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How To Avoid Eating Disorder In Palworld ?

In Palworld, to make Pals happy and keep them working, players must feed them some food.

Further, players must feed them eventually after a fight or work so that they do not lose efficiency and stats.

Players report that they are facing a state that shows their pals with eating disorders in Palworld. This disorder is caused by stress which players can solve by creating a joyful setting. Players can build Hot Spring, fix injuries, and spoil them occasionally to make their Pal’s happy.

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Eating Disorder State In Palworld

Palworld is a multiplayer monster-collecting game where players can pursue numerous Paldecks to help them survive in the game.

Moreover, players will fight, farm, build, and work alongside mysterious creatures called “Pals” in the Palworld.

To make your pals more energetic and make them do all the chores, you must feed them properly and on time.

However, some players report that they are facing a state that shows their pals eating disorders in their base.

One of the conditions states that the Pals are developing an eating disorder due to stress in Palworld.

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How To Avoid Eating Disorder In Palworld?

In Palworld, the Pals’s eating disorder is primarily caused by stress.

Likewise, if they keep working too hard, they will slow down a bit due to fatigue.

Pals will get depressed status when they lose their SAN from working a lot and if their stat drops to a max low level.

Here are some tips that players can follow to relieve their pals from stress, make them happy, and avoid eating disorder state.

1. Build A Hot Spring

Hot Springs in Palworld allows players Pals to recover sanity, i.e., SAN.

Build Hot Spring in Palworld
Build Hot Spring and give your Pals a spa day.

Further, players can pamper their Pals with relaxing spa treatments like mud baths and massages.

Players will need to grind technology points to gain access to Hot Spring and need specific resources to build it.

2. Fix Injuries

Time and again, players must check to ensure that their Pals are not suffering from any injury as pain can cause stress to them.

Get low or high-grade medical supplies
Get low or high-grade medical supplies according to the Pal’s injuries.

Similarly, if Pals are injured, players can give low or high-grade medical supplies to decrease their stress.

3. Build Beds For Pals

Players must make sure that their Pals are getting enough sleep and rest.

Moreover, players should make sure the Pal has a cozy place to sleep and Fluffy blankets and pillows.

Further, players must let their pals get the full 8 hours of sleep in Palworld to continue the fun adventures all day long.

4. Show Some Love To Pals

Players can engage in mini-games like tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek with their Pals, belly rubbing fosters a sense of joy.

Additionally, showing affection, spoiling them occasionally with gifts, and paying attention to Pal’s needs will increase their mental stability.

The Bottom Line

The emergence of an eating disorder state among Pals is believed to be triggered by stress.

Players must ensure that their Pals get enough sleep, eat on time, and are out of pain to decrease their stress.

Moreover, players can get another set of pals and switch them when they no longer want to work.

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