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Does Weapons Scale With Level In Starfield?

Players are unaware of how the scale of the weapon works with different levels in Starfield.

As Starfield offers a crazy upgrade when ranking different skills, the level progression  is still confusing.

Unfortunately, the weapon does not scale with the Level in Starfield. Nonetheless, players can rank up the various skills and modify the weapons using the craft bench to upgrade the different weapon types.

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Level In Starfield 

While playing and exploring through different locations, players need different skills to enhance their ability in the game.

The higher skills, including the physical, combat and science, will allow players to unlock various mysteries and ease the missions.

The skill trees will allow the players to climb through different levels.

But, the levels do not reflect the performance of different game inventories.

The extracted items, weapons and armory come in handy when playing through nit the levels.

As Bethesda has officially announced, Starfield has no level cap, so the level may not necessarily determine the item’s outcome.

Nonetheless, players can gather rare times to enhance their inventory to have a significant advantage over enemies.

Starfield Weapons Scale With Level

Like all the other items, the weapons also do not scale on the character’s level.

Nonetheless, players can get a few rare weapons when they upgrade their level.

Players must enhance or customize their combat skills to scale the weapons, including rifles, pistols or melee.

There are four different ranks for each of the 17 combat skills.

Players can unlock the different skills and upgrade rank after completing the challenge. 

Some of the combat skills are ballistics, dueling, incapacitation, targeting, armor penetration and sharpshooting.

Players must upgrade their skill level according to their weapons and preferences in the battle.

Besides the combat skills, the isolation social skills can also significantly boost the weapons.

Moreover, stealth of physical skill, weapon engineering of science skills and weapon system tech skills play a vital role for the weapons.

The attachments and the consumables like Cob-X and Whiteout also help to optimize the weapon.

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Upgrading The Weapons In Starfield

There are quite a few ways players can upgrade different weapons in the game , some of them are listed below;

1. Obtain The Weapon

Players can obtain multiple weapons through the game, from looting the enemies to completing the missions.

The weapons may come in handy when players upgrade the level but don’t always reflect the nature and the damage capability.

As players can carry multiple weapons in the inventory, try searching for better-functioning weapons.

There are four tiers for all the available weapons in the game, including base, calibrated, advanced and advanced.

Moreover, the weapon rarity can also determine the quality of the weapon and its damage penetration.

The weapon’s rarity is classified as common, rare, epic and legendary.

starfield weapons scale with level
Obtain legendary weapons while progressing through missions.

The higher tier and legendary weapon provide an advantage for the players in any combat.

2. Enhance The Skills

Another major factor directly associated with the weapon is the character’s skills.

Players should try ranking up most of the categories to boost the weapon’s performance.

If players have secured any kind of legendary weapon or high-tier weapon, it is best to use it as a primary weapon.

Players can find ballistic, melee, laser, EM, grenades,  particle beams and heavy weapons while progressing through.

There is a unique and combined skill in the Combat skill for all the weapons.

For instance, ballistics skill increases, and the damage of the ballistics weapons gradually increases.

Likewise, the skill usage is pretty much the same for other kinds of weapons.

3. Modify The Weapon

After getting the weapons through the missions or the loot players can also upgrade different parts of the weapon.

Players can equip the weapon in the inventory and head to the workbench in any location including Akila City or Neon.

The workbench is located in the basement of the lodge.

Players will see different crafting benches; ensure you reach the weapon one.

Upgrade weapon in starfield
Head to the weapon workbench.

Players can modifications to any of their weapons depending on the nature.

However, players will need a few items to upgrade or customize the preferred weapon.

The Bottom Line

Starfield weapons scale with a level does not necessarily determine their quality or the damage.

However, progressing through will give players an opportunity to obtain rare weapons and collect valuable parts.

In addition, the skills such as combat, isolation and concealment help to upgrade the weapons.

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