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How To Get Rock The Cradle Blue Keycard In Payday 3?

Many players are unable to find the Blue Keycard in the Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3. 

To begin the quest, players should head straight to the Neon Cradle.

To Get Rock the Cradle’s Blue Keycard, players must search for Rifkin’s office, hack her phone, grab the VIP invitation pass and snatch the key from the Bouncer’s back pocket after entering the VIP Club.

Continue reading to find the Blue Keycard and easily complete the Rock the Cradle mission.

Blue Keycard In Payday 3

Blue Keycard is a tool to unlock various doors and enter the restricted areas in the game.

In the Rock the Cradle mission, players can use the Keycard to enter the VIP club’s stairway.

One of the bouncers carries the Blue Keycard in his back pocket, and the other one is seen continuously monitoring the players.

payday 3 rock the cradle blue keycard
Bouncer carrying the Blue Keycard.

So, it is quite hard to grab the key without any distractions, so players must find a way to snatch it.

Obtaining The Blue Keycard In Payday 3

Here is a step-by-step process to obtain the Blue Keycard from the back pocket of the Bouncer with ease;

1. Head To The Neon Cradle

After starting the Rock the Cradle mission, players should head straight to the Neon Cradle Building.

Enter the Neon Cradle building.

Search for the VIP club in the nightclub, which two bouncers guard and located at another end of the building.

Next, search for the Staff Only room and use the pin to unlock the door.

Further, players should use the stairs, search for Rifkin’s office with an unknown sign icon beside the CCTV, and unlock it.

2. Hack Cassandra Rifkin’s Phone

Once players are inside Rifkin’s office and head to the Display case, they will see a message mentioning to hack the phone.

So, be sure to search for Rifkin, who is usually on the second floor of the Bar area; otherwise, she will also be highlighted on the map.

Once players track her, follow her to Start the hack using the F key.

Rifkins phone
Start hacking the Rifkin’s phone.

Players should stay close to the phone to download the digital key, so stay a bit longer when the green bar at the top left is filled.

3. Grab The VIP Invitation Card

After getting the digital key, head back to Rifkin’s office and Scan the QR code with the phone.

Scan the QR code.

Then, players should open the display case and pick up the blank VIP invitation card.

Further, players should visit the bouncer’s area, search for a door in the corner and unlock it with the pin.

4. Interact With The Laptop

After unlocking the room, players should place the card invitation in the scanner.

interact with the laptop
Place the card in the scanner.

Further, interact with the laptop, start hacking the system and agree to the admin’s query to complete clearance.

5. Get A Rock The Cradle Blue Keycard

Once players have the pass to the VIP club, show the pass to the bouncers to enter inside.

However, if players face issues entering the secret area, exit and restart the mission.

Once entering the VIP club, grab the Blue Keycard from the back pocket of the Bouncer.

payday 3 rock the cradle blue keycard
Grab the Blue Keycard from the back pocket of the Bouncer.

After accessing the Keycard, players can progress through the mission and gain entrance to the VIP floor.

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The Bottom Line

The Blue Keycard is essential to access the VIP floor in the Rock The Cradle mission.

Payday 3 Rock The Cradle Blue Keycard can be obtained from the bouncer after accessing the VIP club through the card.

However, completing the series of events is necessary to get the key.

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