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How To Build A High Quality Hot Spring In Palworld?

Building a High-Quality Hot Spring isn’t just about dropping down a tub and calling it a day.

It’s about crafting a sanctuary that reflects your personality, attracts tourists, and boosts morale for Pal Brigade.

So, grab your blueprints, fire up the furnace, and dive into the essential steps to creating your geothermal masterpiece.

Continue reading to learn reasons and fixes to a High-Quality Hot Spring in Palworld.

Why Is Hot Spring Not Working?

A High-Quality Hot Spring in Palworld is a special item you can build for your base.

It helps your Pals recover their sanity (SAN) after working hard for you.

SAN affects your Pals’ mood and loyalty; if they have low SAN, they might become depressed or leave you.

However, users are reporting the not working of hot spring and here are some possible reasons:

  1. Wrong placement
  2. Too much building
  3. Pathing issues
  4. Bugs in the game
  5. Tech tree advancement
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How To Fix Hot Spring Not Working?

If the High-Quality Hot Spring is not working, you can try the fixes below:

1. Create Space

If you build your hot springs too close to the edge of your base, your Pals might not be able to reach them.

This can prevent them from using the hot springs and getting their benefits.

You should leave some space between the hot springs and the border of your base.

This can help your Pals access them more easily.

hot spring
Hot Spring is a special item you can build for your base.

2. Avoid Overcrowding

Palworld is still in early access, which means it is not fully developed yet.

It might have some bugs or glitches that affect the game’s performance.

If you build too many things in one place, this can cause problems for your Pals.

They might get stuck, confused, or unable to work properly.

You should avoid overcrowding your base with structures and spread them out more.

3. Leave Some Room

The game’s pathing system is the way the game calculates the best route for your Pals to move around.

It is not perfect yet and might have some errors or limitations.

Sometimes, your Pals might be unable to find their way to the hot springs or other places.

You should leave room around your buildings to help your Pals move better.

This might fix the hot spring issue or other pathing problems.

4. Report The Bugs

Sometimes, the game might have bugs unrelated to your actions or choices.

The game code might cause them, the game engine, or other factors.

These bugs might affect the hot springs or other aspects of the game.

If nothing else works, you should report the issue to the developers.

You can use the official channels to submit bug reports and give them as much detail as possible.

This helps them find and fix bugs in the game.

pals making hot spring
Don’t build hot springs too close to the edge of your base.

5. Check  The Tech Tree 

The tech tree system allows you to unlock new technologies and features for your base and Pals.

It is based on your progress and achievements in the game.

Sometimes, you might need to advance more in the tech tree to solve problems or access options.

For example, you might need to research certain technologies to heal your Pals or improve your hot spring.

You should check the tech tree and see if you need to unlock more technology for your Pals.

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