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Muncher Fields Purple Coins: How to Collect Them?

Muncher Fields is the third stage in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder video game.

Moreover, it is a swamp-themed stage with many pipes, snails, and water hazards.

The stage has three purple coins, which are also called Flower Coins. These coins grant the player various bonuses and rewards when collected. Therefore, to find all three purple coins, the player must solve some puzzles and explore some secret areas.

This article discusses the Muncher Fields and all the purple coins in Muncher Fields.

Introduction To Muncher Field In Super Mario Bros.

Muncher Fields represents the third stage within the Petal Isles world.

The stage is named after the menacing Muncher plants, known to inflict damage upon players.

Players confront various adversaries within this level, including Snails, Piranha Plants, and Cheep Cheeps.

Significantly, the level offers multiple pipes for exploration, some of which can be manipulated using POW blocks or shells.

Exits Within Muncher Fields

Within Muncher Fields, two exits are available: a standard exit and a secret exit.

A standard exit is marked by a regular flagpole at the stage’s end. 

However, the secret exit is marked by a red flagpole concealed in an area.

One can access it only after breaking specific bricks and entering a pipe.

Additionally, the secret exit leads to a bonus level known as The Great Tree.

Contrarily, it provides players with further opportunities to uncover secrets and take on additional challenges.

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How To Collect Three Purple Coins In Muncher Fields?

To find all three purple coins in Muncher Fields, the player needs to solve some puzzles and explore some secret areas.

Collecting the purple coins in Muncher Fields involves the following steps:

1. Use The Red Pipe

The first purple coin is situated behind the player near the start of the stage.

Moreover, to obtain it, use the red pipe to access the background and head left to find the coin under another red pipe.

2. Wide Question Mark Block

Near the checkpoint flag, the second purple coin awaits.

Therefore, hit the question mark block to reveal a red pipe and enter it to return to the foreground.

Then, grab the Super Star from the wide question mark block. Move left across the Munchers, collecting the coin.

3. The Stage’s Conclusion

The third purple coin is in a secret area at the stage’s conclusion.

Therefore, to secure it, use a POW block or a shell to break the three brick blocks on the left side of the final room.

After, you can walk through the gap and enter the horizontal pipe, where the coin can be found.

muncher field purple coins
There are three purple coins in muncher fields.

Importance Of Muncher Fields Purple Coins In The Game

Benefits of Collecting Purple Coins in Muncher Fields:

1. Reward Accumulation

You can unlock the bonus level “The Great Tree” by collecting all three purple Coins in each stage.

Also, you can attain extra lives upon amassing ten purple Coins, enhancing your chances of progression.

You can access Toad’s shop with 100 purple Coins, enabling the purchase of items and skills.

Moreover, unlock “The Golden Suit” with 240 purple Coins, providing unlimited coins and invincibility.

2. Skill And Creativity Challenge

You can put your player skills to the test by tackling puzzles and discovering secret areas.

Moreover, you can utilize observation, logic, timing, and reflexes to conquer gameplay challenges.

You can foster exploration and curiosity to unveil hidden features and items throughout the stage.

The Bottom Line

The purple coins in Muncher Fields are one of the hidden collectibles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Collecting these coins will give you a reward and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Moreover, they will enhance your gameplay experience and your story immersion.

Contrarily, collecting the purple coins in Muncher Fields is one of the secrets players discover in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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