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Payday 3 Bulldozer: 6 Ways To Defeat Him

In Payday 3, heisters must know Bulldozer as he’s not here to play nice.

He has a helmet to knock you out and armor to withstand a lot of bullets.

Therefore, you’ll need to work together and aim for his weak spots if you want to take him down.

The Bulldozer is a formidable enemy in Payday 3, but he can be overcome with the right strategy and teamwork. You’ll have to break his armor with heavy weapons, aim for his weak spots, and use your skills and tools to counter his bull rush and helmet attacks.

Continue reading to learn what challenges Bulldozer provides and how to defeat him. 

Who Is Bulldozer In Payday 3?

The Bulldozer is a particular enemy in Payday 3.

The Bulldozer is a heavily armored SWAT officer. 

Further, he can withstand much damage and deal powerful melee attacks.

He has some new abilities, such as the bull rush.

aim the bulldozer
Aim at the Bulldozer’s weak point.

Therefore, he charges at you and hits you with his helmet, causing temporary immobility.

You can fight back and break free before he stuns you completely.

Therefore, Bulldozer is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game.

Contrarily, you must use your best weapons and tactics to take him down.

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Challenges Bulldozer Offer In Payday 3

The Bulldozer offers several challenges in Payday 3, such as:

  • Hard To Kill
  • New Ability
  • Variety Of Weapons
  • Spawn In Groups

Defeat Bulldozer Challenges In Payday 3

Every player uses different strategies for different situations.

Therefore, there is no definitive answer to the best way to defeat the Bulldozer.

However, some ways to defeat Bulldozer are:

1. Aim For The Head

The Bulldozer’s faceplate is his weakest point; you must shoot it for enough time.

Further, it will expose his face. As a result, it is even more vulnerable.

Moreover, use weapons with high headshot damage or accuracy, such as sniper rifles, DMRs, or pistols.

2. Use Explosives

Explosives can deal a lot of damage to the Bulldozer’s armor and health and can stun him for a few seconds.

Therefore, you can use grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, or explosive ammo to blast him away.

However, be careful not to hurt yourself or your teammates with friendly Fire.

3. Use Fire

Fire can damage the Bulldozer over time and prevent him from using his bull rush ability.

Therefore, you can use fire rounds, molotovs, flamethrowers, or incendiary grenades to set him on Fire.

Moreover, Fire can spread to other enemies nearby, making them panic and easier to kill.

 To defeat bulldozer use weapons in payday 3
Use explosives to defeat Bulldozer.

4. Use Shock

Shock can turn off the Bulldozer’s weapons and make him drop them, leaving him defenseless.

Thus, you can use shock rounds, tasers, or stun grenades to shock him.

Further, Shock can affect other enemies around him, making them drop their weapons.

5. Use Armor Piercing

Armor piercing rounds can ignore the Bulldozer’s armor and deal more damage to his health.

Therefore, you can use armor piercing rounds, AP slugs, or weapons with innate armor piercing capabilities, such as crossbows or bows.

6. Use Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work, and this is especially true when facing the Bulldozer.

Therefore, you can coordinate with your teammates to focus Fire on him and distract him.

Further, you can relieve each other or provide support with skills or perks.

Moreover, skills or perks boost damage, health, armor, speed, or accuracy.

The Bottom Line

The Bulldozer is one of the most feared enemies in Payday 3.

Further, players can counter with the right build and strategy.

Therefore, don’t let the Bulldozer get too close. Otherwise, he’ll knock you out with his helmet.

The Bulldozer is a walking tank. However, his armor can be broken down with enough firepower.

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