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Invite Only Not Working In Payday 3: Solve It

Are you having trouble playing Payday 3 with your friends in Invite Only mode? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many players have reported that they cannot start or join an Invite Only lobby, which just keeps loading.

When Invite Only in Payday 3 is not working, you may encounter errors such as matchmaking errors, slow loading times and disconnections while playing the game. Therefore, you can try disabling the firewalls and antivirus and restart the router.

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What Is The Invite Only In Payday 3?

Invite Only is a sort of lobby in Payday 3.

This lobby lets players play the game with only the people you invite.

Further, no random players can join the game.

Players can choose it while setting up a heist, with the public and friends only.

All the above lines represent the matchmaking in Payday 3.

Further, you need to know that matchmaking can be done in two ways.

You need to join a public lobby or create a private one.

Therefore, Invite Only is helpful for solo players or with a specific group of friends.

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Why Is Invite Only In Payday 3 Not Working?

Invite Only Mode lets you have more control over who you play with.

With this lobby, players can avoid toxic or unskilled players.

Unfortunately, players are complaining about this mode only loading.

Moreover, they cannot start an Invite Only or Friends Only lobby.

Further, players cannot join a heist with only the people they invite.

payday 3 invite only not working causes matchmaking error.
Invite Only Mode leads to a matchmaking error.

Causes Of Invite Only Not Working

The server issues or bugs in the game might be disabling players from using this mode.

Let’s list out the causes of this of this issue.

  • Server Issues
  • Bugs In The Game
  • Use Of Firewall Or AntiVirus
  • Network Issues

Solutions To Invite Only Not Working

You may encounter errors such as matchmaking errors, slow loading times and disconnections.

Further, you may lag or stutter, crash or freeze while playing the game.

However, there are solutions to the above causes while playing games fluently.

Let’s discuss in brief the solution to these causes.

1. Server Issues

When you have server issues on Starbeeze, you may encounter this issue.

It can affect your ability to play the game smoothly.

Further, you cannot connect to other players or even start a match.

Therefore, you can try restarting the Epic or Steam that you use to play Payday 3.

Further, you can wait until Starbeeze provides a patch or fixes.

2. Bugs In The Game

When there is a bug in the game, you may go through an error or a glitch.

Therefore, it directly affects its performance, functionality, or appearance.

It may be caused due to coding errors or oversights by the developers and corrupted or missing files or data.

Therefore, you can create a ticket on the Payday 3 Support page.

Further, check the official website or social media of Starbreeze Studios for any announcements or updates.

3. Use Of Firewall Or AntiVirus

Firewalls may block or allow network traffic based on certain rules.

Sometimes, the firewall you use may be too strict or have conflicting rules preventing Payday 3 from working properly.

Therefore, you check your firewall settings and adjust accordingly for more network traffic or lower security.

If the above steps don’t work, you may try disabling your firewall temporarily while playing.

However, this is not recommended as it exposes your computer and game to potential threats.

You should only do this as a last resort and re-enable your firewall as soon as possible

4. Network Issues

When you have network issues in Payday 3, it means that you have problems with your internet connection,

Further, it affects the game’s servers and your ability to play the game online. 

Therefore, you can try resetting your WiFi and changing your connection type (Wi-Fi or LAN) or switching to another network.

Further, you can allow Payday 3 through your firewall and anti-virus

The Bottom Line

Payday 3 Invite Only mode lets you play with only the people you invite.

If you want to play Payday 3 with your friends without any random players joining, you can use Invite Only mode.

Invite Only mode is a great way to enjoy the game with your chosen teammates.

Additionally, it can be affected by various factors that prevent it from working smoothly.

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