg in Palworld.

Furthermore, there are different types and sizes of eggs in Palworld which can be obtained in various places.

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What Is An Egg In Palworld?

An egg in Palworld is an item that contains a Pal that has not yet been born.

Eggs can be obtained by breeding two compatible Pals at a breeding farm, or by finding them in the wild.

Further, the eggs have different types and sizes, depending on the Pals that produced them or the location where they were found.

Moreover, the type and size of an egg determine the possible Pals that can hatch from it, and the time and resources required.

Huge Scorching Egg
A rare Huge Scorching Egg in Palworld.

Egg types in Palworld

There are eight types of eggs in Palworld, corresponding to the eight elemental types of Pals:

  1. Dark
  2. Dragon
  3. Rocky
  4. Electric
  5. Scorching
  6. Frozen
  7. Verdant
  8. Damp

Each type of egg has a distinct appearance and description, and can only hatch Pals of the same type.

For example, a Dark Egg can only hatch Dark-type Pals, such as Daedream, Loupmoon, or Mau.

Egg sizes in Palworld

Each type of egg also comes in three sizes: Normal, Large, and Huge.

The size of an egg affects the rarity and quality of the Pal that can hatch from it.

Use Incubator
Use the Incubator to hatch an egg and get a rare Pal.

Furthermore, the incubation time and the Ancient Technology point needed to craft an incubator.

Generally, the larger the egg, the rarer and stronger the Pal, and the longer and more expensive the incubation.

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How To Find Eggs In Palworld?

There are two main ways to find eggs in Palworld: by breeding Pals or exploring the world.

1. Breeding Pals

To breed Pals, you must have a breeding farm at your base, which you can build with wood and stone.

You also need to have two compatible Pals that you want to breed, which you can assign to the breeding farm.

Further, compatibility depends on the type, size, and gender of the Pals, as well as their affection level.

Moreover, you can check these factors by looking at the Pal’s status screen.

Once you have two compatible Pals at the breeding farm, you need to ensure a cake is in the box next to it.

Use breeding farm
Use a breeding farm to get eggs.

A cake is a consumable item that you can craft with flour, honey, milk, and eggs.

Similarly, it is necessary to initiate the breeding process, which will be consumed once it is complete.

Afterward, you will see a progress wheel above the breeding farm, indicating how long an egg will take to produce.

However, the time varies depending on the type and size of the Pals and the egg.

Once the breeding progress bar is full, an egg icon will appear above the farm, indicating that an egg is available for collection.

You can then interact with the egg to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

2. Exploring The world

Another way to find eggs in Palworld is by exploring the world and looking for them in various locations.

Depending on their type and size, eggs can be found in different biomes and regions.

For example, you can find Frozen Eggs in the snowy areas, or Dragon Eggs in the volcanic Mount Obsidian.

Further, eggs can also be found in dungeons, caves, ruins, and other hidden places with enemies or traps.

Find eggs
Find eggs in different biomes and regions.

To find eggs in Palworld, you must have a keen eye, as they are often well-hidden or hard to reach.

You may also need to use certain Pals or items to access some areas or overcome some obstacles.

For example, you may need a Pal that can fly, swim, dig, or break rocks to find some eggs.

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