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Palworld Not Enough Cake: Finding Ingredients To Bake

Players are complaining that there is not enough cake for breeding their pals in Palworld.

They must understand that, with the right ingredients, they can bake their cake on their own.

Some players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current frequency of cake pop-ups. However, players can make their cake after unlocking a pot and finding ingredients like milk, honey, egg, red berries, and flour. 

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Why Is There Not Enough Cake In Palworld? 

In Palworld, the cake is a food item that is used for breeding different species.

Moreover, to expand your pals in the Breeding Farm, you need to use Cake to breed them.

If you are having cake shortages while breeding, there are no shortcuts other than to cook them.

Cooking a cake isn’t hard, but collecting ingredients can be hectic for players. 

Getting a cake in palworld aftering mixing all the ingredient.
Getting a cake in Palworld after mixing all the ingredients.

As you progress through the game, engage in various activities to accumulate experience points.

Further, keep a close eye on your experience bar; when you hit Level 17, the Cooking Pot becomes accessible.

Unlock this vital gadget in the Technology menu, setting the stage for your culinary adventures.

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Cake Recipe For Breeding In Palworld

In Palworld, breeding is not just about fulfilling basic needs. It’s been observed that cake can set the mood for successful pairings.

Further, this exclusive resource is vital, ensuring prolific egg-laying from the breeding couple.

After you unlock the cooking pot, you need to follow the recipe for making a cake.

Overall, the ingredients for making a cake are as follows:

8 Red Berries: Produce with the Berry Plantation, or put Caprity in the Ranch.
7 Milk: Catch a Mozzarina and put it in your Ranch.
5 Flour: Utilize Wheat Seeds to establish a Wheat Plantation, and employ a Mill to transform Wheat into Flour.
8 Egg: Catch a Chikipi and put it in your Ranch.
2 Honey: Catch a Beegarde and put it in your Ranch.

Where To Find Ingredients For Baking A Cake?

The following are the locations where you can find the ingredients for the cake:

1. Getting Flour In Palworld

If you have been working on upgrading your base and completing missions, your base may be producing flour.

If not, gather Wheat Seeds from Pals like Floppie, Cinnamoth, or Bristla near the Hypocrite Hill waypoint.

Moreover, unlock the Wheat Plantation and Mill at level 15 in the Technology Menu, plant Wheat Seeds, and convert the produced Wheat into Flour.

2. Getting Red Berries In Palworld

For Red Berries, create a Red Berry Plantation if you haven’t amassed them from the first mission.

Further, plant Red Berry Seeds from the Small Settlement waypoint vendor, and watch your Red Berry supply grow.

3. Getting Honey In Palworld

Hunting Honey requires encounters with insects like Cinnamoth, Beegriade, and Elizabee.

Establish a secondary base near these mobs once you reach level 10, as ranches and Mixed Farms are expensive.

4. Getting Milk In Palworld

You can buy Milk from the Wandering Merchant for 100 gold, but it’s more convenient to harvest it yourself.

The Wandering Merchant’s location varies, and their inventory is unpredictable, so there’s no assurance they’ll carry the required items.

5. Getting Eggs In Palworld

You can find eggs on the ground, or choose a more efficient source with Chikipi.

Gamers extrating egg for baking
Gamers extract eggs for baking a cake.

In addition, introduce Chikipi to your base using a Ranch, and they will promptly start producing eggs.

Collect all the necessary ingredients and the Cake recipe for a culinary journey in Palworld.

The Bottom Line

Despite the complaints about insufficient cake for breeding, players can craft their cake with the right ingredients.

Unlock a pot and gather milk, honey, eggs, red berries, and flour to address cake pop-up concerns.

Moreover, if you look around the game area more, you might find these ingredients.

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