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Alan Wake 2 Glitch Troubles: Bringing Lights To The Bugs

The glitch in Alan Wake 2 is frustrating and is reported by players, which requires updates and patching by the developers.

However, the developers are aware of these glitches and are conducting thorough tests to address these bugs.

Glitch issues in Alan Wake 2 can be fixed by programming patches, audio file updates, hardware optimization, script and quest fixes, resource management improvements, texture loading enhancements, and comprehensive testing.

Continue reading to learn about Glitch, their types, causes and fixes in Alan Wake 2.

Types Of Glitch In Alan Wake 2

There are different glitch issues in Alan Wake 2, some of which are related to the game’s graphics, audio, gameplay, missions, and performance.

Here are some of the glitches in Alan Wake 2 mentioned below:

  1. The Projector Room Door Bug prevents players from opening the door at the top of the projector room stairs.
  2. Father Doll Bug prevents players from picking up the last doll for the final nursery rhyme.
  3. Lobby Echo Bug causes the echo sound effect in the lobby area to continue playing even after you leave the area.
  4. Players experience frame rate drops and stuttering, especially when looking around quickly or when there are a lot of enemies on screen.
  5. Game Breaking Bug in Return 5 prevents players from progressing because Rose does not give them the critical card and manuscript page.
  6. Soft Locks occur when the game doesn’t entirely freeze but gets stuck, making it necessary to restart or reload to resolve.
  7. Audio Issues involve various audio problems, such as missing audio, lip-syncing errors, distorted sound, missing dialogue, and low-volume audio.
  8. Texture Loading Issues cause textures not to load correctly, resulting in blurry or missing textures.
monster can throw stuffs at you
It’s a game-breaking bug where monsters can throw stuff at you.
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Causes Of Glitch In Alan Wake 2

Some of the possible causes of glitch in Alan Wake 2 are mentioned below:

  • Many glitches occur due to mistakes in the game’s code. For instance, the projector room door.
  • The Father Doll bug can be caused due to incorrect or incomplete animation data.
  • Glitches like the Lobby echo bug arise if the audio files are not correctly configured.
  • FPS drops on PCs cause specific hardware setups or compatibility problems with various computer configurations.
destructible box moves on its own
Due to the dropped FPS, the destructible box moves on its own.
  • Due to errors in quest scripting, game-breaking bugs like the one in Return 5 occur.
  • Soft locks and frame drops often result from how the game manages system resources.
  • Texture loading issues occur when the game struggles to load these visual elements promptly.

Fixes Of Glitch In Alan Wake 2

Following these points, you can try fixing some glitches since developers can only fix most of the errors.

1. Restart The Game

The first thing you can try is restarting the game, as this can often fix minor glitches.

If the glitch occurs, you can always load a previously saved game, but only if you have saved it.

Sometimes, corrupted files can also cause glitches, so you can try verifying the game files.

Closing any other programs running in the background can free up resources for the game to use.

Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game.

2. Play In Windowed Mode

You can try playing the game in windowed mode; it may fix the soft locks.

If you are facing an echo sound effect, try leaving the lobby area and returning, or you can update your audio drivers as well.

Moreover, you can try adjusting the volume of the sound effects, the music, and the dialogue.

3. Update Graphics Driver

Outdated graphics drivers can cause performance issues, so update your graphics drivers or try different ones.

However, lowering the graphics settings can also improve performance and reduce glitches.

Overlocking your CPU or GPU can sometimes cause instability and soft locks, so turn off overclocking.

Likewise, ensure your computer has enough RAM to load the textures.

You can update your operating system as well and try increasing the virtual memory on your computer.

Therefore, the only option left is a patch from Remedy Entertainment. The developers are aware of the Glitch and are working on it.

The Bottom Line

Hence, T-posing characters, collectables that do not spawn, and incorrect subtitles are other minor bugs.

Although some bugs are not game-breaking, they are still annoying and frustrating for players.

Therefore, the exact cause of every glitch is unknown, but developers are still investigating and trying to fix it.

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